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   Chapter 19 November th.

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Dear diary.

This was some day again. Sometimes you get all the good things in one go. I wonder who has his fingers in that.

The first good thing is that I went to bed alone (okay, does not sound so hot), but I woke up with Nafaru next to me. I don't have a clue how she got in, but I was really glad that she had done it! It made for very wonderful waking up, and you can bet your bottom that we did not get up soon after that. No way. We did a couple of rehearsals of the veil and unwrapping stuff, the sarcophagus hump (without a sarcophagus but who cares) and she practised the "sit on my face and tell me that you'll kill me". (Hmmm, there could be a song in that.) Of course she did not kill me. We had a relaxed breakfast. Mrs.. Smith did not make any comments as she saw Nafaru. Good for you, Mrs. Smith. After breakfast I walked her to her home, where she had a lot of things to do, she said. She also invited me over for the evening. There would be a special dinner, she said, to commemorate the passing on of her father. Of course I will be there. Right after finishing this.

As I walked back to the house, the phone rang. It was Dionysus. He sounded a bit worried.

"William, " he said. He always calls me William, the twit. "William, I have a problem. I cannot choose. I need help. The help of a man of wealth and taste."

So why did he call me, you wonder? Well, do you really want me to introduce myself? "Dio, stop worrying. Your prayers are answered and all that stuff. Let me know where you are and I will come over as quickly as I can."

"William, you are an angel!" he screamed into the phone.

"I prefer not to, if that is the same to you, " was my response. Dionysus sometimes gets a bit carried away. At other times he should be carried away, but that doesn't happen very often.

"Oh, William, you devil, " I heard him say. His tongue had a bit of a problem folding itself around his L's, so he had been sampling the grape vines again, that was clear. "William, I am going to send over transportation for you. Just stay where you are." A few moments later a massive blue djinn hovered in front of me.

"You are William?" he asked.

"That's me, mate, " I said.

He made a grabbing gesture towards me, and that was enough. A moment later I was in the large hall where Dionysus lay on a sofa, surrounded by pretty young maidens and at least as many different barrels. No doubt that they contained wine of various sorts. That made me aware immediately of the problem Dio was facing. He could not decide which wine to drink. Or drink first.

"William, how wonderful, you are here already, " he said, as the djinn evaporated.

"Please, my dear friend... come here, lay down, be pampered for a while, and then listen to my problem. It has been tormenting my poor brain since days."

I sauntered over to the sofa next to his and lay down on it. Seconds later several of the young women were around me, feeding me grapes and stuff. It is a way of life I would not be able to handle all the time, but a few hours a day would not hurt me a bit.

After a while in which Dionysus had munched his way through a scary amount of fruit, he lifted himself up and looked pained. "William. Dear William..."

Oh no. Not another one.

"Behold. My problem." He gestured to the barrels around him. "All these are filled with wine. They are of the best grapes from the Olympus and some other places. I am afraid that my taste is failing. I cannot make out which wines are from Greek origin and which are not!"

"Maybe I can help, " I offered willingly.

"Girls, go, go, get him a cup, " Dionysus sighed, waving a flabby hand around.

One of the young maidens hurried off, to come back with a large bowl which she filled with wine from one of the barrels. She offered the bowl to me. It held enough wine to satisfy about five Irishmen for a few hours.

"William, dear friend, is there a problem? Don't you like the colour of the cup?"

"Dio, it is a bit large, you know..."

"William, oh William... You should get used to normal proportions... you eat too little, that is why you are so thin. But to humour you... girls, get him a small cup."

That worked. I got a cup that was more decent in size. I tried the wine. It was... okay. Not grand. "Dio, this is no

m. Parts that the man himself left out of course.

"So..." I said, while I looked at him. "You are the most holy person in the place, when I can believe you."

He was silent. He just sort of slightly nodded.

"And what about the people that you blackmailed? The ones that had gained enough money to pay a decent amount to get away from here, and now have not even shown up here because they don't stand a chance anymore? Thanks to your behaviour?"

He visibly shrunk, and that while he was not very tall to begin with.

"And did you know that one of those souls that you tormented only a week ago has tried to extinguish itself? Do you have any idea what that will do with your chances of getting out of here?"

When I confronted him with my knowledge, he grew even more pale and quickly tried to get away, to the back of the hall. There were too many souls around though, he could not get through. He even tried to fight his way through, but a few demons that had mingled in the crowd had already moved towards him and took him under their control.

"Take him outside, " I ordered. "I will deal with him later."

They took him, preventing him from screaming. No need to upset the assembly in this stage of the show. Then a few folks stepped up that had been here for a really long time. They said they had tried to do good things and find money to pay me, but they had not succeeded. They did not beg for anything, only asked if I could tell them how to go on. I told them that I knew about them. That they were here since quite long, and that I had decided they could leave. They could leave their money where they thought it would be best, and then they could go outside. Xiao Fung would take them away.

The souls that I had set free were totally flabbergasted. They did not believe it at first, but then they stepped up to where I was sitting, put the money they had in front of me and told me that they wanted it to go to the people that had been blackmailed by the guy that had been taken out. I assured them I would take care of that. Which, I must say, I did. Well, I asked Ying and Fang to handle that. Yeah, I am a devil, but I know a thing or two about justice. Really. I counted both of them a few days ago and they were still there.

The evening went on, people bidding money, people pleading, people threatening me. It is all part of the game. It was a good session, I let twelve of them go. More than usual, but I was in a good mood. Xiao Fung also mentioned something like that as he took me back.

"Yeah, sometimes there are nights like that, you know. Must be the moon. Or the booze."

He dropped me off and whooshed off.

I went in, took off the Chinese garb and put on something stylish. And then I started writing this. So now it is time to close the book and head out to my Egyptian princess, who invited me for dinner.

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