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   Chapter 15 November th.

The Devil's Diary By Paul Kater Characters: 9223

Updated: 2018-02-11 12:04

Dear diary.

What a woman. It is a good thing she can't be the death of me, but she really is one lady to die for! You wouldn't believe the things you can do with a sarcophagus, and she promised me that we will do them again. Perhaps even tonight. She does not have to prepare another class in poison mongering until next week, so that opens up the realm of exploring new depths. Perhaps a smaller, more cosy sarcophagus? Who knows.

No sign from the lawyer today that was sent over by the Ruskis yesterday. No problem, that will all work out well. Got the papers, signed, sealed and indeed, also delivered.

Got notice from Maurice that indeed a bunch of blown up folks from the Indian movie set have arrived. They were a bit disconcerted after their experience, which is not surprising, so I went over to see them personally. I was in a good mood today, which I can fully attribute to Nafaru. That was a surprise to them also, they had not expected to end up here, but I assured them that this place is not as bad as everyone on earth is proclaiming it to be.

"The folks that claim hell is a bad place never were here, so what do they know?" I asked them. And they could not answer that, so that was a point scored for the devil. Yay, high five and all that, but it is a standard question we all use in these regions. Yes, also the guys upstairs. The turn-up of those movie folks was quite good. Six of them made it here. The rest had gone to their version of Heaven. Sorry for them, they are going to be bored out of their minds!

A few of the lady actresses that were in the group were desperate for a place to clean themselves up. Of course I could accommodate that for them. Got them a change of clothes too, as most of the things they wore were in shambles and rags. That was, as I heard later, not only due to the explosion, but also part of the scene that they had been shooting for their movie. Afterwards that change of clothes for the ladies proved to be a bad move, as the new clothes did not nearly reveal as much of them as the rags had done. But there was no reverting to that, so I just savour the memories.

I think that the film director still has not grasped the reality that he is dead yet. He kept looking around over his fingers, telling one of the other people that the place had definite possibilities for a movie script but that the lighting was all wrong. I am sure he'll figure it out someday. With a little help from his friends. Or mine.

And what do you think shows up: the paparazzi guys. I'll be damned (haha, that's funny!) if I know how they get to know things. They seem to have a feeling for that. They seem to know that things happened before these things actually made their mind up if they should be happening at

here was another devil on the screen but that didn't move. I checked the monitor on the H-book and saw that the devil there stood still while another one was scooting about. Amazing, I thought when I made the other devil go on the H-book. On the other computer the standing-still devil now moved too! The game was able to connect to the other computer and you could play with someone else!

Perhaps I should challenge Pete, Gabe or Michael for a game of Hellracer someday, but it was apparent that I needed a lot more practice. I managed to waste my devil quite quickly, landing it inside a lava pit, crashing it into mountain sides and through a host of other great nasty endings. Heck, that game could be an inspiration. Maybe I can set up something like that field, do something with fire-proof monoski's or something and turn that into a real tournament!!

After playing the game a number of times, I decided that I should get myself ready for the visit with Nafaru. Had a steaming hot shower and then went in to the wardrobe chamber. (I have an enormous amount of clothes, for each occasion imaginable I have something fitting.) I rummaged through the shelves and hanging stuff, and then I found what I was looking for. Bandages. Lots and lots of bandages. I admit, it is a hell of a job getting yourself wrapped up in them, aiming to look like a mummy, but after a while you get the hang of it. Just be patient and don't miss a spot. Miss something and you'll be cursing yourself as you have to unwrap again to get it right. But in the end I was looking very mummy, and as I hope for Nafaru also very yummy. Hah, the yummummy! That's me for the night! This is the proper attire for a game of "unwrap and re-erect the little mummy" (haha, that's funny). I'm off now. More later. Or tomorrow. If I survive that Egyptian wonderwoman!!

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