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Quite the experience

Sandy went wild when she heard about Professor Sams's approval for Paul's insane idea and when he came home she threw herself at him, hugging and kissing him. "I am so happy, Paul! You and your crazy idea, and it worked!"

Paul said it would take a while before everything was in place, but he had arranged that he could work from home three days per week so Sandy could go back to her classes, and he'd take care of Angelo then. Sandy would express milk, so that shouldn't be a problem. The only hurdle would be that Angelo would have to accept a bottle to drink from. That proved to be difficult the first day, but the small boy quickly noticed that he had to let his father feed him in this manner or he'd be hungry. As Paul took care of his son, he sensed that a new connection developed between the two of them. It felt to him almost like the connection he shared with Sandy, but in a very different way. He mentioned that to Sandy, who just smiled and said she was very happy for him.

At times a few friends from the Bristolian offworlder group would come visit him on the days he was at home, to make sure that everything was going well. Sandy had insisted on that, something that Paul had only grudgingly agreed to. After all, he thought himself a responsible Dad and he had practised. Despite that, he learnt a few handy things from the seasoned mothers that were among the visitors, so at times he could surprise Sandy with his new-found knowledge.

On a sunny Saturday Sandy said that she would take Angelo out in the pram. "I have agreed to go to the park with a few other mothers. Girls only, Paul, sorry."

"That is quite alright, sweetlove, " Paul said as he hugged his wife. "As long as you bring your beautiful self and our beautiful son back."

"I'll do just that but we might be home late. We're going to have lunch somewhere so I'm going to leave you all alone today." Sandy wrapped her arms around him and looked into his eyes. "I hope you aren't too devastated."

"Hmm. I'll try to live through it, " Paul said with a wink. "If something happens, I can always call you."

"Of course!" Sandy kissed him. "I love you, Doctor Carmichael."

"You'd better, Mrs. Carmichael, " Paul grinned, "because I love you too, and I married you for that reason." He clearly sensed her and her love for him.

Together they made sure everything was in a bag on the stroller, that Angelo was dressed for a day out and then Sandy left, with their son. Paul sighed as the door shut. Then he looked around. It wasn't often that he was all alone lately and when it happened he felt kind of lost, which was strange because he had lived alone in this very same apartment for years. How much his life had changed, and how much he loved all of it. He picked up a magazine he had tried to read for a while and made himself at home on the couch, after clearing some toy presents for Angelo off it. As soon as he was into the first article, the telephone rang. To Paul's surprise it was Malcolm Formby, the linguist of the offworlder group.

"Paul, I am going to visit the ship again. Would you and Sandy care to come with me?" Malcolm asked.

"Sandy's not in at the moment, " Paul replied. He felt a pinch inside himself. He'd love to go but he remembered sharply how much Sandy was opposed to that ship. "Let me call her and I'll call you back."

"Certainly, I am not in a hurry." Malcolm ended the call, and Paul dialled Sandy's number.

"Hello gorgeous man, do you miss me already?" she grinned as she answered.

Paul laughed. "I always miss you when you are out of physical reach, Sandy. Malcolm just called me. Remember Malcolm Formby? He asked if I want to go with him. To the ship."

The silence from Sandy's end told him that he had been right. She still felt the same about it.

"You really want to go back there, don't you?"

"Yes, Sandy. I do. The thing fascinates me. You know that."

After another short silence she said: "Well, go then. Have fun. I'm having fun too.


Malcolm grinned. "Well, that was worth the voyage already, seeing all this. But I am curious about the view that one is supposed to have from here, Samuel. That was my initial goal for coming here, and because of that I lured Paul into coming along as well."

"Of course!" Samuel beamed as he spoke, and walked to his chair. "Everyone who has a chair here can call this up, it does take a bit of practice though. Keep your eyes on the screens in front of us, gentlemen, and prepare to be surprised." The young man sat down and rested his hands on the armrests. A few seconds later the large displays came to life and started showing the environment outside the ship. The view was a panorama of more than 180 degrees. Paul and Malcolm gazed at the crystal clear images. Samuel rotated the view, so in the end they'd looked all around the ship. "It is also possible to zoom in on things, and look up and down, " Samuel told them, and demonstrated that as well. Of course, 'down' showed nothing interesting as the ship was on the ground.

After this impressive demonstration of the ship's possibilities, Paul and Malcolm thanked Samuel and then left the bridge. Malcolm showed him the 'learning centre', which made a lot more sense after many of the ship's informational resources had been translated. There were many ways to learn about the ship, but none of those were as advanced and direct as through the chairs on the bridge.

"Look here." Malcolm pulled Paul by the arm, to a desk where a laptop stood, next to a stack of handwritten paper. "We have learnt some of the symbols and started translating them into English, working together with people from all over the world. With the devices as communication tools we have something that is faster than the internet, and all to ourselves."

"Wait a moment, I don't follow this." Paul looked at a cable going from the laptop into what clearly was a socket in the ship's wall. "How does this thing get its power?"

Malcolm shrugged. "That was figured out by someone in Brazil. He is an electrician and somehow learnt how to draw electricity from the ship. Or modified something in the ship to make it spit out electricity. I'm not an electrician, but as you see: it works."

"I'm impressed." Paul picked up a sheet from the stack of paper and looked at the meticulously copied swirls and scribbles. "And this?"

Malcolm smiled. "That's my work. I wrote this. This is the ancient language, Paul. I can read and write it reasonably by now, and together with a few others I am learning how to speak it."

"Speak it? Why would you want to speak that language?"

"That's very easy. Sit down, and listen."


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