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   Chapter 27 No.27

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Have we got a surprise for you

"What?" Paul said to Don as he stared at Sandy. She looked back questioningly.

"Yes, sir, I kid you not. It's disappeared. No one can locate it any more. We can see the offspring parts that are moving all over, but the core of the cluster simply vanished."

Paul repeated Don's words for Sandy. "And now? Do you want us to come to the lab or the scope?"

"Since there isn't much left to see, that would be a waste of your time, don't you agree? I just thought I'd bring you the good news myself, " Don told him. "Just sit back, open a good bottle of something - I know you have a few - and enjoy the evening with the Mrs."

"I suppose you're right, Don. Thank you for calling, I appreciate it." Paul tucked his phone in his pocket. "Now that's odd, isn't it?"

Sandy agreed. "And what are we going to do?" Paul told her about Don's suggestion. "Oh. That would be nice."

"Is everything in order here?" Lester and Janet asked. "You look a bit preoccupied all of a sudden." Paul explained about the telephone call, without going into confusing details. "I understand. Rather unnerving news, I assume. Perhaps something a bit stronger than tea is in order?" Lester winked.

"That is what my colleague also suggested, " Paul laughed.

"And I think we should follow up on that idea, " Sandy added. She suddenly wanted to go home and snuggle on the couch with her man. She wanted to drink wine with him and make love to him, and drink more wine if she was still awake enough. She also had no problem at all emitting those feelings towards Paul, and he proved to be very susceptible to her at that moment, because less than an hour later they were at home on the couch with the wine, and Sandy in Paul's lap the way she liked it best.


"They are really friendly, " she mumbled as Paul's hand stroked her hair. They lay in bed and her head rested on his chest. "The people at the library I mean. Would be nice to go there regularly." She reached for her glass.

Paul handed it to her as she her arm wasn't long enough, and she sipped from her wine. "True, " he said, "but next time you should perhaps not send out your SOS for affection so strongly. It almost felt as if we ran off without saying goodbye." He took the glass from her hand and put it back on the night stand.

"We didn't, and you know that. But I'm glad we are here now..." She crawled on top of him, not caring where the sheets went as she kicked them away. Sandy studied his face, tracing his features with a finger. "You know, it's sad that we have to make you look older. I like your face the way it is." As he ran his hands over her bare back, she shivered a little. The feeling aroused her, even though she was sleepy. "You are mean, Doctor Carmichael, taking advantage of me like that, " she whispered in his ear, "but please don't stop..."

Over the weeks that followed, life resumed its normal pace. Sandy and Paul had been instructed by Miss Benson on how to apply the special make-up so Paul's rejuvenation was less obvious, and it seemed to work. They also met the 'of

about children, Paul, and now we're having one." Despite all her doubts after this shocking news, she had already made up her mind. She was going to have this baby. "And you?" She did not have to ask, she could feel how he felt.

"Mostly the same. And a bit guilty too, " Paul admitted.

"Guilty? Why?"

"For getting you pregnant without thinking, without talking about it first."

Sandy reached out and pulled him close by the collar of his shirt. "Don't ever feel guilty. We are in this together. Having babies is what I can do better than you, and I want at least two, Paul. I had not planned on getting one so early, but..." She pulled him even closer so she could kiss him.

"Oh, how sweet." Adele came in with two cups. "Here's something for you both."

Sandy frowned as she noticed it was tea. "I want coffee."

"Angela told us you are not to have coffee for a few days."

"Then I'm going to be very grumpy and annoying, " Sandy warned her mother.

"Paul, you are hereby officially appointed her personal servant for the time being, " Adele replied unfazed. "Now why did I say that? You are already, because you married her. Now drink up while it's still warm."

"I'm warm already, " Sandy muttered. Her mother kissed her on the forehead and left the two alone.

"Clearly you're feeling a bit better, " Paul remarked with a wink. "You're sitting up and complaining instead of lying down and moaning."

Sandy slurped her tea. "Yeah, true. Though I'd rather be lying down and moan in another way." She offered Paul a cheeky smile.

"Nothing happens without a reason, " Paul said, putting down his cup. He kicked off his shoes and sat next to her on the bed so she could lean into him as he put his arm around her.

"Can you say that in Welsh again?" Sandy asked.

"Nid oes dim yn digwydd heb reswm."

"You're going to have to teach me how to pronounce that properly, Paul. I like how it sounds when you say it."

Paul kissed her forehead. "First learn rwy'n dy garu di, Sandy."

"What does that mean?"

"I love you."


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