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   Chapter 27 The show, the show, Rebel likes the show

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 10091

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Towards mid-afternoon the Harmony Clan decided that they should go to Frank's Bar, to prepare for the musical evening. Rebel agreed that this was a good plan, so everyone took charge of carrying some musical things once everything had been lowered to the quay. Rebel then pulled up the ropes, went down to the cabin she had come into the evening before and jumped out of it, bumping into Barthomeu. They all laughed, as that was something nobody would have been able to predict.

With instruments hoisted on shoulders the group set off. Vinnie walked along with Rebel; he seemed confident in knowing where to go as well. As soon as they turned into the street where Frank's big bald face ornamented his bar, the progress of the group was severely hindered by a large group of people that was standing there.

"What's that?" Nilsie asked. "Did we miss a revolution?"

Rebel said she had no idea as there had not been any revolutions announced lately, so she pushed through the mass of people to Frank's Bar, where people were even more present. Sardines in tin cans would have appreciated their personal space, had they been able to see the crowd. Jirdie pushed a bit harder so he reached the bar where Frank was desperately trying to prevent people from pouring into the kitchen.

"Frank. What is all this?" the musician asked.

"Oh no, you're here!" was the very unexpected reply. "Now everything's going to blow up. All these folks are here to hear you and your friends!" Frank sounded, looked and acted desperate. "Somehow they heard of your performance here and since early this afternoon the street started filling up because, there is no more room in the bar. So how the hell did you get in here anyway?"

"I assume that Nilsie and and Vinnie threw some people out, " Jirdie shrugged.

"Is it possible for you all to go out and play some music there?" Frank asked. "I already have six people extra in the kitchen making more chickens on rafts than I care to see in my life because somehow they also know that you ate the stuff."

"We'll make something up, " Jirdie nodded. "Good luck. And have some chickens on rafts ready for us later!" He turned, told Mikkie to start pushing the other way and worked himself out of the overcrowded bar again, where he then conveyed to the others what Frank had told him.

"Where is Rebel?" Zopierama then asked. She distinctly remembered seeing the woman go in before Jirdie and Mikkie and only those two had come out. Just then Rebel stepped out through the window.

"Bloody crap, mate, " she growled, "that's insane!" Quickly she was filled in with what Jirdie had heard inside. "Right, " she then said, looking around. "Good luck finding a spot to stand here. And play music."

The crowd around them was slowly moving back and forth, so the crew pushed through the people again and found a more or less calm side-street to decide on the next move. That came from Barmotheu. He explained the plan, was called an insane turd initially (but he had heard worse in

them, " she said. "And something to eat as well."

Rebel agreed. "I have an idea. We get them food and things, and I will lower you on a rope and pull you back up. Do you trust me for that?"

Zopierama frowned at that thought. "Lower me?"

"Hey, I worked in construction, I'm strong enough and you're a lot smaller than I am, " Rebel said. Zopierama gave in. They put the food replicator to work and mere minutes later Zopierama had a sack with food and a few bottles of tea in her hands and a rope around her chest.

"Don't worry, it's going to be fine, " Rebel assured her as she helped the small woman climb onto the railing, which caused a lot of noise and commotion in the street far down.

"They probably think you're going to jump, " Rebel laughed as she took firm hold of the rope. "Come on, down you go and say hi to them from me."

Zopierama closed her eyes as she let herself slip from the ledge but she didn't fall. Rebel slowly lowered her and stopped as she heard Zopierama call out to her that she had arrived. Zopie placed the sacks with food as far to the centre of the platform as she could while she enjoyed the surprised faces from Vinnie and Mikkie. She blushed as Dimmie even blew her a kiss. The people in the street were clapping and dancing and shouting in an attempt to sing along. The noise was amazing and the musicians did not seem to be bothered by it at all, contrary to Carmolo who stood to the side with his fingers in his ears. Zopierama felt sorry for the man but she could not take him up with her, so she waved up to Rebel and started her ascent again.

"Wow, that went well!" Zopierama cheered as she was safely on deck again. "And in a way it was fun too!"

As the music stopped for a while and the band members feasted on the goods that she had delivered, Zopierama and Rebel went to the replicator, let it make an insane amount of 'chicken on a raft' and then they started tossing the greasy goodies down towards the public that roared over the free treat.

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