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   Chapter 25 Ninnie drives a hard bargain

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 11498

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Rebel still was astounded about the strangers' way of writing as she handed her letter to Frank with the request to mail it for her, which he promised to do. A few people came in and found a table in some odd corner as she looked at her second plate of food.

"Don't want it any more?" Nilsie asked, one hand already crawling to snatch the plate away.

She shrugged and started eating, the sheet with the silly dots next to her.

Ninnie, Vinnie and Mikkie then left their seats and walked through Frank's Bar, looking at the pictures on the walls, the nets and bottles hanging from the ceiling, and the odd collection of shells on a table in a corner. They called their Clan members over, so Zopierama, Barthomeu and the staff corporal sat by themselves, leaving Rebel to herself for a while.

"Interesting place, this, " Carmolo said.

"Yes. And fascinating habits, " Barthomeu said as he recalled the writing on the paper. "She must have recorded an incredible amount of information on that paper with these long lines."

"What are they doing?" Zopierama pointed at the Harmony Clan who were moving some tables to the side.

"Hey people, don't break anything!" Frank warned them as he too noticed some activity that wasn't supposed to take place, but when the group began to sing he looked very surprised. Rebel looked over her shoulder, and also the three others turned and watched and listened.

The Clan stood close together and sang a song in a language that only they understood, an old language of their home planet. The song told about the good old days and how the people had lost faith in so many things after losing contact with the soul of the planet and nature. Ninnie's clear voice rang out while the others became quieter as she sang about the few people who saw what had to be done, how to do it and actually doing it, which returned the people to the good life. The song ended with a refrain about how the children of the children of these people should heed the efforts of their ancestors.

As the song ended, the Clan stood quietly as the song never failed to touch their hearts. The others from the crew were also quiet, for the simple reason that they were not certain that the song had ended. Frank had a cleaning cloth in his hand and wiped his cheeks.

"Something wrong with you?" Carmolo asked, who had noticed Frank's tears.

"No, all is fine. It's just that the song is so beautiful, " Frank said as he blew his nose. "Do these people know more songs? Do you think they want to come over one night and sing for the customers?"

"I think you should ask them, not us, " the staff corporal advised the barkeeper. "We don't sing."

Rebel walked over to the three. "Perhaps that is not a very good idea, " she said. "There sometimes are navy and airforce people here."

"They must like music too, " Zopierama said. "They sing really nice."

"Don't you understand what I say? Remember that the navy and the airforce were looking for us? What if they find us here? They only need to grab us by the scruff and drag us off to the slammer."

Zopierama looked at the woman in the brown leather suit for a long time. "Could you please explain in more common words what you just said?" she then asked. "Just the last words." Rebel did so, slowly and using words that did not leave any room for doubt. "Oh. I understand now. A slammer on our old home is something very different." Her cheeks coloured re

to the hull and disappeared inside. The wall of the ship was so thick that she could not hear the stunned outcries, but she grinned because she could imagine the surprise on the faces of her new friends who had never seen her do this until now. Quickly she dashed out of the cabin that she had ended up in and through the corridor. Soon she had tied ropes to handles and the first three Clan members were coming up, as fast as if they never did otherwise.

As Nilsie came over the edge, he grinned widely at Rebel. "Seeing you go through that hull as if you are a ghost was really incredible!" Then he yelled down for someone to grab the rope and started pulling.

It was a rather odd form of coming aboard but it worked well. As they all weree together again, Zopierama and Barthomeu offered to get some drinks that they could enjoy on deck, as the evening weather was balmy with only a slight breeze that carried a faint scent of herbs along. Rebel admitted she did not know where that came from when asked.

A few Clan members arranged chairs from the dining hall and soon the group sat on deck in a wide circle, holding drinks, feet stretched out and talking about everything they had experienced in their mutual adventure so far. Simply sitting together, talking and getting to know each other created a bond among the people from the different galaxies and times which was unlike anyone had ever seen. The reason for this was that they were the very first group to do this, even if they had no idea of that.

When the night had progressed and the temperature decided to become unbalmy, everyone shared a yawn and wished each other a good night. Soon the deck was empty except for the abandoned chairs which would go nowhere, so that was fine.

No one from the special group of friends knew that over a dozen centuries before, in and over the other hemisphere, a strange sighting had been done of what appeared to be a small meteor or asteroid falling through the higher layers of the atmosphere of this very same planet. The strange object had even glowed brightly when it entered the lower air layers and then disappeared from the view of telescopes. As it was a one off event nobody paid much attention to it as no damage had been done and the object proved impossible to find.

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