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   Chapter 63 At the big house

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Daniel took his time in making himself presentable. He had brought far too much things along, but that was okay. He also had the book of Nahmyo with him, and as he had to wait, he sat down to read.

There was a knock on the door. "Daniel? Are you decent?" It was Rayko.

"I am very decent, do come in." He got up and was on the way to the door when she came in. "By the storms, you look magnificent." He stared at her. "I can't believe it."

Rayko blushed. "It is nothing special, Daniel." She walked over to him and fumbled some with his tie. "There, all done. Now come." She held out her hand, which he gladly accepted. They walked along the corridor, into the hall, and from there to one of the smaller rooms where a table had been laid for four people.

Ugidra and Warlem were already present. They stood by a window and looked out over the water. The sun was setting, and the resulting view of the bay was truly breathtaking.

"Ehem..." Rayko said as they entered the room.

"Oh, Rayko. And Mr. Zacharias, how wonderful to see you. And in better circumstances than before, " Ugidra said. She came to greet Daniel and her daughter.

Warlem trailed behind and shook Daniel's hand. "Welcome, Daniel. I am pleased to see you again. You look well."

"I feel well, thank you. It is good to see you again too."

"Come, everyone. Sit for dinner, please, " Rayko's mother said. "Mr. Zacharias, would you care to sit there, next to Rayko..."

Daniel wondered what she knew or suspected, but did not object at all to sit next to her daughter.

The dinner started with a refined clam soup and a special kind of wine.

"Rayko, you look wonderful, " said Ugidra, "as do you, Mr. Zacharias."

"Thank you, mother, " Rayko said, "Daniel also complimented me, earlier."

"I am sure, " Warlem grinned, "after all, you did your best. And you weren't even late for table."

Daniel suppressed a grin, and then conversation floated along some light and safe topics.

The food was amazing. There were things that Daniel had never seen, and Rayko had to help him by showing him how to attack certain bits and pieces. It turned into a dinner with lots of laughter because of that.

After dinner, the group repaired to a small conservatory which gave an unobstructed view of the bay. As if it was planned, Rayko and Daniel were sat in the only two-seater chair available.

"You look very handsome together, " Ugidra then said. "Really."

It made Daniel feel a bit uncomfortable. All of a sudden he was not sure how much of this all was set up.

"Please, Mr. Zacharias, do not feel alarmed." Rayko's mother sat down. She seemed to notice Daniel's slight unease. "I can tell you and Rayko care for each other. There is nothing mysterious about a mother's instinct."

Daniel grinned sheepishly. He felt as if he had been caught.

Rayko took his hand. "Yes, mother, we do care for each other."

"That was already so clear during the party, " Warlem pitched him. He pulled his legs out of Rayko's reach, who cast a short look at him.

"Warlem, please, " Ugidra cautioned her son. Then she looked at Daniel again. "I sincerely apologise for my poor choice of moment, Mr. Zacharias, but there is something I would like to ask you. It is about something that bears down on me very heavily."

Daniel looked at

aniel's visit and his stay at the house, when he and her mother had asked Daniel for help to find her again.

Rayko's poet brother got to his feet. "I should see to some books that I have. If you would excuse me..." He did not wait for an answer, he simply slipped out of the conservatory and then Daniel and Rayko were alone.

Daniel started to put his arm around Rayko, but she stepped away. "No... wait..."

"Uhm... am I missing something?" Daniel wondered about her sudden shyness.

A few moments later, a servant came into the conservatory. She carried a tray with two glasses of pink wine and offered them to Rayko, who took both glasses and then waited until the serving lady had left again.

Then she stood in front of Daniel and looked at him. "Daniel, I hand you this glass of wine. It is offered in love and friendship, and I hope it is received in the same way."

Daniel understood then that this was some kind of custom, or perhaps a ritual of sorts. He was not sure what would be the proper way to respond, so he improvised. "I gladly receive this glass. In love and friendship."

Rayko smiled and handed him the wine. Their fingers touched as he took it. Then she slipped into his arm. After a taste of the wine, they ended up tasting each other's lips.


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