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   Chapter 51 A strange meeting

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 12982

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The black ship left the wormhole and appeared high over a planet.

"Good grief, look at that!" Mikkie exclaimed, pointing at the two huge suns in the distance. "Those are big!"

"I'm glad we're finally out of that wormhole, " Ninnie sighed. "It was getting annoying to see all that flashing stuff and equally annoying to sit inside and just see walls." She peeked over the side. "Ohhh, lookie there! Big nice planet beneath us and it has water!"

"And it doesn't look dangerous, " Jirdie said, who was also peering down. The entire crew was looking forward to solid ground under their feet, because they all felt like they'd been in the wormhole for days while they had been in there for just a week.

"Is there anything like life down there?" Carmolo wondered. He was, as so often, worried about their safety.

"Barthomeu and Zopierama are looking for that, " Maurizio said, "we should hear soon."

It did not take the geek couple long before they could report about the large flying animals and that there were other forms of life down there. "And there is something strange too."

"Which is?"

"A signal. The scanners detected an odd signal, just a small blip. It comes from somewhere on the waterline of a lake."

Carmolo frowned. "What does the signal say?"

"Blip, blip, blip, " Zopierama impoersonated the signal for him. "Nothing more."

"We could go to the surface and have a look, " Maurizio said, as he tried to ignore the blips that kept coming from the geek girl. "Take us down to that lake, stay in the middle of it for now, so we can see what's the matter and get away quickly if we need to." He was developing quite a decent set of captain-skills, he thought to himself. He looked at his feet, at the wrapped up wooden one mostly. "I'm turning into a pirate captain almost, " he mumbled. Walking was becoming easier with practice but still it felt odd. And sounded odder.

As the black ship sank through the thin layer of high clouds, the crew had a great view of the splendour that the planet offered. Several of the huge pterodactyls circled the strange flying object at a safe distance, but the ship descended quickly and soon the target lake became clear. It was surrounded by high forest. The lake itself was almost a small inland sea, measuring at least fourteen miles across the narrow end and over twenty miles long.

As they hovered over the water mass, Maurizio had to revise his orders. From the middle of this large puddle they could hardly recognise anything ashore, so he told Barthomeu to touch down on the water and sail the ship towards the blip. The others were standing at the bow and kept watch, Carmolo using the spectro-view-o-magic. "Moro, you should have a look through this, " he said handing the device over.

Maurizio looked through the odd device and saw a small square indicated, far away. It was indeed on the very shoreline of the lake. "That has to be where the blip comes from, " he thought to himself and went to the bridge where his suspicion was confirmed. "Let's go there slowly and make certain nothing nasty is waiting for us."

Standing in the door opening, he could keep an eye on the screens on the bridge and also watch the trees come closer as the ship moved ahead. When they were a mere mile away from the blip, Zopierama focussed the front camera and pulled the object in with maximum zoom.

"What's that?" Barthomeu wondered.

"A disc, " Zopierama explained. "A silver disc standing on three legs."

"Why would someone put something like that in a forest next to a lake?" Maurizio wondered. Yet it was true; there was a silver disc.

The ship proceeded towards land, and the geek couple found a nice natural harbour where the ship could be moored. A few low-hanging branches provided a convenient way to leave the ship and set foot on the land of this planet. The air felt pleasant, the tempera

sive ladies outside have gone home again. Their average patience-span is between thirty-three and thirty-nine minutes, so we still have some time to talk about other things, " Reginus said, checking something that might once become a clock.

"We have our ship to travel through space and time, " Maurizio put in. "I think you have an advantage as your disc is easier to park somewhere."

Reginus, who had sauntered to a different console to push and pull a bit more, looked at the captain. "You travel through time as well? How interesting. I once heard of a race that can do that but you're definitely not one of them."

"We're not either. We're from Yargabrea, " Nilsie said.

"I know, " said the woman who wanted to be a man. The display overhead had zoomed in on the women who were still observing the silver disc. "And you two must be Earth-people, " she pointed at Rebel and Maurizio. Then she turned to the three from the tiny planet without a name. "And you are from Procogambit."

"Our ancestors were. How do you know?" asked Carmolo.

"I've been around, " said Reginus. "Now, since the ladies outside are still not bored enough and there are Procogambitians present, would you happen to have a replacement for this?" She dove under the console, yanked at something and came up with an odd piece that looked like twisted metal.

Mikkie looked at the thing. "I could make something that looks like it..."

Zopierama and Barthomeu took the wrinkled metal plate and looked it over. "Doesn't look too difficult. Maybe the replicator can do something with this, " Zopie said.

"It won't fit in the replicator, " Barthomeu pointed out. "It's quite wide, this thing."

"What is it?" Ninnie asked.

Reginus explained that the wrinkled bit of metal kept a particular kind of tension on a certain part of the equipment underneath the console and then lost herself in a barrage of technical stuff that was not even Greek to most of the audience. By the time they were done however, the ladies with their bows had left. Relieved, everyone went down the spaceship's beam and breathed in the fresh forest air.

"Let's go to the ship and see what we can do for you, Regina. Reginus, " Rebel said. Mikkie and Dimmie took the lead with their bows raised, but there was no one between them and the ship so they made it to the ship quickly.

Reginus looked around and made her device beep over the crystal. "Not a very precious kind, " was her only comment after which she walked along with the others, to the kitchen and its replicator. Jirdie carried the odd piece of metal.

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