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   Chapter 46 No.46

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New excitement

Angelo was asleep as Sandy and Paul sat on the settee, watching the large television screen. They had another talk with the family in the USA.

"Matthew Breuer has been active again." Timothy, Sandy's father, looked serious as he spoke. "Apparently the moment of leaving is coming closer. And please, don't ask me how he knows that, he just told everyone here."

Paul took Sandy's hand, she squeezed his. "That is... rather unexpected, " he said. "What created the hurry?"

Sandy's mother explained that Matthew never added any reasons for his revelations. "He is just staring at his device most of the time, and at times something important or essential seems to come from it. Like the news that we should all get acquainted with the language, the reading. And now this."

"And what does closer mean?" Sandy asked. "Is that weeks? Years?" She wanted to add 'days', but her heart wouldn't allow that.

"We don't know, " Timothy admitted. "He just said it's coming closer. If you have any story-tellers near where you live, go and visit them. They will know more details about what needs to be done in the coming time. If they haven't already, tell them to study their devices. The devices hold the answers."

"There would be Herman, " Sandy knew, "Herman Winters. He's a nice man." Paul nodded. He remembered the man with his deep voice.

"Go to Herman Winters then. Tell every one of us to visit this man a few times over the coming weeks, " Angela confirmed the importance of this. She was home on a day off.

Paul sensed a controversy inside himself that he knew had been going on in Sandy for a long time. They both had tasted the thrill of the connection with the ship. It was amazing, luring, but there was also the urge to provide a stable environment for their son. Somehow that feeling had taken a strong foothold within Paul over the last days.

Adele looked at the two from the living room in Annapolis. "What's up with you two? You suddenly fall silent, which is so unlike either of you. Especially you, daughter."

Sandy had to grin, hearing her mother address her in that manner. "You know we both have been connected to the ship, right?" Her mother and also her father nodded. Neither of them had such a position in the ship they were close to, and they both had expressed a healthy envy of the married couple in Bristol. "Yeah, so you know that is all fabulous and a bag of potato chips." Paul frowned as Sandy's speech fell back into a more American version of English. "But we also have our little boy to consider. We've talked about that, the two of us. A lot. And no matter how magnificent those ships are and the idea that we can go to the planet we must call home, we doubt that spending a few years in a space ship is the best place for a baby to grow up." There. The difficult thing was now out in the open. Sandy felt relieved and she knew that Paul did so as well.

Now it was the Annapolis family that fell silent for a few moments. Timothy looked at his wife. Then he said: "We suspected something like that would come up, and we agree that it's not the same as running in a garden or a park."

At that moment Travis came into view, Sandy's younger brother. He was always the most absent, the most silent, and Paul and Sandy had expected him to be away again. "Hey you, " the boy said. "I hear what you're saying, and now you listen to me. Okay?" He waited until the Bristol couple had agreed to listen to him. "Right, here goes. You're scared for your baby. I dig that. I hate for my nephew to be in a bad spot too. But look at where we're now. We have pollu

be at the forefront of our travels back to the homeworld. This does not mean we shall leave anyone behind, unless they want to stay here."

Herman waited for everyone to accept their tea or coffee before he continued. "Dear people, I have to tell you something that might be a shock to most of you." He looked around, calmly. "The story goes that thosee who want to leave will do so before the winter comes." This revelation stirred many people's emotions, everyone talked or whispered. Herman gave them ample time for that.

Sandy looked at Paul. 'What does he mean by that?' She knew it was a stupid question but she had to ask it.

'He means that we should start to decide if we want to stay. Or go.' Paul touched her cheek with a few fingers. Angelo's clear eyes went from his mother to his father and managed to attract their attention this way. He treated them to a big smile and held up his arms. Sandy hugged him and then handed the little one over to Paul. Everyone in the room had their eyes on the parents as they cuddled with their son, Paul and Sandy only noticed that when they noticed how silent the room had gone.

"For the crew of the ship there will be a few tasks, " Herman then continued. He looked at the bridge crew. "To become comfortable with the ship you will have to fly it a few times."

The ten froze momentarily. "We what?" Samuel then asked. Everyone heard confusion as well as excitement in those two words.

"You will have to fly it a few times, " Herman repeated. "That is what the story tells me now. You have to know the ship, make it yours, learn what it can do and how to make it do that."

"But won't that attract all kinds of attention?" asked Ben Williams, one of the short range navigators.

"Only if we do it wrong, " Laverne Medfield, one of the two women who were going to actually steer the ship, said. She had clearly been in her chair too. "We can make the ship jump upward very fast and then fly off. If a radar already notices our lifting off, we'll be out of sight before they are able to verify what they have seen. Remember that the ships did that on their own as well when they came here."

"And when we set a course towards the sea before we jump, we'll be almost invisible, " Jess Morris added. She was the other navigator. Sandy could not suppress a certain excitement as she heard all this, and she knew that Paul felt the same way.


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