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   Chapter 8 November th.

The Devil's Diary By Paul Kater Characters: 7664

Updated: 2018-02-11 12:04

Dear diary.

I might as well be dead. Heck, if I weren't so tired I'd be laughing over that.

Good lord (and I am not saying that often), that woman may be the death of me. But what a way to die. If that was an option of course. Believe me, I am going to meet up with her more often and see if she has other ways of trying to kill me. That was a night. Don't need any additional type of sport with nights like that!

But today was business as usual. Got a reminder in to go to the high tech guys tomorrow. Very considerate of them, I must say.

Got into a discussion with a few people who claimed that this place is not real. I asked him why they claimed that. Their idea was that Hell should be a place where sinners should be punished for a while, not for eternity. I then looked at their noses and an alarm bell went ringing. They were Jews. Somehow they had gotten off their track and ended up here, where they should not be. I already informed a few people to check on the signs and the gates and stuff, probably someone forgot to close a gate or a door. Stuff like that shouldn't happen, but occasionally it does.

Got back home after the walk and found Pete waiting. He really looked miserable. They're still fighting the Pearly Gates, he said, and they can't get them open. He hoped that I had some muscle power to spare that they could use to try and force the Gates open. Luckily there are a few strong demons and other guys available here, so I got Maurice to round up a small group and send them over to Heaven. Haven't seen or heard from them, so they're really having a problem up there. I did tell Pete that he can have them there for as long as it takes, unless my guys themselves had enough of things there, which was fine with him.

Beauregard showed up over lunch, carrying a portable computer. Nifty machine, such a thing. I should get me one too. Just to carry around and show off, but maybe I'll figure out something I can actually do with it. He had a demo of the new software on the thing.

No more Heavensoft, he said, this is Hellux. More stable, faster, better and full integration with Heavensoft is guaranteed. With the difference, he claims, that when Heavensoft goes down, Hellux will remain running. It looked good, with pictures of little devils on the

power, but he declined. In that respect he is amazing. First he comes over to ask for help, and when I offer more he says no. I don't get that.

I tried to get in touch with Nafaru, the Egyptian princess, but her line was dead. (Haha, that's funny. Actually it's not. I would rather talk to her than have this sorry joke.) May try again tomorrow. I'd really like to see her again!

I did some looking up this Hellux stuff. A lot on the divi-net about it, but since most of the critics come from Heaven, they rip it to shreds. For them there is only one road, and that is the road to Heavensoft. Figures. Only for that reason I would like this Hellux thing to work. The name itself is already worth a million bucks. HELL-ux. They even used a little devil figure for it as a logo, neat! Beau told me that the people on earth also develop a similar system and they have a devil as a logo also. They sound like my kind of people and I am already hoping they will show up here instead of in that other place. They'd not like it there, I am sure. They also have a lot of awesome sounding names for their software. How about Purgatoffice, "the office software that keeps the fire burning". Or ThunderBurn as an e-mail program. And their browser's name is hot too. FireTox. Damn, what more could a devil want, right? This Hellux thing just has to work.

Right, that is enough for today. Tomorrow will be interesting. I'll be looking at the goodies. Perhaps I should take Beauregard, he is always keen on those new automatic things.

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