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   Chapter 37 No.37

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A bulky key

"We were looking for you, " Daryl said, "so we knocked on your door. We assumed that you had hidden away in here."

Paul and Sandy told them what they had learnt and showed the display, which now showed an empty corridor.

"And when does that screen switch off?" Daryl asked.

"I have no idea, " Paul said, "it came on as Sandy touched the lit-up button and that's it."

Several other people went to play with that newly discovered ability of their devices as well, until Lester suggested that they should leave the ship and make some notes on what they had discovered. "Then I can contact some of the other groups and see what they have found out."

"Isn't making notes dangerous? What if someone else finds them?" someone asked. "You know, the wrong people?"

"Make notes on your computer, " Alexander suggested. "Send me a text when you're done and then I will come over and make a copy of it on a USB-drive. That should work."

Paul agreed with him. USB-drives could be encrypted. Everyone was summoned to leave the huge space craft, and when they all were standing outside in the field, Lester tapped a spot next to the opening. The hatch slowly closed, in absolute silence. The group waited for a few minutes and then saw the ship vanish from view.

"That's incredible, " Sandy said, as she held on to Paul's arm. He nodded. It was something from science fiction movies, not what you'd expect in a muddy field near Whitchurch.

After a slippery walk back to the cars, Alexander and Daryl took Paul and Sandy home. Paul then set out to do some grocery shopping and Sandy started composing the things they had seen and noticed. She was too tired to go shopping with him; walking around in the mud had taken enough out of her.


In the weeks that followed, things became more and more difficult for everyone who was aware of the space ship. In the news, Paul and Sandy saw interviews with space experts who commented on the disappearing 'unidentified flying objects'. They also had to act normal at work and school without mentioning their remarkable experience in the field, and they often had telephone conversations with people from their group and the family in Annapolis. Timothy and Adele had heard of a ship being located in their area, but they had not been able to have a look at it yet. Lester hadn't allowed anyone to take pictures for apparent reasons, but Sandy had made a few simple drawings to show her family what they had seen.

Occasionally there were updates from Matthew Breuer, but these did not contain a lot of news.

'I hope that we soon hear some news we can actually use, ' Sandy told Paul in their silent way, on the way home in the taxi. 'I am getting tired and nervous about all this be careful stuff.'

'I understand, my love, ' Paul replied, 'but isn't part of your being tired attributed to being pregnant as wel

the details soon. Sandy was instantly excited as she saw that. "She's really coming over soon, Paul!"

Paul grinned. "She is, yes. And that means your big-belly days on the couch will soon be over. We should remind Mrs. Harris of her impending guest though. It would not be polite to present Angela to her all of a sudden."

"I'll go to her after dinner, and take care of the reminding, " Sandy promised. "That is easier for me than bending over the dishwasher."

What Sandy had not counted on was that Mrs. Harris had a lot of time and that she would insist on guiding the pregnant woman back to her apartment, to talk to her and Paul for a while. To make the joy complete Paul's sister Wilma also called at the door to see how Sandy was doing, so it didn't take long before Paul was serving tea and cookies, and listening to the intricacies of giving birth. He was rather intrigued with how much Wilma knew on the subject when she had never had a child herself. He attributed her wisdom to reading, and the blessings of television.

After almost a full hour's visit, Sandy became tired. She knew it, and she was aware that Paul sensed that as well, so she was very grateful when he started to make comments about pregnant Mummies having to sleep a lot. Mrs. Harris quickly took the hint and left for her own apartment, Wilma needed a somewhat more direct encouragement, but in the end she too left, promising to come back soon.

"I hope not, to be honest, " Sandy sighed as she fell back on the settee. "Not to be rude, Paul, but your sister can be draining in a way that a sewage system would be proud of."

"I know. She has a habit of being like that when she feels she is doing something important the right way. So, can you get yourself to bed or do you want me to carry the two of you?"

"Ohhhh... carry us please!" Sandy grinned as she held up her arms like a little child. "So you can practice!"


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