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   Chapter 16 November th.

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Dear diary.

What a day. What a night. What a woman. What an endurance! I headed over to the Egyptian area, which is becoming a very well known place to me by now. Somehow my wrappings got undone a bit on the way, they got stuck behind some doors a few times, but I had myself all in order again at the moment that I got to her door. She had done some massive preparation for the night, let me tell you!!

Large red and green veils everywhere, hundreds of candles, incense burning in all corners, it was something that took my breath away. I wasn't sure what she had in mind (but I was damned sure what I had in mind!!) so I moved myself to the centre of the mostly empty room and lay down on the big bed that was there. Great prep prop, I have to give that to her. As I was laying there, she came in, wearing nothing but veils. An amazing amount of them. We spent a lot of time unpacking each other. She unwrapped some of me, I unveiled some of her, then she did something with me again. It was a wonderful game. It also helped us to build up the tension and the anticipation and... oh dear... I have to stop writing about this. My mind goes all wobbly and my fingers are not able to make much sense anymore if I go there again, so I just have to make do with the memories in my head...

As I was going through the motions in the office, Maurice showed up. He had gotten in late indeed, as I had ordered him the day before. He looked good after that. I am sure the Mrs. has taken good care of him. Haha! He came telling that Pete was at the doorstep hoping to have a word with me. I had time for that, so Maurice brought in Pete and I waved him into a chair. He had a stern expression on his face.

"So Pete, more problems with the entrance?" I asked him.

No, that was all set and done, he said. But there still was this issue of the golden objects that had disappeared from Heaven. He was very eager to know if I had already managed to retrieve the things. Heck no. I did not tell him I had forgotten all about those things. Crap. There is too much on my mind these days, I told him, with coal, oil and blown-up movie people. Pete understood. He sometimes was feeling overwhelmed with all the things that he was facing in one day, so he could relate to what I was saying. I promised him that I would look into all this as soon as I could. Must remember to get someone on that, I don't want to get a bad rep here about things like that. I have a lot of thieves here, but that is something different from supporting, harbouring or even hiding them.

We chatted a bit about everyday affairs. He told me about Jehovah people nagging him about the density of the clouds in their area. That made me grin. I asked him how they were going to fix that, as I had heard about their problems in that region also. He gave me a douttful look on that remark.

"Perhaps one of our Archangel, Gabriel, can do something about that, " he sighed. "It's quite a difficult thing to make clouds that are tough enough to support so many people and yet remain soft enough the way clouds are supposed to be. Selaphiel said he might know where more information is, but he has not been able to dig something useful up from the library. Not useful regarding to new cloud forming anyway."

I saw the sparkle in Pete's eyes when he said that last sentence, so I might give Selaphiel a call someday soon to see what interesting stuff he dug up that has no dealing with cloud forming... Then he wanted to know about blown up movie people. I told him about the Indians that had gotten here just the other day, and about the party. After I finished that one, he nodded.

"Yeah, " Pete said, "I heard that in the Brahmin part of heaven they were suddenly facing a number of make up artists from there. Took them a while to calm them down t

ill, meet Meander Deodatus. Meander, this is William. The devil, as we know him around here."

Meander Deodatus. Urgh. Man, Gift of God. I can do without gifts like that. Gabe turned Meander around and pointed at one of the wings on the man's back. There was a small cavity. Then Gabe then jammed the feather that I had brought into the wing. Meander yelped. The feather fit. He turned the angel around. Only then did I notice the grey and brown smudges on his robe. Clearly a Fallen Angel.

"Meander works with Heavensoft."

He let that sink in. I nodded, poured myself another sherry and let that sink in. Gabe took my silence as a silence acknowledgement of what was to come. I just kept silent because the sherry burnt a bit in my throat, but who was I to tell him that.

"The folks at Heavensoft heard from your resident computer geek that you moved to Hellux. And it seems that some of them, Meander here among others, are not so happy with that idea. So they came up with a bit of a plan to disrupt Sky-Lan services at your end."

Again I nodded. Slowly. Doing so makes others talk and me look smart.

"They are truly sorry now, " Gabe continued, slapping Meander for the head with each syllable he said in that sentence, "and through Meander here they want to apologise to you."

"I'm sowwy, " Meander mumbled.

"What?" I said.

"I'm sowwy." More encounters with the mumbling kind.

"Speak up man. Or I'll take you down with me and teach you a bit about screaming."

"I'm Sorry Sir!"

Hot damn, he yelled as if he had been bitten by a drill sergeant, all of a sudden! I almost spilled my sherry!

"Right. No more of that nonsensical child's play, you hear? Or I'll ask Gabe here to lend you out to me for a day. We are always searching for people to sift through the contents of the shit pit, and you look like a good candidate for that job."

Gabe almost pissed on himself, trying to hold his laughter. Meander did not fully understand the implications. Poor sod.

"Yes Sir!" he said.

"Does that mean you volunteer?"

"Yes Sir!"

Wow! I looked at Gabe who grinned and shrugged. "Come and collect him whenever you want."

And heck, I'll be glad to do that!!

That matter resolved to my full approval, I headed back to the house, finding Nafaru there. In bed. She said she was bored. We got to work there and then, because you can't be a gentleman and leave the lady "in waiting" waiting!! She's asleep now, the little devil. I'll join her again. Can't let her be in that big bed all alone, can I?

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