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   Chapter 20 Drone Down

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 9991

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"What's it doing there?" Donna wondered.

"Hanging, " Stan said the only thing that made sense.

"I have to see this up close, " Rebel declared. She stepped through the wire that was meant to hold people in, fell down as fast as she could and as she was on the ground she started running towards the harbour, which proved quite a lot further away than she had thought. Panting she joined the crowd of people that had already gathered at the waterfront, and stared up at the strange apparition that still was in the same place.

"Where did it come from?" she asked.

"Dunno, it just was there when I looked, " said a woman clad in red next to her. "First I thought it was a big bird but birds don't come with sails, do they?"

"Sorry, I don't know much about birds, " Donna said as she peered at the oddity over the harbour. "Just that they come with wings, and that thing has none."

By then a few security drones had risen up into the air and were heading towards the ship. Soon there would be some video available, Donna knew, so she already looked around for a public video screen. As she did so a few people yelled out, making her turn back to the ship and the lack of drones. "Where did they go?" she asked.

"They fell down, " someone explained, "and hit the water."

"Can't be, " Donna stated. She was not a tech wizard but these drones were hard to get rid of, let alone that they simply malfunctioned or someone could disable them and make them crash. As she tried to understand what had happened, the black ship slowly lowered itself and gently touched down on the water where it remained. There did not seem to be anyone on it as far as Donna could see from this distance. She suddenly wished she could jump to the ship to learn what was going on there but her ability to move only worked from heights. That gave her an idea. Donna pushed her way through the layers of spectators that had built up quickly behind her and found the nearest high building. She went inside and located a tube that could transport her up. No need to go very high, she just needed a place where she could walk through the wall without upsetting too many people and then fall down. Luck was with her. On the fifth floor she found a secluded nook, and a window from where she could spot a glimpse of the ship in the harbour. "Okay, Rebel. This is a first. Make it memorable, " she told herself.

After a deep breath she stepped through the wall, being aware of going through it as usual and then starting the fall. She closed her eyes and focussed on the strange black ship, hoping she would end her fall there. It would even be worth falling on her back or so. When there was something solid beneath her feet she opened her eyes. She stood in front of the building she had just fallen from. "Drat."

As her curiosity did not ease, she walked back to the harbour where she saw a police boat being readied to investigate the black sailing ship. Taking a big chance she ran to the boat, someh

an hour was staggering, and indicated speeds beyond anything they could comprehend, so they pointed the cameras downwards and had a closer look at the new environment they hovered over.

"There are people down there, " Zopierama quickly observed.

"And balls coming up, " Barthomeu pointed out the two spheres that flew up towards the ship. "I wonder what those are."

Zopierama sat up as Carmolo came in. "They are sending up drones, " the staff corporal told them. "Strange ones but they are investigative robot-drones for certain."

"Are you sure?"

The man tapped the badge on his chest. "I'm military. I know these things." There was little they could argue against so the two then asked what they should do. "We'll let them come and have a look at us, I'd say. Then they see we don't mean them any harm. We don't, do we?" Even staff corporals had to make sure.

"Of course we don't. Let's go outside and look at these things."

The three went out on deck. They were just in time to see how some hidden automatic system of the ship rendered the two drones useless. The two spheres plummeted down and left nice splashes in the water.

"Oh. Uhm. Sorry!" Barthomeu called down even though no one there could hear him.

"Not going well, is it?" Dimmie asked. The Clan was on deck too and had witnessed the downfall of the drones.

"Not really."

"Maybe we can land the ship and show them we don't mean any harm, " Zopierama suggested.

The staff corporal agreed, but also suggested that they take cover during the landing. "Just in case they don't understand our peaceful meanings at first, " he explained. "Let them make the first move." Carmolo felt a bit of pride that these civilians, even the tall ones from the Clan, agreed with him.

Barthomeu and Zopierama programmed the ship to descend, redirected the camera-hookups to the monitors in the cabins and then everyone took shelter. By the time every door was closed the ship was on its way down to the harbour.

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