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   Chapter 39 No.39

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It's gone

Sandy had located Lester and the others on her way back. They had been wandering around in a hall-like room that was accessible from the lower deck. The hall was located between two sets of personal cabins, and they discovered that anyone with a device could open the door to that place. The exact purpose of the hall was as yet unclear although it could be a community room, but it was a nice discovery. Samuel came down to take the four people up to the bridge and showed them around there. He had no answer to any of their questions, though. No one knew where the remaining two or three people were that had agreed to come, so after a while of looking around everyone went home again. It was fascinating to see the hatch close, without a sound. They waited for a few minutes, and then the large ship seemed to vanish into thin air.

Samuel took the couple home after that. Even when it was still early in the day, Paul decided to stay home for the rest of the day, to spend time with Sandy who otherwise would have been all alone for another day. She appreciated it immensely.

Towards the evening there were messages from Matthew appearing in their mailboxes, with news from around the world. More and more people had discovered their devices to be very active, and most of them had gone to find the nearest space ship. Paul and Sandy had still no idea how the young man did it, but protected web pages popped in every half hour, and they opened up a whole new world for the two. More people had discovered their access to the bridge of the ships, but some had found a location on the upper deck where a complete training hall was set up.

"It is as if some dormant gene has been awakened in many people, " Sandy read out loud, "because they know exactly what to do with the equipment found in the training halls. They have been talking to the equipment for hours, and the equipment seems to be learning English and all the other languages spoken to it. If possible, go to your ship and find the training hall if you haven't already. If you are there, talk to it and see if your ship has learnt your language yet. There seems to be inter-ship communication, making the ships learn from each other. That is something the people who trained the equipment told me." She looked at Paul. "That's just amazing."

"It is. And I'm still wondering how we got onto the bridge of the ship, " he responded. "It hardly makes sense."

"I'm going to call Mum, and tell her. Maybe she has a way to find out." Sandy picked up her telephone and called Annapolis, telling Adele about the strange experience in the ship. Adele promised she'd try to get in touch with Matthew Breuer.

Then Paul's telephone rang. When he answered, he heard: "Hello Paul, it's Alexander. The ship's gone."


Alexander and his wife Daryl, together with a few other people, had gone to the ship again after reading about the training halls that were found in them. They had then discovered that the ship was no longer there, which had left all of them in shock. Alexander had called Lester, who had silently been appointed the leader of the group of offworlders, spreading the shock of the missing craft even wider. Lester had come out to the field, to no avail. The ship was definitely gone. He and Alexander then had started to call everyone in the group, to let them know there was little point in coming to Whitchurch unless they wanted to be in Whitchurch. "We need to find out what happened first, " was the general idea. Everyone was asked to go out and explore once again, as there was a hope that the ship had, for some reason, reloca

e to return. Don was indubitably surprised at the news Paul brought to him.

"P.E., tell me your secret so I can put the same spell on old Sams, " Don grinned. "I had never suspected him to be human like that, but this is indisputable proof. Now pack up your mess and go to your wife. I know what you're doing, so I can keep an eye on things. Hey, maybe I can have some of the minions from the class come in and help for a few hours, to make them experience what it is to be an astrophysicist."

"You are a rotten person, Don, ruining young people's lives that way. But it's all fine with me, I shall claim to know nothing." Paul winked as he put on his coat. The end of February was still unruly, so he had come in his heavy waterproofs.

"Give Sandy a hug from me, P.E., " Don said, "and remember to name your first-born after me."

"A girl called Don?" Paul wondered. "That's new."

"Hey, there was a boy named Sue, remember? Name her Donna, you silly, old bastard, " Don grinned, "Now get yourself out of here."

Paul picked up his bag, left the laboratory and soon he was on his bicycle, heading home. He told Sandy where he was, turn by turn, just because he could, and she could follow along, as they had ridden that route together so often. By the time he had locked his bike in the basement, Sandy said there was a telephone call, so he went up to their floor in relative silence. It was when he came in that Sandy, phone still in hand, broke the silence. "They found the ship again."

"What? Where?"

"At a place called Bays Wood, Lester said. North east of here, in a forest area."

Paul had no idea where Bays Wood was, so they looked it up. They found it about thirty-five miles from Bristol. "Good gods, that's near Horton! The thing flew all that distance, passes over Bristol, and wasn't detected? I wonder how they managed to find it."

"Apparently some people learnt something new about the device, " Sandy explained, "Lester said that they used their devices to find it, but I don't know how they did it."

The tone of her voice told Paul that she would really like to go to the ship that instant, but he decided against that for her. "We have a long train journey coming up in a few days, I really think you should take time to rest for that, Sandy."

"You are so annoying, " Sandy complained, "and the worst thing is that you're right, so I can't even properly argue..."


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