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   Chapter 31 A matter of light

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 10340

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Several of the Harmony Clan-members had heard the shattering plate caused by what Carmolo saw, so they emerged from their cabins. "Carmolo? Is there a problem?"

The staff corporal looked back at them and nodded while shaking his head, making his entire response hard to interpret. Vinnie and Nilsie walked to the confused man and looked outside. If they'd had plates in their hands these plates would have fallen too. "Blimey!"

"I don't know if what you said is good but that out there certainly isn't, " Carmolo said, pointing at the movement beyond the boundaries of the shielding around the ship. From where the three men stood, they stared at the strange creatures that swam around the ship and looked down at the deck. Everywhere around the ship was water. During Carmolo's short stop in the kitchen, somehow a ray of light had hit the crystal in the right way which had initiated the complex sequence of actions that made the ship move through space and time, which in turn had placed them on a planet that consisted of water. For some obscure reason fate had decided that making the ship appear several thousand feet below the surface was an interesting twist on things, so there they were.

"I am glad that whatever this ship does to keep us alive in space also works under water, " Dimmie said who had joined the three. "It looks stunning, don't you agree?" He walked out onto deck and looked at an animal that probably was able to swallow the entire ship without even noticing. Its sheer size probably was also the reason that it didn't notice the ship at all.

Carmolo also walked out on the deck and looked at the sails that hung down as there was no wind to catch in their air bubble. "I have never seen anything like this, " he stated the obvious. "I wonder what the geek kids have to say about this."

His question had to wait for an answer until Barthomeu and Zopierama had woken up and noticed the open door that led to the deck. The strange shimmer of the light from the water that surrounded the black ship made them walk out to inspect its origin, and then they both screamed. That in turn woke up the others, so not much later everyone was on deck, staring at the animals that were staring at them.

"Where are we?" Zopierama asked. No one knew. "How do we get away from here?" she then wanted to know. Also this question remained unanswered. "Do you think we can have breakfast safely?" she finally asked. The group decided to collectively put that to the test.

Sitting in the kitchen made them all feel more at ease. At least there was no insane amount of water looming everywhere with even more looming animals of all shapes, sizes and colours. Munching their food the question arose what they were going to do about their present situation.

"I think we should first try to find out where we are. If we can." Barthomeu tried to keep a level head. "And how deep we are." Those words came out a lot less confident. What no one knew was that the two geek people who had been on the boat longest of all (regardless if dead or alive) could not swim and had the te

ed and leaned over her console. "We had them running slowly to keep as much footage available as we could. If there is something on there that gives us an idea we can find it." For a few hours they went over the video recordings of the twelve cameras on the ship. A few of the others came looking for the two people because they stayed away so long, and appreciated what they were doing. When the geeky backs ached and their eyes teared from the work, they were relieved by Rebel and Ninnie who caught on with the controls of the video-devices quite quickly.

Zopierama and Barthomeu did not stop to see the fish again. Instead, with eyes pointed firmly to the floor, they hurried to the kitchen for some sustenance and away-time from the fishy bits. That was how they missed the discovery that Ninnie made about the bundle of light from the Walkabout sun that hit the crystal at a certain angle. They also missed the idea that Mikkie and Vinnie had to make a few crude bows and arrows to shoot some fish. The two in the kitchen only noticed that something out of the ordinary happened when the boat shuddered in an odd way.

Nilsie had taken Vinnie's bow and taken a pot luck shot at one of the light emitting orange fish overhead which was a success as he hit it, less of a success as the animal fell up to the deck bringing with it a good splash of water that hit the brave archers and an unbelievable amount of luck as the animal broke into a very strange burst of light that hit the crystal.

The effect of the light on the crystal unfolded over and around the ship, even around a few of the fish that were patrolling near it and then the ensemble disappeared. The sudden absence of the air bubble that held the ship caused a large amount of water to take its place, giving many of the huge fish close to it a free roller coaster experience. Three of the smaller fish were also grabbed by this fluke happening and ended up close enough to a few of their predators that the roller coaster experience fluidly changed into the experience of becoming lunch.

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