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   Chapter 62 Awakening

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Daniel slowly awoke. He did not want to emerge from the soft warm cocoon he was in, but reality was relentless and dragged him out. Then he noticed that he was not alone. Slowly he looked to the side and saw brown hair against his shoulder. His arm was around the owner of the brown hair.

With a slight frown he tried to remember what had happened, but apart from going through the tunnel after Rayko had been talking to him he could not recall how she got to sleep in his arm. He also wasn't sure where the blanket had come from, but it certainly felt nice.

Being awake was now apparent. He felt relaxed though, and understood that being awake did not imply being on the run-around. Sitting there on the couch, with Rayko close, was enough of the world for now.

It was a gentle pling-plong sound that ended the cosiness.

Rayko stirred. She too was a bit confused at first, when she found herself cuddled up with Daniel. "Oh..." She wiped her hair aside. Then she looked at Daniel and slowly sat up. "Uhm... how do you feel?" As she asked it, she reached for the pendant she wore and flipped open the cover. "Hello mother." She stared intently at the stamp-sized picture in the cover.

"Rayko, where are you? We are getting worried, " the voice of Ugidra sounded from the locket.

"I am visiting with the senator, mother. I told you that I do not know when I will be back."

"Oh. I see. Pay my respects to the senator, please, and do inform us when you intend to come home." The tiny display turned grey.

Rayko closed the locket and looked at Daniel. "Is your mother like that?"

"Never had such a problem, " Daniel said.

"My mother is really good and caring, please don't misunderstand. But sometimes I would like to trade her, " Rayko said.

"Ah, there are people who are awake." Sygra came into the library with a smile. He laughed widely as he saw the failing attempts of Rayko and Daniel to sit further apart; the blanket held them together. "Please, do not worry. I have seen people sit together before."

The senator kept his distance. "Would you like some more privacy for a while? Just say so, I understand. You have gone through something intense. It is not like sharing a cup of tea."

Daniel was lost for words. He still had no idea what had happened.

Rayko slowly pulled at the blanket, in vain. Then she gave in and leaned against Daniel again, who did not mind. "If you would please sit with us, sir, " she said. "Maybe you can help me in telling Daniel what I tried to do for him."

"Of course." After calling for fresh tea, Sygra sat down and together they explained to Daniel about the trance and the intended effect.

"You, young lady, delivered some very frightening moments to me, do you know that?" Daniel reacted, after they had done their talking.

Rayko, who held one of Daniel's hands, nodded. "I know. Are they still frightening, young man?"

Daniel grinned. This talk was going on in such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and they had never before been so open and close. "No. They aren't. You did something amazing, Rayko."

"I hope you are serious about that, Daniel, " Sygra said. "Because it is truly amazing what she did. It was an act of trust and care. And..." His eyes drifted off to Rayko. "Dare I say it? Or do you?"


Rayko and Sygra looked at Daniel. "How do you know that?"

elped me. Again. My preacher. It is something you have to know, so knowing it now is a good thing."

They talked until the carriage came to a halt. Daniel recognised the area; he had been here plenty of times. They left the carriage and went up the hill in the basket under the floater. As they were going upwards, Daniel thought of Aldrick and wondered how the good man was getting along with the new airship. He'd have to check on that soon.

At the reception house, there was only one lady to meet them. As if nothing had ever happened, Daniel was greeted. Arm in arm Rayko and he walked through the transparent tube, to the hall. The large fountain did not spray its watery arches.

"Mother can't stand the sound of that, " Rayko explained as if she knew what Daniel was thinking. "Come, I will show you to a room where you can get ready for dinner."

How different it was, compared to the last time he had been in the house. Now Rayko was here, guiding him to a room. It all seemed a bit like a dream to Daniel.

She took him to an entirely different wing of the house and let him into a room that was even larger and more luxurious than the one he had been in before. "This should do, I think, " Rayko said. She showed him the bathroom and a hidden closet where he could put his things. "If you need anything, you can pull this little banner, " she explained. "It is connected to the servants' waiting room and someone will come to you soon."

"So it is not a bell to your room?" Daniel grinned.

Rayko wrapped her arms around him. "No. If you want me, you just have to knock on the door opposite this one. And now I want a kiss, for all the work I have done for you in here."

She got her kiss.

"I should ask another one, Daniel Zacharias... but I'm afraid we would be late for dinner." She sighed and let go of him.

"Does your mother know we are here? We have not seen her yet."

Rayko smiled. "The servants know we are here. That is enough. And now I have to go, or I'll never be ready in time. Dinner will be in two hours, Daniel." Quickly she darted out of the room. "Oh, I will come and fetch you, " she said as she looked back into the room. "And you make me happy, just by being here." And she was gone again.

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