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   Chapter 18 November th.

The Devil's Diary By Paul Kater Characters: 12359

Updated: 2018-02-11 12:04

Dear diary.

Heard from Nafaru and why she had left so suddenly yesterday morning. She came to the house, even before I had breakfast. Somehow her father had reincarnated and therefore gone missing. I can imagine the upheaval around that. One day he's a normal quiet dead guy, reliable and all that, and the next day he has gone missing, presumed alive and well. It had definitely upset her, so I did my best to calm her down as much as she still needed and I was able to. Quite a devilish chore, I must admit, but feeding her breakfast helped. After a while she felt better again and said she had to go home again, to see if she could help her relatives there if there were things that needed to be done now her father had so suddenly been taken away from them.

It was a bit painful to see her go, but the sight of her behind made it less bad. Not sure if I'll see her again today, but I do understand her grief. I am not an insensitive fellow, you know. Really. I am dead serious! (Haha, that's funny!) After seeing Nafaru leave, I headed over to the office. Halfway there the phone rang. As I answered it, I heard a fat, Russian, vodka permeated voice.

"We have the items you want."

"You do, eh? Good. Give them back then." I am easy like that.

"We don't give things back like that. We propose a trade."

"Great. Propose all you want." See, I am still easy like that.

"We have heard you have possession of some gold items from Heaven. We want those in exchange of the items you want."

Wow, that was easy enough. Of course, that would mean I first had to get my hands of that stuff, which I had no idea of arranging. Yet.

"Give me some time to think about that, okay? In the meantime do me a favour and tell the guys at the Russian section that you have their stuff, so they don't despair. And for proof, bring them some of it, to show that you really have the goods there. Thanks." That is when I ended the call. I don't want to spend much time talking to guys that only claim they have the goods, and ending the call gives you some sort of control of the situation.

I should find a few people that can smoke out these Mafia folks. They sure are on top of everything here. How did they know about the alleged gold stuff that went missing from upstairs? I mean, I had to hear that from Pete, for Pete's sake! (Haha, that's funny too!)

These mobsters could form a very good source of intelligence for me. Saves me a lot of footwork too. Well, there was not much I could do about the situation then and there, so I went into the office, scanned mail (a reminder from the high tech sales guys that they received the order form and were processing it, good, good, and also another mail from the other-galaxy guys with some questions about the possible options to shape and model the place for their dead, which I sent on to Maurice for analysis), and then I did a few more rounds of Hellracer. I have found that to be a very good means to lay off some of the stress of work. And that is very important for someone in my position, as top management.

After finding out that I am becoming quite good at Hellracing, I decided to go out and see if I could find more information about the gold stuff everyone seems to know about. Told Maurice I was out for that, hoping he would know something, but he just wished me good luck. He did know the names of the guys that had been helping with the Pearly Doors, so that was a bit of a start. With the list in hand I started off.

First stop was the Pagan fairground. They had the beer and mead ready. Which, I must hasten to add, was merely a circumstance that I ran into. And as I am the polite kind, not wanting to offend someone's g

back his long black hair he let out a loud sigh and then batted his eyes at me. I hoped the rock beneath and behind me was fireproof enough. Nothing worse than a fire demon that has the hots for you.

"Ramon, there is a rumour that someone from the group that worked at the door of heaven has stolen gold from there."

"Bill!" Melodramatically he held the back of his hand against his forehead, doing the worst Scarlett O'Hara I had ever seen. "Are you insinuating that I, Ramon Velasquez Ortega di Ferreira, have something to do with such a brutal and ordinary theft?!" Before I could speak up, he started sobbing, shaking his head and spouting all kinds of garbage about cruel worlds, distrust, being so very alone and misunderstood.

"Hey. Yo, Ramon. Listen up." That did not get through to him. Oh dear. "Ramon. Please. No tears." Urgh. Having to say that to a guy. Even when he's a fire demon. But it worked. His tears disappeared like spit in a hot desert.

"Oh, Bill, I knew it!" he exclaimed, "I have always known that you are a sensitive person, one that comes from the same spiritual origin as I am from! I am so sorry, dear Bill, for upsetting you with my tears. Can you forgive me? Please? Bill? Please say that you forgive me..."

"Yeah, yeah, you're forgiven, Ramon." Somebody get me out of here. "I did not say that someone accused you of stealing. I know you don't do that kind of thing. But since you are such a smart and intelligent gay- errr- guy, I had hoped that you might know something about this." I know, the honey was dripping off of that, but I had to get through to him somehow.

"Oh, no, dear Bill. I do not spend time with people like that. I do not entertain robbers, thieves, hoodlums and plunderers. Everyone knows that!" Ramon looked seriously shocked. "But I do thank you for trusting me with being such a reliable source of information."

Another round of batting eyes. Someone help me. I managed to get away from him after some more time.

"Bye bye, my dear Bill, " he said, waving with a rather scorched white lace handkerchief. "If ever you need to see someone about your innermost deep soul movements, know that your friend, Ramon Velasquez Ortega di Ferreira, is always here for you."

That is how I spent the entire afternoon. Chasing after strong guys, barbarians and demons. Not my idea of a fun day, but a devil has to do what a devil has to do. And this devil did it. It just didn't bring anything. Crap.

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