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   Chapter 49 No.49

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How to battle boredom

"I know you're awake, " Sandy said. "I can feel those things, you know."

"I refuse to accept that reality for now, " Paul muttered as he turned over. The bed was too comfortable. "Also, I am a prisoner of the covers." Sandy's prodding him didn't bother him very much. Only when she put her feet against his back and pushed him towards the edge of the bed, did he decide to accept her version of reality as inevitable. Since part of that reality consisted of Sandy crawling on top of him and kissing him on the nose, his decision turned out to be not that bad.

"We were in space last Friday, " Sandy said, her face serious even as Paul's arms slipped around her. "And today I have to go back to classrooms. And you'll be stuck in your laboratory." She buried her face in his neck. "We'll die of boredom."

He chuckled as his hands ran over her back. "Over the weekend you said something else, as we were informing everyone about the new location of the ship and how well our first trip went. Which I still can't believe."

"True. It was awesome. It also was far too easy. We should have had far more problems and we should at least have crashed a little bit. You know, a tiny bit, banging into some trees and feel shudders and hear screaming metal. Things like that."

"Not really in favour of that. We're supposed to go out with that thing a few more times and it's best if it's in one piece for that, " Paul calmly responded.

"I guess you have a point. A bit lower."


"Your hands. You missed my bum."

Paul grinned as he squeezed her behind. Unfortunately they did not have much time to take their playfulness further as reality didn't allow for that; a reality that came in the form of a hungry child that also needed clean diapers and a bath, a drizzly rain as they left their apartment and a traffic jam on the way to the university, which annoyed the taxi driver more than it did the couple.

Once inside, with Angelo in his crib, Sandy left her dripping coat in the laboratory, kissed Paul, waved at Don who was already there and dashed off for her first class.

"I never knew I'd say this, P.E., but I envy you your wife more and more, " said Don as he bent over the crib and offered a finger to Angelo to gnaw on. "She is so cheerful and bright. Ouch!" Angelo's jaws were stronger than he had anticipated.

Paul laughed as he saved his friend and picked his son up. "Come, tiny one. Don't eat all of uncle Don at once, save some for later." Angelo sputtered in delight with all the attention and was granted a view of Paul's desk for a few minutes as his Dad checked his e-mails and other news. Paul was especially curious about reports concerning the sighting of something flying. Over the weekend there had not been a word about their "trip" in the news, but Paul's professional resources usually were much better informed.

Angelo managed to grab a pen and tossed that on the ground.

"Your son isn't going to be a writer, " Don remarked, "he throws pens away."

"At least he doesn't try to eat them, "

s jumped Paul but these would all find their time. First he wanted to hear what Sandy had to report. As if she knew what he was thinking, she switched her phone to speaker, so Paul could listen as well. "Mum, Paul is here and listening too now."

"Hi Paul, isn't that a great idea Sandy has?" Adele asked.

Paul raised an eyebrow at his wife and got a tongue stuck out at him in return. "It's an interesting one. Hello Adele."

"And I am convinced that many people here would like to meet with the ones that you know. It would be cool to have a larger group of us gathered. Oh, we could all go to Bacon Ridge. That's a large natural reserve, and that is where our ship is as well. Plenty of places to park, it wouldn't be a problem for so many people to spend time there. It might be a bit difficult to suddenly explain a lot of British people walking through town, right?"

Paul was stumped. In one go Adele had eradicated most of his objections and they even made sense. Still there was something he had to throw in. "That all sounds tickety-boo, Adele, but we need to be clever about this with the timing. I don't know if you have been in a ship for a flight yet, but we can dash over in a matter of minutes. We don't want to arouse any suspicion with taking off so we'd have to do that in the dark. But at that time it isn't dark in Annapolis yet, which I assume would not be too convenient for landing our craft."

"Oh. Yes. Dumb time zones, " Adele remarked.

"See, Mum, he's good for a lot of things, but sometimes he just makes problems. I sometimes wonder why I keep him, " Sandy muttered into the phone, after which she kissed Paul on the cheek. "You have a good point there, though."

"Good point indeed, " Adele said from the small device. "Let me talk to your Dad about this, I am sure we can work this out. We'll get back to you as soon as we know something."

"Sure Mum, give our love to Dad and Angela and also the little one, " Sandy smirked.

"Bye kids!" Adele said.

Sandy looked at Paul. "You're a kid."


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