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Maurizio Blunt very slowly opened his eyes. There was a bit of light in the - oh yes, he recalled, he was in a cabin. On a black ship which has sailed in through the air. "Sto sognando, " he muttered to himself as he closed his eyes again. "I must be dreaming." After a deep sigh he tried the eye-opening again. The cabin had not changed. As an extra check he stuck a leg out and looked at his ankle. Chafed. From the suit. "Dannazione!" (Damn it!) "It's real."

Resigningly he left the bed and staggered into the closet where he hit the wall. It was the wrong closet. In the bathroom version he found a housecoat-like thing that was too short, so that part of his morning routine went down the drain. He got dressed and walked out into the corridor where lots of smells greeted him.

"Left and right, " he wondered. Left, he remembered, was the deck, so food had to be to the right. After a walk through the corridor the smells became confusing, as there were some that tried to be familiar but weren't, some were inviting but totally alien and some made him want to turn around and run.

He opened the centre door and went in. The entire crew sat at one large table that consisted of three smaller ones shoved together. Everyone wished him a good morning but in here the smells were even stronger so Maurizio was not entirely certain how good the morning would end up. He did spot plates and cups besides some things he did not recognise, which indicated food. Food was good.

"Buon giorno, good morning, " the postman said.

"Morning, mate, " said Rebel. "I'm sure you want something to chew on and a cup of brew to wash it down." After that was translated to more traditional English Maurizio nodded, and to his pleasure Rebel walked in front of him to show him the kitchen and acquaint him with the food replicator.

The instructions were rather simple so he told the machine his breakfast wishes and without a problem they were prepared and ready. The cappuccino smelled heavenly, the brioche and other sweet breads and cake looked amazing, so once they were back at the table Maurizio did not waste time. The sound sleep and the very strange night had left him quite hungry. When his first hunger had been addressed he looked at the people at the table again. This time there was much more light than that of the moon and the few deck lights, and now he noticed the differences between them and himself and even with Rebel who was from Earth too. The three smaller people had a yellowish complexion and an odd orange colour around their pupils instead of white. Now he also noticed that these three people had six fingers on each hand which would make sense with that suit. Then he remembered them saying that the ship had appeared at their own plan

urizio blinked at her smile. "Are you certain?" he asked, wondering about how she'd manage the ropes, come down and see that they'd get on board again.

"Absolutely, " she said. "What I wear is all I have."

The man from Bardolino nodded. He appreciated how she looked, but a change of clothes once in a while was good. "Va bene, " he said, "all right then." He swung his legs over the railing and as one of the last people he lowered himself down the rope.

Rebel pulled up the ropes. It would take a super mountain-goat to climb up now. She walked down to the cabins, took a running leap through the wall and landed just above the waterline, scaring the bejeebus out of Maurizio who was not prepared for that. He proved that by literally jumping away from her.

"Oh. Sorry. I should have told you, " she grinned sheepishly. The others were used to it by now and she had not given it more thought.

"How did you do that?" Maurizio wondered. As she tried to explain it as well as she could, he wished he'd never asked. She could read it from his face because she stopped her explanation mid-sentence, and suggested they proceed to the village. The postman agreed and took the lead. As he started walking up the hill he distinctly remembered the way down and the view of the flying sailing ship, and then he shivered for a moment as he realised that he was leading a group of aliens directly into his home village. Something that astronomers and exo-biologists were hoping for all their life was happening here at Lake Garda and he was in charge! Well, sort of.

The Harmony Clan enjoyed the walk and started singing a song that no one but they understood. The tune however was catchy and soon everyone, even Maurizio, was humming or whistling along which made the trip to the village a very enjoyable one, and it went quickly too.

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