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Paul slowly found a way out of his sleep. As his mind surfaced into the waking day, he slowly reached out until he found the warm body of Sandy. His wife. As soon as he touched her, she stirred and rolled over, wrapping an arm and a leg around him. She mumbled something, sleepily pushed a kiss against his cheek and sighed. Paul let himself drift off back to sleep.

When he woke up the second time the warm feeling of Sandy's body had gone. That sensation made his awareness of the world appear a lot quicker, and when he looked up he saw her sitting on the bed, cross-legged, and looking at something. "Good morning, beautiful."

Sandy turned her head, watched his face and smiled. She crawled over to him and lay on top of him. "Good morning, husband." Carefully her lips touched his. "It feels nice to say that, " she said after the kiss.

"It feels nice to hear, " Paul said, lazily letting his hands explore her body. "And you feel nice too. What were you doing?" Her little smile, almost shy, made him chuckle.

"I was looking at our marriage certificate, " she confessed. "I'm silly, I know."

Paul rested his hands on Sandy's behind. "You're not silly, darling. You are my wife. I love you, and I appreciate you. Everything about you."

"Even when I clean my shoes with your tooth brush?" There was a wicked look in her eyes

"When was the last time you cleaned your shoes?" he countered, and they laughed quietly.

Sandy stroked Paul's face with her fingertips. "I had never thought that this would happen, my love, " she then said. Paul heard a tone in her voice that he recognised as something serious. He knew better than to interrupt her. "When we - I mean our people - learnt about you, they were not sure what they should do because you live in the UK. So many of 'us' already lived in the States by then, even though many are spread over the world." The look in her eyes was calm and sincere as she spoke. "That was even before I was born. God, I feel silly telling you this..."

Paul took her face in his hands and kissed her. "Never, absolutely never feel silly, Sandy. You of all people can talk to me about anything, as I can with you." He felt her shiver for a moment and pulled the sheet over them. Then he wrapped his arms around her, making her rest her head on his shoulder. "Now tell me everything you feel you need to talk about."

"Everything? That may take the rest of my life, Paul."

"I have all the time in the world for you."

Sandy sensed how his love flowed through her, from the inside and outside, as his arms held her, and smiled. "Okay. Dad told me and Angela that it's important that we get to know everyone who is part of our original race. Those who come from our ancestors. Because there will be a time that we go back to the home planet, and then we all should be prepared for that. I know, it all sounds pretty vague, Paul, because there isn't much you know of all that, except for what we've told you, and the effect with the rings and not being close to each other, but that will change soon, I promise." She lifted her head and looked at the man who still seemed pleased to serve as her mattress.

Paul saw the unspoken question in her eyes and touched her cheek. "I am not making any judgements, sweetheart. You know I am a scientist, and you are one too. Scientists don't believe anything without proof, but the weird things I have experienced, with indeed the rings, but also the feelings I get from you and the fact that I'm really looking and feeling younger - I have to take that as proof." He smiled. "Please, don't look so worried, dear."

Sandy had not noticed her expression to be worrying. With a soft sigh she eased her head back onto Paul's shoulder and enjoyed his hand coming to rest on her back, beneath the sheet. "The only way Dad and Mom saw to get in touch with you was through me. Angela would have been better because she is older, but she is a nurse. She doesn't care about space and everything in it the way you and I do." She held her breath for a moment, trying to notice a change inside him, but he just lay quietly, waiting for her to continue. "So when Dad heard about that astrophysics conference, he arranged something and had Megan Reynolds send out invitations to you and Don. Through Professor Sams."

"Your father knows Megan Reynolds?" Paul was surprised.

"No, but someone we know does. It was important for you to come to us, Paul, so you and I would meet." With a finger Sandy traced her fingers over his skin as she spoke, following lines only she could see. "You probably don't know this, but when you arrived here, that first day, I already sensed you. Not the way I do now, but I knew it was... you. It was hard not to be able to tell you, Paul, really." Again she lifted her head, seeking confirmation in his eyes that he did not harbour any bad or sad feelings over that. "It was like a physics experiment, in a way, where you have t

t take a pouch with the colour you like."

Sandy grinned. "I know what he'll take." Of course she knew.

"Because it colours so well with your hair, sweetheart, " Paul said with a wink as he took a green pouch. A slight tension flushed through him. He had first wanted to keep it next to Sandy's face, but as he held the package, it suddenly became very real that he was about to unpack something that wasn't from this world. Something that scientists all over the world would wage a war over. Even when he had already seen and held something like it, it made his mouth dry. He undid the leather strap that held the pouch closed and slid the device from it and into his hand, where it fit comfortably. It was exactly the same as the one Sandy had shown him.

"Yup, it works, " said Jonas, who pointed at the little light that blinked a few times. "Congratulations, son, you got yourself a thing." He pulled the box towards himself, put a lid on it and carried it away into a corridor from where he returned, without the box.

"Here, watch, " said Sandy as she took the device from Paul's hand. "See, no blinking. Now watch." She unpacked her own version and put the two on the table. "Which one's yours?"

Paul frowned. The two devices were exactly alike, without their colourful pouches. He picked both of them up - and dropped them again. Sandy laughed, as did the other people. Then she hugged her husband. "I'm sorry, love, but that always happens, and it is just too funny to spoil upfront."

As Paul had picked up the two units, one had felt comfortably warm and the other unbelievably cold. The instantaneous difference in temperature had shocked him enough to let them both go. He grinned sheepishly. "At least I'm not the only one."

"The warm one is yours, " Kelly then explained. "It will feel cold to anyone else who holds it together with their own. No way you can make a mistake picking up your own device."

"Do you know what they are made of?" Paul asked Jason and Kelly. They had no idea; they only kept the devices safe and saw to it that every new-found member of the 'family' received one. All they knew was that the devices at one point would be important, because "that's what it says in one of the few remaining stories from the old ones".

Sandy and Timothy told him that there were a few ancient tales from the people that had come to earth, orally handed down from generation to generation. Paul worried about that, as that way of conveying information was prone to be influenced by the people relaying it. Jonas however vowed sacred oaths on the souls of the people who were responsible for these legends, as Paul called them. As Paul was the newcomer, he accepted that as there was nothing he could show as proof against Jonas' words.

"Just you make sure you keep your device safe, Paul, " Jonas said. "It is yours, and no one else's. And don't let the earth people see it, or they want to take it from you, and that is really a bad idea."

"Why do you emphasise that so much?" Paul wondered.

"It's in one of the tales as well. If an earth person touches one of our devices, it will explode and kill the person holding it." Jonas then leaned on the table, to make a point as he added: "The last earth person trying that died less than three years ago."


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