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   Chapter 28 November th.

The Devil's Diary By Paul Kater Characters: 7451

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Dear diary.

Things were really going crazy today at one given point. The day started off quietly, without any special things happening. Maurice was in, Nafaru called and said she would like to see me somewhere during the day, and there was a message from the Glor-y-hus people telling how much they appreciated their new afterlife area. I decided to go there again today and see how things were going.

Then it started. I was at work in the office, minding my own business as usual (which is a lot since everything here is my business), when suddenly Gabriel walks in. Now he does that more often, but not with a bag over his shoulder, flattening one of his wings in the process. So I looked at him and asked what he had brought.

He was surprised in turn and said that it was the bag with old gold stuff that I had asked for.

"But, " I said, "we already got that, didn't we?" I pointed at the bag in the corner.

Gabe shook his head and told me that was not from him. "Do you think I would haul all this in if I knew you already got it?"

He had a point there...

Gabe put down the bag he had brought and opened it. I dragged up the bag from the corner and opened that. Both contained a lot of gold stuff, but according to Gabe the bag that I had contained objects that were a lot newer than the things he had brought in. Then it dawned on me that perhaps that bag had been delivered by the Russian Mafia guys. This called for a brandy of course, there is only so much gold a brain can take without liquid support. We decided to examine the contents of both bags a bit more thoroughly. There was a lot of nice things in them, I have to say that.

As we were going about that business, I explained to Gabe that the other bag had probably gotten in by means of the Russian Mafia. He was surprised to hear that these guys were active here. I just could not understand how they had gotten inside the house with Maurice and me gone. With no one in, the house is sealed and the offices doubly so, but that is a mystery to solve later. With most of the office floor covered in gold, with the two empty bags in the middle as demarcation lines, we sat, drank and looked at the stuff.

"It looks like you can get your bag fi

in the bag, although at that moment I could not be sure. Only later I could be sure. After Pete had left I got in touch with Gabriel who showed up in the early afternoon. Being helpful, I had asked Maurice to put the remaining stuff in the other bag, so Gabe could quickly take it out, but as Gabe came in and examined the bag, he voiced my thoughts: "It looks as if there is far less in that bag than when I brought it in..."

He looked at me. I looked at him. We both looked at Maurice. Maurice had no one else to look at, so he started back at us blankly and said that he had NOT taken anything. Which I could vouch for since he had put things in the bag when only he and I were present.

"Hmm..." I said, "you don't suppose that Peter..." I did not finish my sentence.

"No way!" Gabe said.

Maurice kept silent, not chancing to say anything wrong.

I turned to the bottle of scotch. It was empty. Hmm. "Cognac anyone? I think this calls for a toast..."

Before he left, Gabe tried to make me promise that I would not let out a word of this. Fat chance. I am, after all, the devil. But I assured him, on my gentleman's honour, that I would not bring it out into the open unneeded. Good thing I am not always a gentleman. Knowledge is power, after all, and what good is knowledge you can't use? That was all the excitement for the day, so far. Nafaru called again, saying that she expects me at her domicile later on. I may not be home again until a bit later... I hope!

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