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   Chapter 47 No.47

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The decision is made

Herman continued talking as if nobody had said a word. "For the people who are not part of the flight crew and all who want to participate there is the task of supplying enough food for the first weeks on the ships. Everywhere on earth people are already working hard on purchasing food in cans and jars, and taking them to the storage chambers. Several farmers are preparing the agricultural rooms, and from Russia and Austria we have heard that some chambers are already growing produce." He let this news sink in for a moment. "If there are people here who already know that they will leave... there is some advice for you. If you have a house, start selling it. If you have savings, take the money from the bank and invest it in materials that we can use while we travel." Herman looked around, judging the face of every person around him. "The people who've already decided they want to stay here on earth... we cannot expect you to give your money to those who leave, but we hope you can assist us in moving goods to the ship."

Again Herman gave everyone time to contemplate his words and the tremendous impact that their decision would have. It was already obvious that the majority of the people would leave. Those staying on earth would have to consider themselves humans. Those representatives of the Old Race on earth would probably die out in a few generations, unless all those who stayed behind would move and live closely together. No one said it, but the awareness of this truth hung almost tangibly among them.

Herman broke the tension. "For truth, it is a difficult decision to make for many. You have your life, your family, your friends and all kinds of good things that you built and gathered during many years. In the end the choice is yours. The fact that many of your friends and family members will decide to leave will make it harder if you have the desire to stay. This I know. And I truly hope that it won't be too hard on you."

The silence lingered a while longer. Then many discussions started. Several people bit their lips and looked shocked. Some cried, facing this choice.

Sandy held Angelo close to herself. Paul put an arm around her shoulders. "You worry."

"Yes. I worry. I don't know what to do any more. I want to be with you and Angelo, and I want my family near too."

Paul didn't make a smart remark about her family being far away now, he knew how she felt as their inner connection made that clearer than any number of words could do. The people around them, the others from the bridge, left the couple in peace. They noticed the dilemma that was surfacing. Lester and his wife Janet joined Sandy, Paul and Angelo.

"You look distressed about this news."

Sandy and Paul nodded. They walked to a more silent part of the library and told their friends what burdened them.

"We understand, " Janet said. "It must be hard on you, this decision. But you know you don't have to decide just yet."

Paul sighed. "There is an additional little problem, Janet. Sandy and I are the two astro-navigators for this ship. If we don't go, the ship might be in serious trouble underway."

Sandy looked at him. "Well, they could rely on the long range navigators of the other ships."

"There is that, " Lester smiled. "So that should take care of that prob

d I don't want Angelo to grow up without his grandparents."

Adele was silent for a moment and then smiled as she wiped something from her eyes. Paul and Sandy knew those were tears. "I am glad you are coming too. Now you be careful with that space ship tomorrow evening, you hear? I don't want to hear about any fender benders!"

Paul and Sandy laughed at that remark. Whatever such a ship's fenders were, if those bent something, the something would probably be destroyed. They promised to be careful and wished Adele a nice day.

After putting Angelo to bed, Paul and Sandy again talked about their adventure of the next day for a while. They went to sleep early, to be as awake as possible for the big moment.


"Watch out, there are puddles everywhere and it's treacherously slippery." Ben Williams, one of the navigators, had picked up Paul and Sandy, and taken them to Lester and Janet so they could make sure Angelo was well looked after. Now they were almost treading water as they walked to the ship in the pouring rain. "We're lucky though."

"Lucky? Call this lucky?" Sandy had made three landings in the soggy grass already and felt water seeping through her clothes.

"Yes. Not many folks will be out tonight, " Ben explained. "Oh, there are people with the ship already." He pointed to the moving specks of light that hovered among the line of trees in the distance.

"Let's get there, get inside and get dry." Those things and that order mattered for Sandy. The last stretch wasn't too bad to traverse, so at least getting to and inside the ship happened fairly quickly. The other crew members were present and had already dried themselves. Paul and Sandy were grateful now that their cabin was so close to the entrance. They went in and put on the dry clothes they had brought along for emergencies. They came in handy sooner than expected. Once dry, they joined the others. "Are we complete now, or are we waiting for more people?" Paul asked. Malcolm the linguist was there, and Samantha, a young nurse who carried a first aid kit.

"No. This is the crew, " Samuel nodded. "Let's go forward, show Samantha and Malcolm where they can sit, and then see what we can do here."


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