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   Chapter 24 November th.

The Devil's Diary By Paul Kater Characters: 8877

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Dear diary.

I had my day off. I wanted to go to Earth again for a change. I had asked Nafaru if she wanted to come along, and she accepted.

It was kind of interesting last evening, to see her go about her poison lessons. There were quite a few souls interested in making and using poisons. It made me feel good that the selection system at intake works well. The ones that are sent here are definitely here for a good reason!! I am not much into poisons myself, but that is because I have traits and ways that are better to those things. Spending the evening with Nafaru though, while she was doing what she does so well- okay, not that, but something else too, was really nice.

Even though I should not say this, the day we spent together was heaven for me, with her by my side all the time! Usually, when I head over to Earth, I envision a theme. Of course the theme has to do with the Devil, Hell or something like that. This day I had chosen the Illuminati.

Nafaru had dressed in something comfortable that made her figure show very well. It already knew before we left that it would be very hard to keep my eyes on the day off and not on her all the time, but I think I did quite well, considering. Before we took off to Earth, I told Nafaru that I have a few nice and special powers there that I am liberally employing when I am there. She had to know, so she would not be scared or shocked.

Maurice knew where I was going, he was going to mind the shop, and he had my emergency number. One can never be too far away from a responsibility like my job, you know. So I put my arm around Nafaru's waist (holding her hand would have done, but why spoil something good!) and we teleported to the Earth.

We first appeared in the White House on the northern American continent. The good thing about being a devil is that the Earth people can't see me unless I want to. And there I did not want them too. And as long as Nafaru was taken there by me, she too would only become visible if I chose to. I explained where we were.

"Ah. That is nice, I guess. And why are we here?" she asked.

I told her that I was on the lookout for people that are known to use a hand signal that on this planet is called the Illuminati hand-sign of the Devil.

As I said that, a smile came to her face. "Ah... Of course. You devil!"

"I heard that the guy who is running this place is making a mess of it. But that is not the issue for me. I'll be seeing him around. Rumour has it that he is quite often making this hand-sign." I showed her what it looked like. "So that is reason for me to have a look at that guy. He should be here somewhere. Come, let's

oup had its roots in Freemasonry, not a bad group of people. They were trying to do things political, inside and outside the country. The last bit cost them their credibility. They were getting somewhere that some high official did not like and he forbid the Perfectibilists to show themselves. It speaks for itself that they went underground, of course.

Nafaru was quite entertained by this time jumping business and wanted to know if I could show her how to do it.

"No my dear wench, " I told her, "this is something only people from the other plains can do. Guys like the Archangels and me. Some of the Fallen Angels also know how to do it, although they are not allowed to practice it outside their area."

She was clearly disappointed, but she's an Egyptian princess and I am the devil. There is a difference. I made her feel better though, by taking her back to the time just after she had lived. Nafaru wanted to go back to the time that she was still alive, but I can't do that. I would want it, but when I try to do things like that, they just don't work. Must be something behind it, maybe I will figure that out someday.

We visited the place where her body was put inside a small pyramid. She was glad that she had been buried in one, as the tradition was getting less and less practised.

"Better a small pyramid than no pyramid at all, " she said with a satisfied smile.

After that little tour around her time in Egypt we got a bit peckish. I estimated that it had to be past lunchtime already, so I proposed we'd get the hell out of there (haha, that is funny!) and get something to eat. We did both. And then we went on to do the things that we have become good at. You will have to wait for my memoires to learn what things those are. Hah.

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