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   Chapter 20 November th.

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Dear diary.

I should not mention last night. A gentleman does not discuss things like that. But hey, I am the devil and you are a book, so what the heck! She had invited me on this special dinner. To remember her father, who had been taken away from this dead world into the one of the living again so suddenly. Two of her sisters were there. Turned out that she has four sisters and a brother. The other two sister, as well as the brother, are in Egyptian heaven. They did not mention a mother. Or multiple mothers. She managed to send a note to her siblings on the passing over of their father, but they had only sent messages back. They hadn't even bothered to come over, which would be very easy. Especially in these circumstances.

"Oh well, " Nafaru said, "the main thing is that the people who count are here. Then she led the small group towards a small pyramid-like building and in there we went into a wonderfully decorated room. There were candles in many colours, green most prominently present. Nafaru explained to me that green was her father's favourite colour, and that was why there were many candles like that. In the room was a large table, laid out nicely. Everyone was seated by an Egyptian soul who had always been a servant. He was dressed in a traditional Egyptian kilt-like loincloth. His hair, black as the night, was shining. I am sure he had oiled it with something. It looked stunning.

Nafaru saw me looking at the servant, so I quickly reassured her that it was just the attire I was admiring, not the man himself. She smiled. Hot damn, I really have to get a grip on myself when she smiles at me, and I really would prefer it if she was having a grip on me. But I digress, I was after all writing about a serious event.

Dinner consisted of a very thick soup. In it was a large amount of barley and some spices. Nafaru explained that in her days and also these days there is very little rain in Egypt, so they never had much water to spare unless you lived near a river. After the soup there was fresh bread, duck and beer. The duck was garnished with cucumber and white cheese, and the whole dinner together was wonderful. Each time someone had an empty glass, the servant would fill it up again and then there was a toast to the un-deceased person. The glasses, I should say, were quite small, so there were plenty of toasts.

The dinner was done when we moved to another room in the pyramid where large, very un-Egyptian chairs were waiting for us. On a table was a large assortment of wines, liquors and brandy. We all sat down somewhere and then the sisters started reminiscing about all the things their father had done in this place. It was highly amusing at times. Nafaru's father had been quite a character, it seems. Too bad I never met him while he was dead. Little change that would happen soon, now. The chatting went on until deep into the night and only finished when the ladies all started nodding in their chairs. I wasn't sure what would be proper at this moment, so I went out and found the servant. I told him that the women were asleep and he looked very pleased with that.

"Good, then I can go home now, " he said.

"Right. And what am I supposed to do now?" I wondered.

"Get some sleep, " was his simple suggestion as he put on his coat and shoes, ready to leave. So I went back to the room, pulled up another chair to put up my feet, had another glass of brandy, sat down and after a while I also dozed off.

Somewhere this morning I woke up. Because of the mobile phone. I was all alone in the room, to my surprise. On the phone was Maurice.

"Boss, there is a message in for you. In a few hours these guys from the new galaxy are sending over a delegation to talk some business. Where are you? Can you make it over here in time? I don't feel equipped to handle folks from a strange place."

"No sweat, Maurice, I am not that far from here. You make sure there is some strong coffee when I get there. I'll jump in the shower and then I will be fresh and ready to go. Or stay. Whatever."

I got up. Damn, one of those brandies yesterday had fallen into my feet. Wow. Staggered out of the room, by chance found the exit and made my way over to the house. The walk was a good thing, as I had thought already. Otherwise I would have called for a djinn or a wind demon. Got home, had a large gulp of coffee, hit the shower, thought about why Nafaru had left without telling me something, dried myself off, got dressed, got some more coffee and retreated to the offic

e area. Of course, no problem at all. It would give Ramon something new to do. Because gay or not, Ramon and volcanoes go together like Glurphs and rocks. When we got back to the house I told them that I would draw up a general plan, put things in a drawing and send them something by mail. They appreciate that a lot. They then threw their arms up again and literally in a flash they were gone. It took me several minutes to get my eyesight back.

Then I headed back inside. After such an enounter there is only one thing on my mind. Well, two actually, but I did not know where Nafaru was and if she was up to that with her father just gone and all that, so I headed straight for the cognac.

Maurice came in.

"Hey Maurice. Hit a chair. Want one?" I waved the bottle at him.

"Sure!!" He always liked a break like that. We have shared many a bottle in such a manner. Even without close encounters of the purple granite kind.

"That was a weird looking bunch, Bill, " Maurice commented. "They looked like purple rock!"

"More like granite, my boy. But interesting. Very interesting." We toasted and downed the stuff. I poured us another one. After that I started explaining what they had wanted and what my ideas about it were.

"And where are you going to put them up?" Maurice asked.

"I was thinking about the patch behind the moors of the Etruscans. There is quite a large open space there, that we have no use for anyway. It is nicely secluded so they can have their way there, whatever way that is, and still they can get to the other places without too many problems."

Maurice nodded. "Good area, I must say. I am thinking about the desert area a few miles past the lawyer enclave. It is hot there already, would save a lot of work on the heating."

"Hey, good thinking Maurice. I had forgotten about that bit. Could be an even better stretch of land for them. I'll ask Xiao Fung tomorrow to take me up so I can have a look at both sites. We downed some more cognacn. Now he poured another round.

"Hmm. Bottle is almost empty, Bill."

"No problem. Have a few more around here. Somewhere."

We talked a bit about a number of technical details converning the landscaping of the new patch. I wanted to set up a bit of a prototype for the Glurphs, so they could have a good impression of what they would be facing.

Maurice said he'd contact Beauregard. "He is good with a virtual world software. He can whip up a landscape in no time. Once he has it on the monitor, you can print it and hand that over to the landscaping guys. They'll have a lot easier time that way, and it also prevents a lot of remodelling."

"That is hot, Maurice. Really hot. Get on the phone with Beau when you want, this sounds really nifty. Yeah."

After we finished the bottle, Maurice went to his own office again, be it a bit unstable. Good man, but he can't hold the booze like a devil can. Now let me go and find another bottle of that stuff. I need to have my reserves in place, for emergencies like this.

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