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   Chapter 26 November th.

The Devil's Diary By Paul Kater Characters: 6457

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Dear diary.

Well well, wasn't that the day today. Had to get up very early. It was not dark anymore outside, but I'll be damned if I could not see the night drag its dark ass around the corner.

I was not sure what the proper clothes were for meeting the newcomers, so I chose black trousers with matching shoes and a dark purple, high collar sweater, to fit in with the colours of the Glor-y-hus. A smart dark grey short jacket completed my outfit.

As I was getting myself all dressed up, there was a knock on the door and Nafaru came in. Was I pleased to see her! She was wearing a long white flowing dress, showing a LOT of cleavage. It almost went down to her belly button, and I had not believed it had I not seen it myself. She looked stunning, and I had to tell her that of course.

She had done something with her black hair. It looked even blacker, with a dark blue shine over it. In it she wore a few simple silver jewels that made her look like a goddess. Eat your heart out, Minerva!

I quickly swung by the computer to see if the Glor-y-hus had already sent a note about a brighter sun but there was nothing yet. I made sure I had the remote control with me, and then we walked out to the front of the house, where I called a few wind demons. Xiao Fung came, with his lady partner Ching Guo. He carried me, Ching carried Nafaru, and very quickly we arrived at the desert that had been prepared for the Glurphs. Glor-y-hus, I mean.

"Just let us know when you need a ride back, " Xiao said and then Ching and he took off. Probably to do something naughty, judging from their laughter.

Nafaru and I stepped through the short boundary patch of land, into the reddish light. The sun was already becoming brighter and redder.

"Interesting place, " Nafaru said as she let her eyes drift over the area.

We were walking towards the arrival cave, which was a mere ten minute walk. It turned out that we were pe

ff today. This is a thing that I have mixed feelings about... On the day he is gone there is much less to do. But the day after that there usually is much more business than on a regular day... I sometimes wonder if I should worry about that development, as it is obvious what's happening... In the afternoon Petrov called. He had talked to some of the other overseers and none of them had a problem with the inflow of new operators.

"At first, Billjitsj, " he said, "there were some that wanted to put restrictions on them. I promised them that the new people would not need that. And I also had to promise them that they would regret it if they would persist in their opinions. This promise cleared the road, Billjitsj."

I told Petrov that I was proud of him and that there would be a reward near his house soon.

After the call I promptly put a note next to Maurice's computer to see to that reward, leaving it up to him what it will be. He has a better record of what has gone that way than I do. There was nothing special scheduled for the day, so I hardly did anything, except hang in the hammock a bit, get the occasional drink and waiting for something to happen. In vain. This was not an afternoon worth having again. Nor an evening. I am turning in early. Alone. Blegh.

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