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   Chapter 48 Getting away

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 10203

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"So we're in a tight spot, " Carmolo said. "Maybe if we take the captain out of that thing we can use it to ram the door."

Dimmie frowned. "The captain's not a thing to ram the door with. Oh, you mean that box!"

Vinnie pounded a fist against the door. "I doubt that would go through. It's a good door, unfortunately."

Rebel got to her feet. "Let me have a look from the other side." She walked to and through the door into the short corridor she remembered being behind it. Next to the door was a panel with six large buttons, all hippo-hand sized. None of them was marked. Rebel pondered if the Hibbians had pushed a specific one to get in but could not remember so she walked back into the room to ask.

"I think the door was open when we came here, " Barthomeu said. Most others agreed with him, a few had no idea as they had been pre-occupied with getting Maurizio in and watching the strange surroundings. "I suggest you try them one by one. It would be surprising if one of them is an alarm unless one of the buttons is a special colour."

Zopierama agreed. "Yes. Push one. If nothing happens, push another one. If something does happen and you don't like it, push the same one again."

Rebel went into the corridor and watched the panel. "Right. If I come up to the door, which would be most convenient to open it?" She picked a button and pushed it. The button worked; in the corridor all lights went off. "Well, that's not helpful." She pushed the button again. The lights remained off. "That's not helpful either." Rebel hoped that her friends were not in the dark either. She tried the next button. That apparently did nothing useful or noticeable. She hated buttons like that because often they did something in other places, like warn all the hippopotamus-shaped creatures that someone was messing with the buttons. Quickly she chose another button, sliding her fingers over the panel. Success, the lights came back on. So the top three buttons were not helpful. The first one on the bottom row got punched. Silently the door opened and a cheer rose up from inside.

"Why did you switch off the light?" Jirdie asked, who carried a sleeping Maurizio over his shoulder. "I nearly dropped him."

"Sorry, but perhaps we should first just get away from here?" Rebel countered. "You can chew my ass over the lights when we're safe."

"Follow me, " the staff sergeant then commanded. "I paid attention when we came here, I know where to go."

"So do I, " said Vinnie, and also Mikkie and Barthomeu had paid attention. The problem with that already started when they had walked down the first corridor and hit a crossing corridor. Carmolo said they had to go on while Nikki and Barthomeu insisted they should turn left. Vinnie stared down both corridors and looked a bit uncertain.

"No. We go on one more section and then turn left, " Carmolo argued in a subdued whisper.

"Maybe if we go left here and then turn right, " Ninnie said, "we'd end up in the same spot anyway."

"Unless that corridor is shorter, " Zopierama disag

who asked if the wool was nice and warm on his wooden foot but that was all in good fun. He had also been on the bridge a few times to see to things. With the ship on course however and the geek couple being confident that they were going in the most plausible direction, there was little to do.

Barthomeu, Zopierama and Carmolo joined a few members of the Harmony Clan as they were practising some music and developing some new tunes. The three had decided to keep some memory of their tiny home planet alive by singing a few songs from there. There was a slight drawback as none of the three were very musical and neither were they entirely certain of the proper lyrics of most songs, but with combined forces and some improvisation they managed to make most of the songs sound credible.

As the musicians were making music, Rebel and Maurizio sat on the ground against the bridge's platform. "Do you know any songs from Italy?" she asked.

"Hardly. I was always busy tinkering with my designs and so on. Do you?"

"No. Italy didn't exist any more in my time. No one was even certain how Italian would sound, " Rebel said. "Sorry."

Maurizio frowned and grinned. "I meant to ask if you know any songs from where you were born."

"A few, " Rebel admitted. "Most of them only partially, like 'Dancing Matilda', or 'Baby Bumble Bee', or 'Great Green Globs'."

"Dancing Matilda? Shouldn't that be Waltzing Matilda?" Maurizio asked in surprise.

"No, it was taught as Dancing Matilda and I'm from Oz so I should know, " the woman said, certainty in her voice. "Also the music is not a waltz so that would not work anyway. And there is a very sad song called A Pub With No Beer but I don't know that one because I never liked beer."

"You don't like beer?" Ninnie asked who had joined them by then. "Impossible, everyone likes beer! And the boys like that a lot, " she said with a big smile. "Hey boys, come here and let's have a beer!" It did not take long before the replicator was quite busy generating glasses of beer.

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