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   Chapter 21 Welcome to Greater Darwin

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 9213

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Rebel found herself in a dry compartment. She lay on her back and stared at a white ceiling. To her left was a wooden block that turned out to be some kind of bed as she sat up. Water poured away from her as she rose, her leather clothes dark and feeling highly unpleasant. "So that works too, " she told herself, squeezing excess moisture from her hair. The cabin was decently sized, had a window that was not a real window but a display, and a door with a shining brass handle which very easily allowed her entry to the adjacent corridor. To the left were doors. Many doors. To the right there were even more doors. "What the hell did I get myself into?" the woman wondered. The answer came as down the hall to the left a door opened and two people emerged from a cabin.

Barthomeu had noticed an abnormality in the number of people on board that was displayed on their screen. The number had gone up by one for no obvious reason. The cameras did not show anyone from the nearby boat having climbed on board, yet the system insisted that another person was now on board. A quick scan revealed that the person was in a cabin not far from theirs so he took a small hammer, the only weapon he had thought of to take with him, and together with Zopierama he stepped into the corridor.

"Who are you?" all three people asked simultaneously.

"And why are you so wet?" Zopierama added.

Carmolo also stepped into the corridor and looked at the wet woman in her brown leather outfit. "Who's that?"

All the talking in the corridor meant that the entire Harmony Clan also appeared, so there was quite a bit of looking and asking.

"You should reply first, " Donna decided. "I'm from here and you are visitors. Or intruders. Or so."

"You are on our ship so you are the visitor. I think you should tell us who you are first, " Carmolo immediately cast back at her.

"Anyone on board? Show yourself!" The words came from outside. Donna looked puzzled. She had heard that before, hadn't she? Even before she had gone into the water.

"If you do not show yourselves, we will be forced to board your vessel!"

"What is this place?" Donna asked. "He said that before I swam over to this boat!"

"He? You know who is out there?" Barthomeu asked.

"Yes. It's the police and they want to know what's going on here. Like I do."

Carmolo suggested they should go to the deck and have a look. The members of the Clan were all in favour. Some of them flexed arms and balled hands into fists. Barthomeu hoped this encounter would not end in a brawl, as that was probably not the best way to introduce oneself to a new city on a new world. Once on the deck they saw the police boat slowly going around the ship. Everyone on deck looked at Barthomeu and his gi

rwin because they had the name first. If we go there we should be safe for a while but only if we sail in over water. You see what arriving through the air does for your anonymity."

"We had to find out where we are, " Carmolo said and introduced himself and his two friends from his world. The Clan people who were present then all said their names. Rebel's face betrayed that it would take a while before she could remember all of them and put the right name with the right person except for Ninnie.

"So... do we go to Darwin?" Zopierama asked from behind the console.

Rebel frowned. "Maybe Walkabout would be better. See, I'm from Greater Darwin, and since Darwin hates everything from Greater and Smaller Darwin, we're brought up to hate everything that's even remotely connected to Darwin."

Nilsie scratched his head. "Can you say that again? Isn't that all Darwin anyway?"

"Let me make it simple. Fly north-west, get to the ocean, set the ship down and from there we'll go to Walkabout." Rebel brushed the now drying hair to the side, caught her fingers in a tangle and yelped. "Damn."

"I see no reason not to, " Zopierama shrugged. "Anyone against?" Since nobody had a better idea, she turned the bow of the ship north-west and while gaining altitude the black ship sailed off. At the same time below them the Oz Marine prepared a gunship to follow them over water and a few jets were prepared on a far-away flight-base to pursue the strange ship through the air. This of course fired up the old feud between the Marines and the Flight people who both constantly wanted to prove that they were the best, the fastest and the meanest in their subsequent territory. Which was ridiculous as one could not compare a modern jet to a modern marine frigate, just as comparing an ancient jet to an ancient frigate was silly.

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