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   Chapter 47 We'll fix you

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 9798

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"Uhm, you are taking human life a bit lightly, aren't you?" Barthomeu offered after that rather shocking bit of information.

Glombon did his equivalent of a grin. "That is where the trick is. We're not human. We're Hibbian. Our philosophy is that you live until you die and when that happens you're dead. Much simpler and easier than the insane amount of complicated religions and strange guilt complexes that many of the human and also other kinds of persuasion inflict on themselves."

It took a while for that answer to sink in with the minds of those of the human persuasion.

"If I may be so bold, why are you wearing one of your legs in your hand?" Scree, the other lady then asked as she gestured towards Maurizio, whose spare leg leaned against his seat. When they told her about the manner that the captain had lost half his leg, the green alien turned slightly lighter green, as did lady number two, Markilan. "Oh dear, oh dear. That must have been very hard to deal with, seeing such a monster!"

Maurizio snorted. "Having my leg bitten of wasn't exactly a lot of fun either."

"Still it is an odd thing to do, carrying your new leg around instead of attaching it to your body, " Scree countered. "That must be very awkward in moving around."

"We were trying to find a way to do that, " Zopierama told her. "Our first attempt didn't work."

Ottowal said: "That is not a complicated procedure. We have ways to do that in a Jiffy."

"You do?" Maurizio wondered. "How does that work? Will it hurt?"

"It only hurts if you want it to, in which case we'll find something to hit you with. One moment, please. Let me show you how the procedure would go about." Ottowal left the room.

"Ottowal is our medical professional, " Glombon explained. "He's a master with blisters and rock splinters."

Rebel frowned. Maurizio's problem was very much beyond a blister.

Ottowal returned with an odd square tube that could almost contain all of Maurizio. "Here we are. This is a Jiffy." The tube had a hole on one side and opened down the long end like a coffin. "All you need to do is lie down in it, with the leg in place and your head sticking out of it. Then I shall connect all the necessary wiring, instruct the Jiffy what it needs to do and it will be done."

"Are you certain that will work? After all, you are Hibbian, not human, so I would assume your jiffy is set to Hibbian standards." Ninnie kneeled down by the thing and inspected its inside, which was smooth, empty and unsurprisingly green.

"You need not worry, little miss, " Ottowal told her. "We are convinced that Hibbian standards outweigh human standards." Considering the size of a Hibbie this probably was true.

Maurizio looked at the odd box. "Nothing can go wrong? I mean, I don't want the leg to stick from my head."

"Of course that is not possible. Your head is sticking out of the Jiffy." Ottowal almost sounded hurt at the pres

"Don't!" Zopierama said, slapping at her boyfriend's hand. "Would you want someone to do that to you when you're asleep?"

"If it was you, " he said, then coloured brightly red in his face.

"Stop that, you kids, " Rebel said sharply, "let's see about the captain first." She tapped the wooden part of the leg, causing the geek duo to snort. Even Carmolo looked at that with a frown, but he too admitted that the wood still sounded like wood. And yet, the wooden leg was seamlessly integrated in Maurizio's leg. There was an area of about a half inch where wood and skin merged and from there up was human skin. Rebel pulled the trouser leg all the way down. That had been pushed up as far as possible so the fabric would not become part of the procedure.

"Suck a pebble, " Ninnie whispered. "That's amazing."

"Not at all, little miss, " said Scree. "It was done in a Jiffy. Nothing is amazing then. Jiffies are very practical."

Glombon then rose from his seat. "I think our little tea time is over now. We should get back to work I'm afraid."

Scree and Markilan also got up. "You little ones are welcome to stay. It is nice to have some company here, you should know. We'll leave you here and come back when our shift is over, to be further entertained by you." The four Hibbians left the green room. The sliding door closed behind them without a sound.

"To be further entertained by you?" Nilsie and Mikkie wondered at the same time. "Since when are we entertainment?"

"True, " Jirdie nodded, "usually we provide it."

Only as silence fell among the crew they noticed how utterly silent it was in the room. There was absolutely no sound.

"Do you think we're, uhm, how should I say this, trapped in here?" Ninnie wondered.

Vinnie walked to the door, which did not open by itself. There were no buttons to push. The door also did not move as he put his weight against it. Even a kick did not help. "You might almost think so."

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