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   Chapter 11 No.11

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At the university

"Not now, " Sandy complained to the annoying beep that came from the alarm on her phone. The beep was not impressed. "Stupid dork, " she blamed herself for putting the phone on the table, out of reach. Now she had to get up. As she opened the curtains, she smelt something.

Paul laughed as he heard Sandy's cry "Coffee!" from her bedroom. She came running to the kitchen in her nightie, saying "Want, want, want! I'll love you forever!"

As he handed her a mug, she grinned. "Thank you. I will now go back to bed. With my prize."

"I doubt that. You're going to school today, Miss Royce, " Paul reminded her as he was frying some eggs.

Sandy slurped her coffee loudly. "For this I still love you, but you used the S-word so I take back the forever." She walked back to her bedroom, grabbed a few things and headed for the bathroom.

"Not too long, breakfast's almost done!" Paul warned her.

"Tough!" Sandy yelled back.


Sandy moaned as she pushed her bike up the ramp that ran next to the stairs. The bikes were stored in a locked room in the basement of the apartment building, and the ramp was there to make getting them in and out easier. It wasn't yet easy for her. Once they were riding for a few minutes, she quickly felt better. There was no rain, Paul knew the streets that had the least morning traffic, and it took them less than forty-five minutes to reach the university campus.

Paul and Sandy walked through the long corridors, here and there pushing through the groups of people who all seemed to have business there. They entered an office where three ladies worked. One of them was Edna Montgommery.

"Doctor Carmichael." Edna looked at the young girl next to the researcher. Her disapproval became even more apparent as she looked at the blue dye in Sandy's hair. "This is her."

Paul disliked how Mrs. Montgommery made it sound like an accusation. "Indeed. This is Sandra Royce. Sandy, this is Mrs. Montgommery. We're here to pick up the books."

Paul had arranged with someone that the university would lend Sandy the necessary books for the first months.

"Indeed. You are." Mrs. Montgommery put even more venom in these few words. Why she disliked Paul so much, he had never understood. "They are in the locker over there." She neglected to point out exactly which locker.

Paul shrugged and opened each one of them until he located the books. Someone had been kind enough to bundle them in two stacks, but still it was so much that he'd need a cart to get everything out. Sandy joined him and looked into the locker. "Jesus, that will never fit in my head."

Mrs. Montgommery looked appalled. The other two ladies politely snickered behind their hands.

"Let's see that we get this library out of here, " Paul suggested. He commandeered an empty desk chair on wheels and loaded the books onto that. He closed the lockers and promised to bring the chair back later that day. They left the office. "We'll get this lot to the lab first, sort out what you need this morning, and get you to the proper classroom." The two of them steered the chair along the corridors, warning people to step aside as the chair was too heavily loaded for quick stops. A few times they had to unload the chair to get it down and up some steps, but the journey went reasonably swift.

The two were both panting as they pulled the chair into the laboratory. Don, sitting back with his feet on his desk and a mug of tea in his hands, watched them come in. "P.E.? Is that you? Are you lost that you show up here?"

Paul was still catching his breath. "Sandy, Don Donahue. Don, Sandy Royce." He pointed at a chair for Sandy to sit, and fell into his own desk chair. "I had no idea these things are so heavy."

"Did you pillage the library? Hello Sandy, nice to meet you."

Don had to satisfied with a wave of her hand and a "hi". Sandy too was still retrieving her breath.

Paul put away his coat and flipped on his computers while Sandy looked around. "So this is where you work? I had expected something more... impressive."

Both men now grinned. "Granted, it does not look like much. It reflects what we do, " Don joked.

Sandy laughed at the joke. Then Paul handed her a leaflet with her classes of the morning

came from that. He'd have to live with it. It probably would work out the way Sandy said; everyone had to get used to it. He let out a sigh and silently turned to his food.

Sandy felt sorry for the man next to her. These were things that no one had foreseen, and she was in the middle of it. The reason of it. The fact that Angela would have caused a similar thing did not make her feel any better. "Maybe if we split up when we come here, would that help?" she asked.

Paul smiled. Such an innocent child. "No, I'm afraid that would only add fuel to the fire. If they see us sit together like this, they form an opinion. If suddenly we are not sitting together, they are probably going to invent even more untruths. Let's just keep it at one thing. At least we can invalidate that, given enough time."

Sandy saw reason in his words. "Okay, we'll stick to that then."

"Doctor Carmichael?"

Paul and Sandy looked up at the full figure of Mrs. Montgommery.

"You still owe us a desk chair. Would you kindly see to that before the end of the day?"

"Of course, Mrs. Montgommery. You'll have your chair back soon after lunch, " Paul said. At least she was only worried about the chair. Probably. The woman in her perpetual black dress moved on without another word.

"Man, she sounded pissed, " said Sandy.

Paul grinned. "Pissed off, you mean?"

"Huh? Here we go again... What's the difference?"

"Pissed off is angry. Pissed is drunk."

Sandy snorted. "I certainly don't want to see her pissed, then." It made her feel good that Paul snorted along with her.

The rest of the day passed by without any more incidents. Paul ignored anyone who gave him a look and remained strictly professional. He made certain Mrs. Montgommery had her chair back as well.

As he waited by the bicycle shed, at the end of the day, he received a call from Sandy.

"Hi! It's me! I found the uni restaurant!"

"What are you doing there?" Paul wondered. "I am waiting by the bicycles."

"Sorry. Google Maps can't find those. Can you come and pick me up here? There are people staring at me, I think they want to chop me up or something."

Paul laughed and went back to relieve her from her precarious situation. Of course, instead of facing people with meat cleavers, she was chatting over coffee with a few of the kitchen staff. He thanked them for taking care of the girl and then showed her how to get to the bike shed. "It's easy enough."

"Sure, " she muttered with a grin, as she tightened the strap of her headwear, "for someone who's worked here since god knows how long."

Paul tapped her on the helmet. "Brat. Come, I'll race you."

"Not fair!" she yelled, "I have all these books here!"

Without a word Paul took over her book-bag and tied that on his own bike. "Better?"

"Oh yeah..."

She lost despite that.


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