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   Chapter 9 Strange languages and old tech

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 12919

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"Nobody move, " Sunser said as he reached for a portable scanner, thus disregarding his own order. He scrutinised the read-outs and relaxed as the data conveyed that there was no danger. "Okay. Just some old machines that came online."

Zopierama leaned over Barthomeu's shoulder, her cheek almost touching his. She closed her eyes to fight off the strange sensation that came over her like a confusion but one that she would welcome very much. Shifting her head a bit she put to memory that they should try this again in private. "I wonder if there is something like a video log that we can access here, " she said after regaining control of her vocal chords. With force she pushed a few buttons. The crude screen flickered and an image came on. The two geeks instinctively and rapidly backed away from it as the snout of some hideous creature came into view. Audio clearly was operational because raw sounds filled the cabin.

"Turn that down or off!" Zopierama begged, holding her palms over her ears. "It sounds as if someone's being killed!"

Barthomeu bravely dove at the console and slapped a button at random. The noise stopped and the image changed. The people in the cabin saw a huge metal man, resembling a robot, stagger through a room with many angry-looking devices.

"That is the engine room, " Sunser explained, "we have that shut down and declared off limits as it is considered dangerous."

A few grunts erupted from the screen, followed by a man's voice. He spoke in a language they did not understand but his voice was gentle and melodious. "It is almost as if he is singing, " Barthomeu grinned, "he must enjoy his job." They did not know of course that they were watching a recording of Ammer the Amandian, as he was attempting to repair the rudder and the controller that had been smashed by a shot from the police cruiser in a galaxy far, far away.

Sunser scratched his cheek. "This is peculiar. We have examined and scanned the entire ship but we never discovered that metal thing." He made a note of that fact. Perhaps it was worth pursuing.

"I wish I knew what he said, " Zopierama sighed. "It sounds very nice indeed."

Sunser then asked the two geek people to see what they could get from the ship's data banks and recordings, make copies of everything and report to him when it all was done. Barthomeu pulled the recorder from his short's pocket; his boss had already instructed him to take one. He clicked the little device onto the console and tapped the record mark on the tiny display. That was all there was to it. The device was made to interrogate unknown technology and extract any information. It did not have any problems with the basic concepts that these instruments were based on, so a mere ten minutes later the recorder already beeped that its work was done. Barthomeu then made another copy for his personal files. It was fun to own such material even though it probably was no use to anyone. Just the thrill of having it, knowing it came from somewhere unknown, probably millions of parsecs away, was enough

When all that was achieved the two geeks had no idea how to switch off the ship's systems. Pushing the small lever had no effect, and turning it without the required knob was too much for their bare fingers, so they left things the way they were. Zopierama and Barthomeu put on their sunglasses and left the bridge in, search of Sunser whom they found at the back of the ship, peering into an insanely long corridor.

"Have you ever seen that?" Sunser asked the two as he slipped the offered recording device in a pocket of his coat.

Zopierama, special geek to Barthomeu that she was, opened her little purse and took out a spectro-view-o-magic. The magic in its name was because nobody exactly knew how it was made. The device had been invented by someone at a space laboratory. While the inven


Sunser was making more notes. "Would you happen to know which religion this would be a sign of?"

Zopierama stared at him. This man was an idiot. The ship came from who knew where and he asked these dumb details that no one could know. "No."

"Too bad. Details are crucial in important finds like this one." Sunser decided to invent a name for the missing religion. It always looked good to appear very informed. "Very well. I think I know enough. For now we shall return to our workplaces. This means that I go to my office and you two will stay here."

"Uhm - what?"

Sunser had already planned a few things. He thought it best to assign the two geeks to supervising the work on the ship and make them stay on board as much as possible. That way details that he might adjust a bit would not be spoilt by these two. It would also give him some control over them and whom they talked to, as geeks like those would blabber their news and knowledge all over the place. "I am putting you two in charge of the work that is to be done here. since you seem to be experts on the matter."

"Experts? There are no experts on-" Barthomeu began, but Sunser Rozarian cut him off.

"Trust me, sir, I know experts when I see them. You will have plenty of workforce to direct, and I will have some decent computers installed here that you can use to communicate with me directly. If you can start inventorying everything that you want removed and contact your people to ready one of the warehouses you mentioned, I'd be very obliged." Oh yes, Sunser knew how to word-play people and geeks.

Barthomeu's heart felt a tinge of pride. Someone official calling him 'sir' was new, and he liked the ring of it. Usually he was called far less flattering names and he dreaded to think of the names that his Zopie was called when they were not around. He looked at his girlfriend and reached for her hand. "Do you think we can do this?"

Zopierama hesitated for a moment but when she saw the look on his face she nodded. "We can do this."

"Fantabulous, " said the official. "Let's get started. I'll leave you to the job. Here s a card with my access numbers." He gave them the plastic chip. Then, with a smile, he turned and marched to where the lifting platform waited to take him to the safe surface of the harbour. These geeks, he knew, were great once you gave them something to do.

"Oh, sir?" Barthomeu called after Sunser who turned with a questioning look on his face. "Can you inform our boss about our new assignment?"

"Certainly, don't you worry, " Sunser nodded.

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