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   Chapter 13 November th.

The Devil's Diary By Paul Kater Characters: 6092

Updated: 2018-02-11 12:04

Dear diary.

Well, Nafaru did not call, so I called her last night. She was terribly sorry, she said, but she was preparing for a course. As I asked what kind of course, she replied "Poison 101". I was surprised about that, as I know she is way beyond a basic course, but she clarified things by telling me that she was teaching it, not learning it. That was disappointing, but hey, things go like they go. There is another chance on another day. So I got to sleep early, woke up early and headed out for a brisk morning walk. And boy, was my timing perfect!

I walked down the path to one of the more distant marshes that are close to a few lakes. Weather was fine, sun was shining, birds were singing and everything was nice and quiet. I sat myself down at the side of a lake, in the high reed, invisible to everyone who might be near and was just getting ready to enjoy the silence, when suddenly I heard some whispering, footsteps that carefully tried not to make noise, and an almost nervous giggling.

Curious who was or were going there, I had to wait, to make sure that the passersby would not see me. After a minute or so I peeked over the reed, just in time to see a few wings stretch out like they usually do before they fold up. Well, whaddaya guess, I had an almost full view of some birds. Birds of a special kind: love birds! Angelic ones to boot! At first I thought they had snuck down here for a swim, as they were taking their clothes off, but their activities really did not have to do with swimming. Hot flashes and cool images came to me, about certain horizontal aerobics that I had performed with Nafaru. Now don't get me wrong. I am not a pervert that likes to look in on people when they are having such a good time. Even when they're angels and actually out of their territory. I just happened to

ter with Hellux de Luxe and all the works and trimmings. This is awesome! I really can give everyone hell with this!! It runs on the network too as it has provisions for wireless etherealnet. That's HOT!

The rest of the day was pretty calm. Nothing big happened, so I thought it would be neat to pay a visit to the Buddhist area. Yeah, we have them here also. As they are not Christians, they're not allowed behind the Pearly Doors (haha) and they have to go somewhere while waiting for their next reincarnation, so we set up a camp for them here. They like it here, and we like having them. They're relaxed, friendly and easy going. Occasionally they have these events where they blow giant horns. Good thing their pad is far from the Christian heaven with the thin floor. The Christians already go crazy over a Pagan party, so who knows what they would do over this sound. It is a real challenge to your eardrums!! But the atmosphere is relaxed, I showed off the H-book computer a bit but they weren't really interested. No problem of course, it was nice to be there and laze around a bit. Just got back from their grounds. Think I'll turn in early tonight, as Nafaru is teaching her class this evening. Drat.

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