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   Chapter 43 Stormy sea

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 11067

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Later that day the heat let up. This was mainly because a proper collection of clouds gathered and created a sensational storm over the stretch of ocean where the black ship was floating. It did not take very long before most crew members were violently ill and wishing they were dead several times an hour. The movement of the ship was bizarre; it decided it wanted to go everywhere at the same time. Maurizio and Rebel seemed unaffected by the jumping, jolting and rolling; it was just becoming incredibly difficult to stand and go anywhere. Maurizio decided that the crew was suffering too badly so they had to do something.

"I'm going to the bridge and get this thing into the air, " he said to Rebel who in turn told him he was crazy to even think about going out. "I don't care. Someone has to do something!" The latter was shouted as he had to make himself heard over the sound of the wind that was deafening.

"Then I come with you!" Rebel informed him.

"That makes you crazy too!"

"I know, " she nodded, "I'm quick with things like that!"

They found a rope to tie around themselves to secure each other, skidded through the corridor, banged into the door and crawled over the deck as wind and rain lashed them. The temperature had dropped dramatically so the two crazy heroes shivered when they finally reached the ladder.

"Hey! You're really crazy!" Rebel yelled at the top of her lungs. The captain didn't even notice she said something. They fought their way up the steps. The higher they got the more the wind wanted to play with them, but somehow they made it onto the bridge. The door slammed shut as they stumbled over each other, dripping and panting.

"Not your average weather, " Rebel said as she got up on her knees, wiping the water from her face with one hand while holding on to a table with the other.

Maurizio nodded as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Thankfully." He got up and sat in the chair at the console. Everything came to life under his shaking fingers; he hoped nothing would make odd sounds or malfunction because of the water dripping from him.

Rebel was thrown against a wall as the ship lurched in an odd way, and groaned getting back up. "That hurt. Can you hurry please?"

Maurizio pushed the small lever that had to raise the ship into the air. At first nothing happened. The ship kept dancing on the angry waves that were clearly very annoyed by the treatment of the wind, but then the water lost its grip and the black ship sprang up into the air. Somehow the man at the controls found a position against the wind that eliminated most of the ship's outrageous behaviour. "I hope I can keep it this way."

"Can you go higher?" Rebel asked, relieved that she was no longer a living bowling pin. "If you can take us over the clouds we're out of this mess." She secretly admired how calm he appeared in this situation. They had done well in making him captain.

"How do you know that?" Maurizio wondered. It sounded credible though, so he pushed the lever more, adjusted something that had to be engine power and the shaking and shivering of the ship became worse as wind from other corners had their way with the ship.

Suddenly all the pounding ended. The noise of the storm fell away. Rebel got up and looked at the front camera monitor while

screams, and pulled him back from the assailant that did not want to let go of this little treat. As it shook its head, something gave way. The three people pulling at Maurizio tumbled over the deck, their captain landing on them and screaming horribly. Barthomeu watched the scene and fainted. Zopierama stood with her hands over her mouth, in shock. Rebel screamed and fell to her knees at the captain's side. Ninnie kneeled down with Maurizio's head, made a fist and knocked the captain out.

"Quick! A rope!" Rebel yelled as she tried to keep the remaining half of the leg from bleeding too much. When Mikkie tossed a rope she tied that around Maurizio's leg to cut off the circulation. It would help but not for long. "We have to do more. We need a doctor, " Rebel whined. "I'm not a doctor!"

Zopierama stared at Carmolo. "We have to, " she said.

"It's dangerous!" the staff sergeant replied, knowing what she meant.

"I don't care!" the girl yelled, and then she told the Clan to pick up their captain and follow her as fast as possible.

Uncertain of what the girl had in mind, four of them picked up the now limp shape and followed her into the corridor, where she stood by one of the cabins, the only one with a purple octagon on it. As the four came closer, she said: "We have to try this." Then she opened the door and let them in.

This cabin was entirely different from all the others. The reason was that it contained an experimental, semi-portable, fully automatic, and intensely untested sickbay. Zopierama pulled a cover from a bed. "Put him here." The men did so, as in the corridor many others assembled to get a glimpse of what went on in there, which of course for now wasn't very much. After the four had carefully laid down the still silent man (Ninnie packed quite a punch), Zopierama chased everyone out. "I don't know what's going to happen, " was her comment which did not put anyone at ease. Not even herself.

She took a deep breath and turned to the table. "Don't make me angry, captain Moro, " she said. "Don't die on us." She pulled a plastic cover down over the metal bed and pushed the only button on the wall.

The door closed and the Autodoc came to life.

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