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   Chapter 50 The planet

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The planet seemed to hang around in space. It was nothing new for the sphere; it had done so for many million years. Not many remembered how it had come to be, but that was hardly surprising as most planets share that same unclear origin. There were exactly fifty-three life forms that did remember, but they were by now far away and no longer actively engaged with the planet.

The planet was not literally hanging though. At an incredible speed it sped around the two K-4 type orange sub-giant stars that rotated around each other in a mocking gesture to most known laws of physics, as stars of this size should not entertain their system of planets with such childish behaviour. Six planets were in an orbit closer to the K-4 duo and bore the signs of that. The two stars together generated quite a lot of heat and scorched anything that was stupid enough to come close. The planet that was seventh in line had the dumb luck to be located far enough from the duo to stay unscathed. Of course the occasional meteorite would hit it. This was mainly due to the meteorites though; they were at first attracted to the dual K-4 star and then sometimes simply changed their mind.

The speeding planet was the really pretty one of the bunch that circled the duo. Further out in the voids of space there were five more planets, but they were only interesting for species that liked lots of cold, some good slabs of ice, various kinds of poisonous gas for an atmosphere or solid cold rock to live on.

The large forests and extensive oceans of said seventh planet sported abundant life in many shapes, colours and levels of danger. It should be noted that the planet rotated around its axis quite fast. So fast even that at the equator the water was pushed back, which in many places made it possible to walk through seas or lakes during certain times. Some kinds of life had discovered that it was not always safe though; as soon as the three small moons that surrounded the planet were aligned, the influence of the rapid rotation was countered and water would come rushing in so fast that no living thing could escape unless it could fly straight up. Had there been deep sea biologists on the planet they would have found many remains of land animals on the bottom of a few of the more vicious seas. So far nobody had taken up that profession however so the skeletons just lay there and waited, abandoned even by the many aquatic species that had enjoyed a good gnaw on the bones at first.

In the air over the planet one could often witness a lot of business. Flying animals were plentiful on the planet, ranging from millimetre-sized bugs that would make life extremely unpleasant for the species they'd bite, to pterodactyl-like animals that soared high, and often feasted on the huge swarms of millimetre-sized bugs that almost always flew at the wrong altitudes to find animals to bite. The inside of the pterodactyl-like animals was plated with bone so the bugs were un

se two were no longer able to perform, or no longer alive. Yes, the plan also considered that.

As the cleaners did not have much cleaning to do, they went out into the fields and the woods, and discovered the wealth of animals and plants that this new world had to offer. They found animals that they could approach and, after a while and some injuries on either side, even ride. They found things that could pass as vegetables and, after a few unfortunate deaths, they were able to create good food with those. The female community thrived. Occasionally a male baby was allowed to be born by the bio-engineer, so they had a fresh supply of genetic material, but the group kept close tabs on their offspring being mainly female. They rode their animals, made bows and arrows with which they became proficient to the extreme, and after a few generations the whole community had become as native to the planet as possible.

Knowledge about the crashed spaceship was handed down over generations too, as it was important to know about the weaponry on board. That was how the ladies in question managed to ward off a few invading races, although the last one was more a pot luck related occasion where the four in charge of knowing about the ship simply let the cannons of the ship shoot out into space. Whatever local deity was with them made that several of the invader's ships were damaged, urging the battle cruisers to divert their course. These invaders also warned others that the people from that planet were crazy shooters and best left alone.

It was this planet where on one rainy day a vessel appeared. The thing appeared without any of the women noticing it at first. Only a surveillance team of twelve, who happened to come along on their local horses, discovered the strange thing. As they were eighth generation natives already, they had no idea what thing had appeared so they treated it with extreme care and stayed away until they knew more of its occupants...

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