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   Chapter 7 Crystal, crystal on the deck

The Story of the Mimosa By Paul Kater Characters: 12097

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"Turn it back, " someone in the dark demanded.

"I am turning but it doesn't work." Limso frantically twiddled the knob, making many clicking noises with it until a snapping noise ended the clicking. "Uh oh."

"Don't tell me..." someone warned the unfortunate man who held the knob in his hand.

"I doubt I need to, " Limso admitted. He tried another knob, but that did nothing. Throwing caution into the black spatial wind around them, he touched, pressed and turned every knob he could find, but nothing he did brought solace: the bridge remained dark, as did the console and the monitors.

"At least we're going in the right direction. Right?" a woman asked.

"Wrong, " another voice made her hope crumble. "We were still deciding what the right direction was."

"So where are we going?"

"Beats me, but from the look of stars racing by we're going there fast."

After some more random commenting Zotte decided that a few people had to go out to the bow and see if they saw something that looked familiar or at least inviting. These people could then call out to the bridge to go more left, right, up or down. That was considered an excellent plan until the three people on the bow decided that all those distant stars looked alike.

"I think we should just pick one and go there, " someone suggested.

"Which one?"

Assisted by the deck lights that still were on, the man pointed. "That one."

"Hmm. Looks bloody far away to me. I'd take that one."

"That is what I'm pointing at, you idiot."

"It is not and I'm not an idiot. I point to the one left of the one you're pointing at."

Number three on the bow did not follow the squabble. Her eyes were on a strange light that seemed to move through space in an odd manner. "Hey guys... what's that?" At first the noisy two didn't hear her but a kick against a leg brought the desired change. "What's that?"

All three looked at the light that weaved itself through the darkness that was everywhere. The bright something came closer and closer.

"We should perhaps go down to the deck..."

They turned as they heard Limso call out from the stairs to the bridge, asking if they knew what that light was. None of the Amandians would ever know because the strange light was closer than they had assumed and a gasp later it hit the crystal that was so prominently mounted on the front deck.


The stray fireball had travelled through space for quite a while. Being thrown out of a supernova many light-years away, it had seen lots of star systems, burnt through a good number of atmospheres (eliminating magnificent civilisations as it did so) and found its demise in the large crystal. The remarkable crystalline structure of the object absorbed the entire fireball and shifted phase through several consecutive (and so far undiscovered and therefore unexplained) laws of physics. The wooden frame that the crystal was mounted in transmorphed into an odd kind of metal which acted as an amplifier and dispersed most of the sudden energy into the strange wood of the Black Flower.

The ensemble reached an immediate state of superconductivity so rapidly that the surrounding nothingness imploded into itself, sucking the ship into the anti-space vortex that was generated. As the console on the bridge of the ship was non-functional, the systems were not able to compensate for the sudden change in atmospheric harmony, which caused all air and gravity to disappear. This in turn made the occupants of the ship disappear as well, as they were now submitted to the power of the non-space vortex. No body, not even that of a dead Landari

Queen resisted the urge to throw a spoon full of pea soup at him.

As that went about, the Princess skipped along a corridor where she was not allowed to go. It was not hard to find one of those as she was only allowed to go to her rooms on the ship and from there to the eating chamber and the bathroom. She pressed her cute little nose against one of the windows until her nose did not look cute any more, when she heard a sound behind her. As Princess Daswina turned around, she saw a little puff of smoke hovering at shoulder height and a small thing fell from it. She caught it in her hand. The smoke disappeared. The Princess stepped close to the window again and inspected what she had caught. "Oh, how funny. It's a little boat!"

The tiny thing looked very fragile so she held it between thumb and index finger. She didn't know where it came from, and honestly didn't care. She was just happy with her new little toy. The details on the little ship were amazing. It even had tiny red sails on its three masts, and a quaint little shiny thing in the front! A few voices drifted her way, so Daswina closed her hand over the black treasure and ran along the corridor, squeezing tears from her eyes just in case. If someone found her, she could always say she had gotten lost.

Luckily she reached her bedroom without being caught. She filled a glass with water and carefully lowered the tiny black ship into it. To her delight it floated as a real ship. She clapped her hands for joy and looked at the little boat for a while longer. When the water didn't move any more the boat stopped bobbing. Princess Daswina put the glass on her bedside table and sat down on her bed. There was this book she wanted to read before going to sleep. Princess Daswina switched on the light over her bed. The beam fell on the glass of water and caught the little reflective crystal, which shone so brightly for a moment that it attracted the Princess' attention. As she watched, a puff of smoke enveloped the little ship. Suddenly the smoke was gone. It disappeared so quickly that the glass shattered and the water seeped over the night stand and onto the floor.

Stupefied the Princess stared at the mess. Then she poked through the shards of glass to find that the little ship had really gone. After that, annoyed that her toy had left her, she called for a servant to clean up the water and fetch her a new glass.

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