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   Chapter 22 November nd.

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Dear diary.

Did we have an interesting day again! Waking up in a pyramid is interesting, believe me. It makes for an interesting night too, and I felt reborn even if we did not have much time to sleep through the night. Nafaru said she felt really good too.

Dinner at Sheol's place was amazing. Sheol, as it is originally designed, is a place that is far away from humanity, away from any warmth and comfort. But the manager of this place really did his best (and succeeded) in making it a very nice restaurant despite the environment. Candles, colourful lights, nicely laid tables and everyone who works there is cheerful and friendly.

The menu was very good, very well taken care of and there is something for everyone's taste. The manager, Moshe, got us a table with a view of a lake, near the fireplace. The theme of the evening was green, so he had arranged for mainly green flames in the fire, which gave things a nice touch. Even the Yukh, which actually is just chicken soup, was coloured green. They must have used plenty of green food stuff for that! Then we had a good deal of onion-noodle kugl. Balls of onions and noodles, of course, and with that they had a special kind of meat loaf. They ended our dinner with Onyk Leykekh, a kind of cake with a lot of honey, sugar and walnuts. It really was a good dinner, and a very nice experience. Maybe we'll go there again.

The only thing that was a bit of a downturn to the evening was when we walked back to Nafaru's place. A bunch of ghouls from I don't know where was making a lot of noise and pretending to be very dangerous. I told them that they should make themselves scarce, but they were not easily impressed. They just started their howling even louder. Telling them who I was did not impress them either. Well, I can sort of understand that, as I don't really look like who they would expect. So I took the phone and called Ramon, asking him if he could come over to scare a few idiots.

Now Ramon may be a twit about some things, but if there is scaring to do, he is always the first one there to help. So Nafaru and I endured the howling for few more minutes and then a large fiery ball thundered down towards us.

"Hi Ramon, " I said as he had materialised out of the fire. "There they are."

His appearance alone had already made them stop their crying and hooting, but as Ramon started his scary tactics, they almost fell apart. Nafaru was impressed by Ramon's way of doing things.

"He is a very handsome man, " she trusted herself to say.

I informed her that she could look all she wanted, but that Ramon is as gay as they come. Nafaru smiled, hooked her arm through mine and said that it was okay. She just appreciated something nice to look at. Then we walked off to, in the end, the sleeping-pyramid.

I had my doubts that Beau would show up with the virtual software thing, as he had had such strange problems with his humming cabinets the day before. When I left, he was looking rather unsettled. But, to my surprise and delight he did come in in the morning, his H-book under his arm.

"Hey Bill, " he said, "I did get things to work again yesterday!" He looked mighty pleased with that fact, so I told him I thought that was great and all that.

Perhaps I was a bit too enthusiastic in my wording, because he first spent ten minutes explaining what he had done, what had gone wrong and what he did then to make things hum again. Okay, it took ten minutes, but he was happy and I learnt a bunch of nice words again that I can use to baffle people. Beauregard then fired up the H-book and was fumbling with it, to load the virtual software thing.

In that time I looked at the messages. There was a short note from the Glurphs with a proposal for the contract they want to settle. I sent that on to the lawyer-bunch. Let them squeeze all the air out of it and make sure things will be good. Then Beau was ready and he hooked his notebook up to the big monitor. He punched up something, clickety-clicked here and there, and then there was a patch of land on the monitor. Very spiffy indeed.

I described the general landscape that I had seen in the desert and Beauregard did the work on the computer to make it look as good as possible. The effect was quite good, I must say. Then we took my notes about the wishes the Glurphs had uttered and he started to work on rocks, boulders and other stuff, and after an hour or so later we were looking at something that could be close to perfect for the Glurphs.

The software is really amazing. Beau was able to make us walk through the bouldered-up area, look at everything from every angle you can think of and he could also resize and reshape everything with the move of the computer-mouse. Wow. Awesome. Then I remembered the Glurph's wish about the big red hot sun. Beau looked at things, but there was no sun in it that fit the bill, so he had to leave for a few minutes.

