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   Chapter 6 November th.

The Devil's Diary By Paul Kater Characters: 9030

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Dear diary.

Today started off with more complaints from the old eastern block section. They have run out of oil and coal. Tar is still there, some, but that isn't any use when it is cold. Did I complain about their mindset before? They should change it. These guys are good at their job when things are all well, but when it comes to improvising, they're a lost case.

I had to make my way over there in person, convince them that I am really the boss around here (they asked me for an ID, go and digest that!). First they lamented half an hour about the crappy service and that it all was not their fault, as they had asked for new supplies in time. Yeah, I know, they're good boys. Barf.

I called Maurice and asked him if he could alert one of the Asatru guys and send him over to the eastern block section. With an axe. And I told him I was not joking.

Finally, after an hour, Hagron showed up. Guess what delayed him. He had no ID with him. Double barf. I really have to figure out something to update the attitude of these guys. They should learn the difference between employees and customers.

I asked Hagron to take a few of the Russian guys and show them how to chop wood. With wood they can make a fire and at least make do with the remaining tar for the day.

The looks on the faces of these Russians... I hope I don't have to get wasted this evening to forget that. They did not literally speak the words, but it was obvious that they had never planned on having to do any physical labour while here. Too bad, guys, down here we improvise when it is time to improvise.

You know, someone once stated that bureaucracy has been invented by the Chinese. Well, take my word for it, perhaps the Chinese did that, but the Russians have lifted it to the heights of it becoming an art form.

The complaints contained (and I am sure I am missing some here) were that they could not chop wood in their uniform, they could not leave their station without proper replacements, nor without written permission from their management (heck I am their top level management, how short sighted can they be), they demanded a signed and stamped paper which would insure them job security in the case that they would be injured during the wood chopping (they are frigging dead, what more security do they want!) and they also wanted a signed and stamped paper that they could shower and clean themselves up during work time.

They made me desperate. They drove me almost up to the point where I was going to sack them. Not that it would make a difference; they were sitting around doing squat whatever, either employed or unemployed.

I seriously felt that they were winning either way, so I thou

So after the wonderful start of the day with the Russians and whining, whimpering Bob, I got to go to the Christian section again. They see far too much of me there, these days, and that is Not Good.

Stanley and Morris were already trying to have a look, to find out what's wrong with the plank, without having to take the affair apart. At the same time Marcus was down at the archives trying to find drawings of it all.

Worst bit is for Stanley and Morris. They have to do their work while all the bad Christian souls are trampling around there. And the key word here is bad. You should hear the language some of these people use. I would almost refuse them entry here, if I were the picky kind. I am sure that the majority of them have not seen their holy book in many years. They certainly did not learn that language from it. Unless there is a modern version out. Should investigate.

If the guys from the maintenance group really have to take the thing apart, we would have to go through the whole shebang of switching off the special effects, and the shutter too this time, and bring out the ladders again. And in the name of my dear friend Beelzebub, let that not be the fact! That would be disgraceful.

I must state, at this moment and place, that I am very proud of the crew. They really go for the good results and little overhead and disturbance. It is not easy to round up personnel like that these days, but the guys out there, who are pushing things to the limit, they are the best a devil can get! Let's hope this setback is not going to take too long. It gives us a bad reputation, and in the general Christian arena we are already not so very liked.

It was a stinking day today. I am going to hide for the rest of it, as I have really and fully had it with this edition.

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