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   Chapter 44 Worries about a captain

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 9694

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In the corridor people were having discussions as no one really knew what was happening behind the purple octagon. Carmolo only knew it was the official sickbay, something the geeks had insisted on, despite that the ship originally should have left on its own. That's why they'd been set up with the untested, experimental one. Barthomeu had joined them and looked at the door from where all kinds of odd muffled sounds came. He reminded himself that Zopierama would scream if things got out of hand. Probably. If she still could scream. A touch of worry took over his already not so very calm self. Carmolo recognised that though, and kept the young man away from the door and the sounds.

"Does that usually take so long?" Vinnie asked. "They're in there since at least ten minutes."

Rebel frowned. "How long does it take to fix a bitten-off leg where you come from then?"

"Two of three minutes usually. Depends how long it takes to get the axe, " was the answer that shocked her. Rebel was not sure what would be done with the axe. "We use it to cut things off cleanly before we burn the wound to close it." Now she knew, without even uttering the desire to be told.

"Oh." Rebel felt queasy suddenly. This was a bit too much information, especially when Mikkie and Nilsie started acting out the procedure, complete with sound effects.

Another five minutes later the noise from behind the door died away. The following moments of silence proved to be even worse than the audible information that something was actually happening there. The door opened and Zopierama stepped out of the cabin. "He's sleeping."

"What happened?" many voices asked.

"The Autodoc treated him. It worked."

"And how is he doing?" Rebel wondered. She felt a more personal connection to Maurizio. After all they both came from Earth, despite the difference in years.

"I think he's fine. He hasn't spoken yet because of what Ninnie did to him, " Zopierama said, looking at the woman's hands. "And the Autodoc probably sedated him a little more. I didn't see what it was doing though."

"Why not?" Barthomeu wondered. "The cover over the table is transparent."

"I kept my eyes closed, " Zopierama explained.

Rebel understood that. "Do we have to leave him in there for now?"

No one really knew. The geeks had the semi-portable sickbay installed on a whim but none of them had any idea on how to go about it apart from that one crucial button to activate the automatic doctor. They decided to let Moro sleep.

The crew took turns in watching over him. The captain slept for a full day before opening his eyes and of course at that moment no one was present, so he first called out, and when there was no response he sat up and stared at the blanket over his legs. He clearly recalled what had happened, also the agonising pain and the rapidly approaching fist that had knocked him out. Slowly he

of the unused cabins, " Ninnie suggested.

"Or look in the back of the engine room. There could be some spare material there, " Zopierama knew, who was still pondering something. "But would a leg attached to your leg not be better?"

Maurizio smiled at her. "These things are very difficult to make. I have heard of those but they're expensive. And we'd need a specialist to make one that fits well."

Rebel looked at the man. "I keep forgetting that you are from that time. Making a prosthetic like that is not that hard any more. All you need is the right equipment." After a glance from the captain she added: "Oh. I see."

"You may be on to something though, " said Zopierama. "Maybe we can do something for you after all." She rose and looked at the woman from Moro's future. "Can you come with me?"

Rebel nodded as she looked at Vinnie and Jirdie. "Can you take Moro to a nice spot where he can sit?" The two men nodded and then the two women left. At the same time the gentle rocking motion of the ship stopped, which was a clear sign that they had started their journey back to space, away from this odd moon.

Vinnie and Jirdie first took Maurizio to his cabin where he could put on some warmer clothes, which would be necessary. Out in space the ship kept them breathing but the temperature was a lot lower. Once the captain had dressed, they carried him to the deck. Jirdie ran back and fetched a chair from the dining room which made for an convenient place to sit for Maurizio. By the time they had arranged all that the ship pulled out of the high layers of atmosphere so the watery moon lay deep beneath them.

"Thank you, boys, " said Maurizio. "I hate this, you know."

"Don't worry, you're not heavy and we have plenty of time to do it, " Jirdie said as he patted the man on a shoulder.

Then an awful, screeching, nerve-wrecking, blood-curdling and generally unpleasant sound came from somewhere.

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