While he was gone I went over to Maurice and asked if there were things that needed attention. There was nothing alarming, but he did say that there was a strange rumour going round about upstairs. I decided to go and have a look there later this day, if there was time. For now an Irish coffee would have to do.

When Beau came back he had a little thingy with him. He plugged it into the H-book and copied something off it. He told me he had downloaded a set of hot suns from the official Astro-web system. After some looking at the models, we chose a really nice one. It looked so hot that it would make most people sweat just looking at the image on the screen.

"Beau, this would be magnificent, I think. Let me call someone, " I said.

I called Yamamoto Kuso, the man in charge of landscaping. "Hey Yama, Bill here. Do you think you can spare a bit of time here at the office? I have something for you to look at, to see if it is feasible... Yes, that's fine... Okay, see you in half an hour."

To Beau I said "He'll be here." And he added "In half an hour."

"Right. Want a coffee?"

He pointed to my glass. "One of those would be fine."

After getting him one of them, Maurice knocked on the do

ou". She handed back the phone. "She wants to talk to you."

I talked to Cybele. She wanted to know if it was okay to drop by the Pagan grounds someday, to meet Donna. I said that would be fine. Any time she wanted. (As long as I am not there, but I did not tell her that.) I then put away the phone.

"So, how was that?" I asked the girl.

"Unbelievable..." she stammered.

"Come on, girl, this is not Earth. This is the Summerland. You don't have to believe here, when you get things handed on a platter so you can just know them!"

"I mean, I just can't believe that I talked to the Great Mother, " she clarified. "On the phone."

"And better still, she is coming over some day so you can have a face to face."

Donna stared me in the face. "Really? Oh man, I am going to die!"

"Toot, Honk, " I said. "I think your reality check just bounced. You're past that already."

At first she was quite puzzled about that, then she smiled. "Yes, you're right. But still... it is quite something for someone who has never been able to just do things like that."

Of course. I could understand that. I then finished the jug of mead, wished the folks around a good day, pinched Donna's cheek and headed off, back to the house. I nabbed a quick lunch, during which Maurice came to me.

"Bill, there's a note from the lawyers, about the Glurph contract."

Right, that needed immediate attention, so with food in hand I headed to the computer to read it.

I read their note, then scanned through the changes they proposed. As usual I needed the Juris-dictionary for some of the words, but after all that work I decided that it was a good contract, so I sent that on to the Glurphs and asked them to let me know if it was okay with them.

At that moment their reply came in about the design of their area. And they were raving about it! They wrote that they had been stumped by how fabulous the design was, that it was even better than they had dared to hope. Super, of course. I got on the line with Yamamoto, told him the Glurph design was good and that he should get a bunch of folks on it as soon as possible. He told me that would not be a problem as they had finished another major project a few days ago and were roaring and ready to tackle a new one.

As I was sure that the Glurphs would need some time to comb through the changes in the contract, I decided to head out to the prehistoric people. They had a nice patch of land near a river, I occasionally head out there to see how they are doing. Their chief sometimes calls, but he had not done that in a long time. When I got there, the chief promptly came hobbling over to me. (Their legs were not that well developed in their time, and they did not do anything to improve on that in the time they are here!)

He greeted me, guided me to the cave where he lives and offered me some water. Good thing he remembered that I do not drink what they use as beer. Or whatever it is supposed to be. Things were pretty much okay there. He then complained to me about the 'talking bone'. That is the mobile telephone of course. It did not work anymore. He went into the cave and came back with a deformed lump of components. That had once been a phone. Someone had accidentally thrown a tree stump on it, the chief explained with some difficulty, and since then it looked like this.

Even to my untrained eye it was obvious that it could not work anymore. There clearly were parts missing. I thought about how to handle that for a while. Then a good thought hit my brain. A phone box. That would be a plan. I'd have Mortimer or one of the phone guys set up a solid steel phone box. That would be more appropriate for these people here. Something they could toss a tree on and not worry about damaging it.

The sun was setting, so I had to be off and go home again. And here I am. I am probably going to have a lonely dinner, as Nafaru is unavailable. She said she would be preparing her next lesson on poisons. Why would a pretty woman like her have such a fixation on poison, I ask you. But you're a book. You don't know.

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