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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Once upon a birthday

Over the next days and weeks, life became more organised for both Paul and Sandy. Slowly a routine settled in to which they both easily adjusted. The first time that Paul took Sandy along to an evening pub dinner, there were some comments from 'the lads', but that was all. Most of the rumours at the school had died away as well, as Paul had predicted. Sandy was doing well in her classes, although some made her groan over the amount of catch-up homework. Paul was always willing to lend a hand and talk her through some of the more advanced concepts that she struggled with, and it surprised him how quick a mind she had, picking it all up and putting the parts together.

Paul and Don were still working on improving their simulator, but that was a painstaking enterprise. Yet, the challenge remained. The uncanny anomaly was still moving, and every week that passed it became clearer that parts were breaking off it. They had detected four splits so far and were waiting for more to appear.

Sandy and Paul also had regular online meetings with the Royce family in Annapolis. Timothy and Adele kept expressing their gratitude to Paul. They were glad to see their daughter so happy and doing so well in every way. Sandy also had the occasional secret night-meeting with her father or her mother, only for a few minutes each time, telling them how she was getting along better and better with Paul. They reminded her that time was of the essence, but Sandy had to take it slow. It would not be good to throw the truth at him, she knew, because he would not believe that. Not now, not yet. But she knew she was coming closer to the right moment.

Paul, in all that, was aware that there was something he could not grasp. It felt to him that, the more he fought the attraction that Sandy seemed to radiate towards him, the harder it became to ward that off. And the most disturbing part was that the girl did not even seem to notice the increasing effect she had on him. She was kind, correct and ever careful. Admitted, she often leaned into him, but she had more than once explained that it was something natural to her, and he had seen her lean into others as well, so that made sense. He also kept puzzling about the comments of co-workers that he looked different. More than once a day he looked at himself in a mirror longer than usual, but he did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

When Sandy's seventeenth birthday approached, they invited a few people over. That was a tough moment for her, as it was the first birthday away from her family. Luckily it was on a Saturday, so they kept a Skype call open most of the day, with the computer connected to the television. That way her family was as close as they could technically manage.

Wilma, Paul's sister, had called a few times. Because she had been kind and not pushing to be involved in all that Paul was doing, she had been invited for Sandy's birthday as well. It was a remarkably relaxed and even entertaining afternoon, where Wilma and Paul told tales of when they still lived in Wales.

They told Sandy about how Paul had been adopted. She told them she was sorry for him, hearing that his parents had both died. Had they lived, then he would have been prepared already, and all the trouble she was putting him th

st gritted his teeth as he forced his arms to let go. A slightly happy feeling triumphed for a moment, as her arms held on just a bit longer, and then the moment was gone. The soft, warm weight of her legs disappeared from his lap as Sandy swung her feet onto the floor. He felt the settee move ever so lightly as she stood up.

"Good night, Paul." She bent over and touched his shoulder, light as a butterfly.

"Good night, Sandy. Sleep well." He did not hear her walk to her room, there was just the click of the lock when she closed the door. Paul shivered. He went into his bedroom, undressed and got into his bed. Had this all just happened? He was torn left and right, between wanting it to be real and wishing it to be a dream, until suddenly the bedroom door opened slightly. Light from somewhere far away came in, changing his room into a realm of shadows, but he only noticed the silhouette of the figure that stood waiting in the doorway. He knew the shape, and his heart skipped a beat when she came closer. Before he could think of a word to say, she was there and slipped under the covers next to him, and against him. Her skin was warm and soft against his skin. By the time a word had formed in his head, her lips prevented his from uttering it.

"Don't talk, " Sandy whispered, "no words. Show me your love, and I'll show you mine." She lay herself on top of him, feeling his breath go faster as his arms snaked around her, hands sliding over her back, through her hair, pulling her face gently down for another kiss. For long moments they drank each other like that, until the need for breath made them break the kiss. Then they carefully explored each others' body, inch by sensitive inch, slowly building up the tension between then that clearly never had disappeared but just gone into hiding for a short while.

Paul's desire grew as he knew that hers did too, and after a long time of playing, touching and teasing, caressing and driving each other insane with lust and want, they both exploded into a cloud of wonder and bliss. As if this had entranced them, they started over again after finding their breath, and then they collapsed into a deep sleep, in each others arms.


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