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   Chapter 40 No.40

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Calmly the days went by while Sandy and Paul kept hunting for more news about the ship that had been recovered and news from Matthew Breuer in general. They took a few short walks because being stuck inside the apartment was getting on their nerves, and information only trickled in a few words at a time. And so came the day that they had to get up in the dead of night, get into the taxi that would take them to the train station, and sit through the long ride to Gatwick where Angela would arrive.

After a few hours, Sandy woke up from a moment of dozing. "Why did you let me talk you into taking me along? I wish I was at home on the couch, you know?"

"And if you were on the couch, you'd be on the telephone telling me you needed to be with me on the train, am I right?" Paul looked into her eyes and saw her smile.

"Yes. Oh damn, you just know me too well. I'll use you as a pillow. Wake me up when we get there. Gently." Her attempt to sleep on the train failed miserably though, since there was far too little space. Luckily they could keep an eye on the latest news through their smartphones, even when that news was still very slow. It helped to pass the time until the train rolled into the airport.

After a toilet trip for Sandy, they looked for the gate where Angela's flight would arrive. The plane would arrive on time, and as they were quite early (just in case) they had time for a nice cup of tea. After that they made it to the arrivals hall and restlessly waited for the stream of passengers to come through the doors...

"ANGELA!!!" Sandy saw her sister and waved madly. Paul waved as well, and Angela saw them. The couple tried their best to get to the lone traveller quickly, but there were more people, so it took a while. But finally the sisters embraced each other, and Angela then hugged Paul. There were tears in Angela's eyes, and Sandy's face was wet too. "I am so happy to see you, Angela, " she said, as she held on to her sister's arm.

Angela smiled. "Man, I'm dead from the trip, but seeing you two and your bulging belly makes it all worth the while. Can we stop for a coffee somewhere before we go on?"

"Sure, there's a Starbucks not far from here, " Sandy said as she guided her sister. Paul trailed behind with the suitcase-trolley, wondering if Mrs. Harris would have a stroke over the load of luggage.


Mrs. Harris was obviously used to quite a lot. She did not blink an eye as Paul carried Angela's suitcases into the apartment and stowed them in the spare bedroom. She also was delighted to meet Angela, making Paul grin at the twitching of her eyes at Angela's very American speech. That was something the old, British lady certainly wasn't accustomed to yet. Mrs. Harris handed Angela a key to the apartment so she could come and go as she pleased, with only the request to be quiet after eleven in the evening. Angela was certain she could do that, as she'd be at Paul and Sandy's most of the time.

Despite being tired, Angela insisted on staying with Paul and Sandy until she could not keep her eyes open. She inspected the nursery and was impressed. Everything was in perfect order, thanks to Betty, the nurse who lived in the apartment building, and the expertise of several ladies in the offworlder group. It was well into the evening by then, and most of the urgent topics had at least been talked about, most importantly of course Sandy's state. Angela was delighted how well everything went in that respect. Paul suggested an online conversation with the family in Annapolis, but Angela asked to save that for the next day. "We already sent them a text message that I arrived safely, let's keep it at that for now. And I really need some sleep now, so I'll go scare Mrs. Harris and be out of your hair for a while."

Before Ang

e. He accepted the scissors that Angela held up for him. "Are you certain that it's safe?"

"It is, " said Angela, and Sandy said: "Do it, Paul, I want to hold my baby to my chest." So Paul carefully cut the cord as directed by his sister in law, who then said she could do with a cup of coffee. "And tea for the mother, " she added. "Tea is better than coffee for her now. And biscuits or so, and some fruit if you have it."

Sandy complained about that abuse and also demanded coffee, but Paul assumed that Angela knew best. He made coffee and tea, and soon the three literally had their son's and nephew's birthday party. Paul had brought his telephone and called the United States, to let the family there join in the festive mood they were in, despite the strange hour of the morning.

Adele was overjoyed and demanded pictures and a live video stream. Timothy, who was home as well already, agreed with that and so Paul dragged Sandy's laptop into the bedroom and they set up a Skype call. "This is perhaps the youngest Skype movie star ever, " Paul joked, but nobody heard him. All eyes were on the baby that Sandy had taken to her breast, and he was happily suckling.

The online visit did not last very long. Everyone in Bristol became very tired after a while, due to the unsuspected arrival of the little boy, so the family in the States wished everyone a good night. The little one had not waited for that, he was already asleep. Paul put the laptop back into the living room and wondered if he should make some arrangements for the baby to sleep in their room.

Angela was convinced that the child would be just fine in his parents' bed. "You'll be careful with him, and your inner sense will know he's there and when something's not right. Trust me on this one, I know." She fussed about a bit more and then seemed to freeze. "Hey, suddenly thought of something. What are you going to call him? You never told me."

Sandy smiled a tired smile. "We talked about that. And we decided on Angelo."

"Angelo?" Angela's jaw dropped. "That's a strange name for an English kid."

"It's the boy version of Angela, silly. As a memory to his aunt who helped him come into this world."

It was only then that Angela dropped all her professionalism. She stared at Sandy, then at Paul and then at the little bundle in her sister's arms. "Angelo?" Tears rolled down Angela's cheeks. "After me? Are you serious?"

Sandy nodded and carefully held up the baby boy. "Here. Your nephew Angelo. Give him a welcome home kiss."


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