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   Chapter 41 No.41

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The following days went exactly the way little Angelo wanted: he decided when there was time to eat and sleep. Several visitors were only granted a view of the sleeping child, but they were satisfied with that, and everyone was happy for the newly appointed parents. Paul's sister Wilma was over the moon and offered to come by every day, but with Angela present they managed to prevent that. The almost biggest surprise was when Professor Sams and Don showed up to visit. Paul hadn't doubted that Don would come, after all he had called his friend about the midnight arrival of their son, but the professor was among the last people they'd expected, and when they let the elderly scientist hold their son, he appeared to reach a state of bliss.

Sandy beamed every time she picked up Angelo, and she recovered very quickly. Only a few days after giving birth she was walking around, arranging all kinds of things, and Paul could not remember seeing her happier, except perhaps at their wedding day.

It was an amazingly beautiful early spring day when Angela asked if she could see the space craft that was near. This reference to reality brought Paul and Sandy back to the present and the world outside. In the weeks after Angelo's arrival they had lived in the strangest rush of feeding, visits and nappies, and sleeping whenever there was a moment for that.

"I would love to see it, " Angela explained, "to see if it is the same as what we have. And time's running out, I have to go back home in a few days, remember?" That was another revelation that the two had lost track of.

Paul thought for a while. "I think I can arrange something. Question is... do we take Sandy and Angelo with us?"

"Of course, " said Sandy. "We'll dress him warmly and then he'll be just fine. We won't be gone for long, right?"

Angela laughed. "Don't worry, daddy, Angelo will be fine. And it's good for him to get out. The weather's nice for it. I'll get him dressed."

"You need not hurry, Aunt Angela, " Paul grinned. "I first will call Alexander and ask him where we have to go, and I will rent a car. I don't want someone to be troubled by our sudden desire to go to the ship." Paul didn't get Alexander on the phone, so he sent a text message to Lester, who instantly called back and detailed where the ship was located.

"Once you get near Horton, let someone keep their eyes on their device. It will come to life near the ship and start showing where you have to go, like a compass or a radar. It's almost too simple, you can't go wrong, " Lester said. "And do you have a pen at hand? I can give you the number of an excellent car rental enterprise." He also told Paul that there probably was at least one person near the ship already.

It didn't take long before someone was at the door to deliver the keys to the car. That surprised Paul, but it proved that this company was indeed excellent. With Angelo prepared for a minor Arctic expedition, and a large bag of necessities for the little boy hanging from Paul's arm, the four made it to the ground floor and located the car.

"Are you certain you know how to do this?" Sandy asked from the back-seat where she sat, next to their son in the baby seat. "You're out of practice since quite a while, dear, and I'm no help; everything's on the wrong side of the car."

"We'll just close our eyes and scream, sis, " Angela grinned. That proved unnecessary.


"Paul, go slower!" Angela said. "I see something happening on the thing."

Paul stopped the car at the side the road and looked at the display as Sandy confirmed what her sister said; her device showed signs as well. "For now we have to go on. Look, little fellow, you'll ha

Samuel explained that the ship somehow communicated with the person through the chair, and that it was hard to explain. Paul sat down in the other chair and felt how the surface of it almost embraced him, welcomed him. He understood Sandy's initial reaction.

"And now close your eyes, " Samuel said.

Paul did, and sensed an enormous potential of knowledge and power flow inside his head. If possible, he catapulted himself out of the chair even faster than Sandy. "What is that?!" he exclaimed. His words were so loud that Angelo woke up and started crying. "We'll talk about this later. I have to get my wife and my son home now." With that he walked off to the disc and then with his family and sister in law he went down using the lift.

"Why did you have to try that?" Sandy asked him as they walked along the endless line of cabins to the exit hatch. "You saw my reaction, you sensed my reaction, wasn't that enough? No, you had to do it too and scare my son." She was very upset, her arms were shaking and she didn't want that, the more as Angelo did not stop crying. "See what you did?"

"Sandy, please, I had to understand-"

"You should have had enough understanding with my reaction, Paul!" Sandy wanted to walk faster, but the tears that welled in her eyes made that impossible. She did not want to fall with a child in her arms.

Paul was entirely lost now. She had closed off her feelings, her sensory connection to him, she was angry and aggressive, and for some reason she suddenly claimed Angelo to be her son. They had already left the ship and were walking over the forest path when suddenly he stopped walking.

'Sandra Rachel Carmichael. Stop. Please.' Paul wasn't certain if she had blocked that as well, if that even was possible. Sandy walked on. 'Sandy. Please.' She stopped, but did not turn. At least she heard him, and maybe even wanted to listen to him.

He did not walk closer to her. 'Sandy, I am sorry for what happened. The scientist took over.' Angela stood a few feet away from her sister, not exactly knowing what was going on, but she remained quiet. Paul waited, with baited breath.

"Scientists, " Sandy then said. "Angela, whatever you do when you get married, don't marry a scientist. Listen to your sister. She knows." Then she turned and looked at her husband. 'I'm sorry, Paul. I freaked. It was so scary, and then I saw you having to try that. You bloody scientist.' As if by magic Angelo stopped crying.


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