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   Chapter 8 The Thunderbrick

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 10979

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The sun was about to set over a tiny planet. On the planet (it had so many names that it will remain nameless) one of the hobby-astronomers lazily peered up into the sky through the electronic telescope, something he usually did on evenings. The faint ring from the viewer he constantly had around his left eye was witness to that and he regarded it to be a medal. Next to him sat his girlfriend, as much a sky-gazing geek as he was, looking through her own electronic telescope. As a matter of their friendship she always looked through her right eye so they'd always have kind of matching rings around their eyes. Both of them worked as computer geeks at the space centre not far from the village.

"Do you think it will be another quiet evening, my dear?" the geek man asked.

"I hope so, my dear. Evenings where things are out of the ordinary tend to confuse me, " the she-geek replied.

The geek man, whose name was Barthomeu, grinned. "I spy with my electronic eye, " he started the game they used to play, as he swept the huge telescope over the darkening sky to determine what he was going to spy. "Something beginning with... oh my god what the hell is that?"

The geek-girl, her name was Zopierama, took her eye from the viewer. "You are cheating, my dear. There is nothing out there that starts with oh my god what the hell is that."

Barthomeu sent the coordinates of his telescope to hers through the computer. "Look for yourself."

She looked. "Oh my god what the hell is that?"

"Indeed." Barthomeu took his communicator and without the need to look at his fingers dialled the number of his chief. "Chief. I am sending coordinates. You have to see this." He flipped the comm to speaker mode and soon they heard "Oh my god what the hell is that?"

"We don't know either but we thought it's worth looking into."

Through the telescope they saw a strange bright light which slowly increased in size and brightness. There was no star in that spot of the sky, both Barthomeu and Zopierama knew that. It was also a strange place for a space vessel to cruise. The conclusion therefore was that something particular was happening.

"I am sorry that our game-night is being disrupted, my dear, " Barthomeu apologised to his girlfriend.

"Huh? What?" Zopierama sounded very confused and looked around as if she was in their apartment for the first time.

Meanwhile the manager of the two hobby-astronomer geeks had alerted the military, navy, air force and several of his friends about the anomaly that was appearing over their tiny planet. This meant that almost half the population was aware of it. Jets were sent up in a show of force, even though they could not even reach half the altitude where the anomaly was still unfolding, but that was beside the point. Anything up there should know that this tiny place had teeth and was not afraid to show them, even if most of the force should be classified as dentures.

Aboard one of the tired but not yet retired jets, the pilot contacted one of the research stations that orbited the planet. "Hey Bornabus, are you out there?"

"Well well, prattling Pavartus, why are you in your flying coffin so late?" Bornabus commented from the space-probe station.

"We got kicked up by the boss, " Pavartus said. "Some

ain I did, so get out of here before I have someone carry you away, " the officer said.

"My boss told us to come here because he wants us to help him understand the ships instruments. If we leave as you order us we can't do that. This tells me that you have not spoken with my boss and therefore you are trying to error-trap us into a false subroutine with incorrect parameters."

"Uh?" The security agent was not trained for this.

Barthomeu held Zopierama's hand and then decided to take a step towards the ship. She followed. Good. That gave him the courage to further ignore the officer and so they walked to the small platform that was installed to carry people onto the ship, as there was no other simple way to get to the deck.

They were welcomed by a round man with fidgety fingers and glasses that continuously crept off his nose. "My name is Sunser Rozarian. You must be the geek folk, right? As sent by space control command?"

Zopierama nodded to put the man at ease. As long as he stayed calm she would not be confused. He proved calm enough.

"Very well. Follow me." Sunser turned on his heel and paced to a set of stairs that led up to a wooden cabin built on a platform.

"I like the sails, " Zopierama giggled as she pointed to the red cloth that gently moved in the soft warm breeze that came from the desert. Then they walked up the stairs and entered the small cabin where they faced the famously ancient, near impossible instruments of the people who had originally crafted this strange vessel.

"Was everything off when they found it?" Barthomeu asked as he took off his sunglasses.

"Yes, it was the way you see it here."

The geek man sat down in an odd contraption that had to be a chair. He grinned as he thought of what kind of monster would have sat in it. He looked over the console, his fingers tracing the outline of the large buttons. "This looks sturdy enough for people to pound their fists on, " he remarked. Then he noticed a tiny lever at the top of a row of knobs. "Hmmm." He tried to turn the little lever, which did not move. He then pushed it. After the click a soft whirr filled the cabin, as the ancient machinery came to life.

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