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   Chapter 40 Not your average ice place

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 10523

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Maurizio's first official action as captain of the black ship was to sit with the crew and wait for their journey to be over. They kept an eye on the crystal which was slowly pulsating with an orange shine. It wasn't the most fascinating view, but it gave them something to do. After about fifteen minutes most of the Harmony Clan members slouched off, stating that this was entirely boring, so they would get their instruments and make some music.

Ninnie suggested she take Rebel inside and wrap something around her foot, and put on something more sensible to wear as the woman from Oz was shivering occasionally. The temperature on deck was dropping, be it slowly. Ninnie offered Rebel some more of her clothes as Rebel's selection was still limited to her leather suit and the summer dress, and even the combination wasn't a warm one.

Barthomeu then suggested that he and Zopierama would show their new captain the tricks and bits of the bridge. The more people knew about that and how to operate the ship, the better. Maurizio agreed, and that was the beginning of a nerve-wrecking, eye-straining and mind-boggling exercise in learning to distinguish the strange squibbles and bubbles that were meant to be writing. Slowly however he began to see the difference and understand the functions of the machinery. For him, coming from an era where computers did not really exist yet, that was quite a feat.

It was when he was studying a gauge that he noticed a distinct change. It showed on a camera monitor: they were no longer moving through space rapidly. The wormhole had spat them out somewhere near a huge, pale, blue and white planet. Curious, everyone came to the deck and watched the enormous ball which took up most of the view in front of them.

"What's that?" someone asked.

"Big, " someone else replied.

"Cold, " Rebel added who was now dressed in an ensemble of leather suit, the red leggings and a furry cloak. She was right. The planet was emitting so much cold that they could feel it all the way up in the high layers of the atmosphere. As far as one could call the thin layer of ozone atmosphere. The amazing properties of the ship however kept everyone safe.

"Should we go down to have a look?" Maurizio asked.

"You can but let me go to my cabin first, where it's warm, " Rebel informed him. Her words found agreeing ears and nods. Carmolo also made a comment to that effect, but Barthomeu and Zopierama said they'd dress up warm and then stay with the captain. Maurizio agreed that dressing warmer would be a good plan.

It didn't take him long to return with his most winter-strong clothing. All the others were safely tucked away in their cabins. Zopierama patched the view of the front camera to their view ports so they could enjoy the experience from there.

Shuddering, the ship dove towards the planet's surface. The unwanted shaking happened because of the waves of cold coming up from below but it almost felt as if the ship itself was freezing (which, considering the white layers of ice growing on the top of the masts and the entire keel of the vessel was not even beside the truth). The closer th

hat is no problem, it's very nice there. Just a little warmer than where we picked up Rebel, " Zopierama explained. That did not mean much to Maurizio of course, but Rebel told him that they'd be fine.

"In that case I'd say take us there. We might as well have a little peace and quiet considering all we've gone through these last few days, " Maurizio said, after which the geek girl ran up the stairs. Soon the ship turned towards the (for the common eye) still invisible moon and picked up speed.

It quickly became clear which sun they were heading towards. It was not a stunningly huge one, but the small, fiercely yellow ball created quite a lot of heat. A few minutes later the rocky planet came into view and also the moon that the geeks had discovered. The moon looked very nice from space and Maurizio felt a pang of disappointment that he had not brought his camera. Although, on second thought, there would be no place around to develop the film and print the pictures.

The closer they came to the moon, the warmer everything became. Not unpleasantly warm but everyone started shedding clothes until they only wore the barest of necessities, and by the time the ship dove into the surprisingly calm atmosphere that surrounded the small celestial companion of the rock planet, everyone was down to the equivalent of swimwear. Inexplicably, the temperature did not rise more, not even when the ship came to a gentle halt in the vast expanse of water that covered most of the moon. As a safety, Barthomeu had chosen a spot far from any island as they had no idea what kind of life there would be, if any at all.

Rebel leaned over the side and looked out over the immense ocean. "Very strange, that brown and orange coloured water, " she remarked.

"It's perfectly safe, " Barthomeu assured her, who had left the bridge and was sweating as in there it had been quite warm. "I scanned it and the meta-analyser indicated that it's pure water.

"Hey folks! Look what I made!" Dimmie yelled as he dragged something along. As he laid the thing out, everyone recognised a rope ladder.

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