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   Chapter 26 Lago di Garda

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 7894

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A tremendous cheer rose up from a small bar in Bardolino, a small town at Lake Garda in Italy. Bardolino was becoming famous for its wine but the cheer was not about that, although wine was going around in large quantities. Everyone in the bar was proud of the fact that an Italian had won the 1965 edition of the famous bicycle race called Giro d'Italia. The fact that most competitors in the long race over many mountains were Italian was easily overlooked in the heat of the moment.

An impromptu song was started by many a drinker, praising Vittorio Adorni for his Italian legs, his bicycle and his Italian spirit. Due to the noise in the bar it was no problem that each singer went off on his or her own singing because everyone was happy and quite drunk.

June 6th was a day that several visitors to the bar would not forget quickly. These people were hardly ever drunk so they'd be hit by a massive hangover the next day. One of these people was the local postman, Maurizio Blunt. His father had owned a winery but Maurizio's inability to deal with the fumes and the plenitude of tastes had made his father decide to take Maurizio's cousin Alfredo in the company and send his son off to university. Maurizio had enjoyed the time away in Rome, because university life offered many a distraction from studying, but when the funding came to an end he returned to Bardolino with a lot of experiences and no diploma. Still people considered him a well educated person and so he assumed the title Doctor. Maurizio got used to the title quite quickly and after a year no one even remembered that his title was not official.

However, only a title, no matter how fake, did not present Maurizio Blunt with a steady income so he looked around for a job that let him get around, and so he ended up working for the Italian Mail service. As a postman.

Maurizio liked the Sundays best. They meant no mail, no work and a lot of time to wander around the lake where he liked to spend a lot of time. He often looked for old bits of everything, as he had become an avid tinkerer who could use almost anything to build something new. For that reason the barn with his house bulged with the most astonishing items, some of which actually looked nice be it useless. The majority of them however were still in need of the finishing touch according to their industrious maker

few days in every town, village or hole in the wall that he encountered. Those were good days, the postman thought to himself. Freedom and time to go everywhere he liked. He could not yet afford a car, which was good as he did not have a licence to drive one, so his bike was his means to get around.

His musings took him back to his student days in Rome. Oh, la bella Roma. And la bella Anastasia, and Sophia, and Linda. He would never forget Linda. Or was her name Belinda? It was close anyway. With a sigh he looked out over the expanse of water. What had the boy said? A falling star? And it had fallen into the lake? At the university Maurizio had sat in on a few astronomy classes so he thought himself to know a bit about that. If there had been a falling star in the lake the place would have been crawling with researchers by now, he was convinced of that. There was no star in there. That was just as likely as the Loch Ness monster suddenly popping up here.

The postman, now free of head-throbbing, bent down and picked up a small stone that he cast towards the lake. "There, monster, take that." Of course he did not have the strength to get the stone all the way to the lake but his imagination was satisfied. In some alternate dimension he would have slain a monster that was threatening the vineyards of Bardolino. As he was in that mood he looked up at the faraway moon and raised a warning finger. "And you better mind your own business. I'm still awake."

The moon continued to hang in the sky, silent as before, minding her own business, as before.

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