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   Chapter 52 Warrior women

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 11301

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Reginus was quite interested in the kitchen, and asked Zopierama and Barthomeu everything they could tell about it. After satisfying her curiosity they tried to make the replicator replicate the odd bit of metal. The machine did its best but the metal part was too large, and as Reginus inspected the results she was not convinced that either of them would work. "Your machine does a very good job at replicating, " she sighed. "The new part's broken in the exact same way as the original."

"What exactly should the part do?" Zopierama then asked as everyone looked at the collection of broken parts on the kitchen table. Reginus explained its function in a growing amount of detail and confusion for most of the crew. Only Barthomeu and Zopierama nodded, asked questions and nodded some more at the replies.

"I think we can fix that with a bit of the ironwood we still have. There's some left from making Moro's leg, " the geek girl then said.

"Do you think the density of the wood would be equal to that of the part?" Without waiting for an answer Reginus reached for her pink-light device, dropped to her knees and pulled up Maurizio's trouser leg, after which she scanned the wooden leg with the device. She popped up and scanned the wrinkled piece of metal. "This might actually work, if we can make it thin enough. The wood is remarkably potent."

"What if we make the connecting piece of the wood and apply the ends of the two parts the machine made?" Barthomeu offered. "That should reduce the induction flux of the wood and create a reflow of the particle-density."

Again the three went off in a verbal flurry of technical gobbledegook that the others did not even want to be associated with, but in the end the geeks and Reginus disappeared to the workshop from where soon buzzing, screaming and hammering was to be heard. Nilsie and Dimmie went to help; they were always up for some noise-making. Even the captain joined the band of woodworkers. The rest of the crew retreated to the deck.

"That noise is awful, " Ninnie said. "Good thing it's only temporary."

Rebel just nodded as she stared out into the forest. She had been in the same noise long enough when she and Zopierama had made Maurizio's leg. Something caught her eye. "Carmolo, do you still have that spectro-view-o-magic with you?" He did, so he handed it to Rebel and she looked into the forest with it. "There are four women out there watching us, " she then reported. "They all have bows with them, and very long arrows."

"What are they doing?" Carmolo asked.

"They are watching us, I just said so." Rebel lowered the spectro-view-o-magic and waved at the forest. "Hey you, I know you're there. Come out!"

The group waited for a while during which some members of the Harmony Clan felt inspired to obtain some beer. Rebel called out again, so did Ninnie. To their surprise the four women then appeared. They all looked very much alike with their tanned skin, their long hair tied in braids and the sturdy leather tunics they wore. Each of them also wore a headband to keep their hair away from their eyes.

"Where are you from?" one of the women asked, raising her bow with a long, impressive arrow nocked to the string.

"We're from far away, " Rebel said.

"You have men on your boat. We want them." Another woman also raised her bow.

"Too bad, " Ninnie said. "They're wit

ointed over the treetops. In the distance was an area not so densely overgrown with trees, and as the ship came over it the crew saw a village below. From down there many female people looked up at the strange black thing hovering over their heads. It took a while to moor the ship to one of the trees, and even longer before the group had worked out how to climb down the tree, but finally they were all on the ground.

The village consisted of mainly simple huts or cabins made of wood. The roofs were covered with layers of enormous ferns, easy to replace in case of required maintenance. One building was entirely unnatural; a thing of grey concrete that was almost entirely covered with moss. There were a few large windows in it, in dull metal fixtures. It was the only thing remaining of the third species that had taken over the planet, so long ago.

Over one hundred women, all dressed in the same fashion, were standing around the group of travellers. The woman that had gone ahead to warn everyone stood in front of the group and talked to the women, telling them that everything was fine. Also the woman who had guided the way for the steering geeks said words to that effect, but the tension among the villagers was clear as there had never been so many men around.

Next to the messenger was a woman who wore a faded red band around her right upper arm. "Who are you?" she asked. "What do you want?"

During the trip to the village, the ship's crew and the amazon women on board had agreed that the leading lady of the group that had found them would speak for the travellers initially. She explained that Reginus, despite looking like a woman, might be able to help them with their 'procreation problem'. To the crew she explained that the woman with the red band was the tribe leader and the one who knew about the bio-engineering, as it had been passed down over the generations.

Reginus engaged in a discussion with the bio-engineering woman that soon left all the others in the mental version of dust. Suddenly Reginus said she needed a few volunteers, grabbed a few Harmony Clan members by the arm and dragged them along as the red banded woman and a few other women walked to the concrete building in which they disappeared.

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