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   Chapter 61 The Litany of Nahmyo

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Daniel saw a few tears in her eyes. "Rayko, are you feeling well?"

She looked at him. At first she wanted to nod bravely, but changed her mind. "No."

Daniel got up and sat down next to her, on the couch. He put an arm around her and pulled her close.

Rayko did not resist. She leaned into him and started to sob. "It was a big man, Daniel. He put something in my face. Before I lost consciousness I saw Gaguran Slindris come into my room." She started crying, her body shaking as the memories came back to her. "Then I woke up and I was tied up and in that dark place. Gaguran was there, and the big man, and a few others. I could not see them, but I heard them talk. They said that something would be going down soon, but I don't know what that was."

Daniel got the eerie feeling that she had no idea where she had been exactly, nor what had been the plan of her step-father. He gently rocked her. "It's all over now, Rayko. It is all behind you, like a bad dream. Slindris is gone. And your step-father is gone also. They can't hurt you anymore."

The woman reached for his free hand and held it. "I know. But it hurts in such a strange way." Most of her tears had stopped flowing now. "I always saw him as my father, and then he abused me like that. He wanted to kill me, didn't he?" Her voice had gone into a whisper.

"I'm afraid so, Rayko. And I'm sorry for that. Really." Daniel felt pain for her, as she had gone through all that. She was not the kind of person that should have to face things like that, but some bizarre twist of fate had made it happen.

"Sometimes there are things in a life, " he suddenly heard himself say, "that throw everything you know upside down. It is then when you have to find the trust in yourself, and in the harmony that is the world around you. Nothing happens without a reason. Usually we don't know the reasons, but things happen. We can fight them but we can't beat them if they are meant to come true, Rayko."

Daniel felt as if someone was speaking through his voice, and yet... the things he said made sense to himself. For a momentary flash he was back on the hill, in the night, where he had talked with Lundar.

Rayko, her face pressed against Daniel's shirt, nodded somewhat. "Yes." Her fingers were entangled in Daniel's.

"It is good to grieve over what you have lost, " Daniel heard himself say. "A part of your life has been shattered, destroyed, taken away from you. But it is not the meaning of life that you linger there, and cry over the loss forever. At some point you will find the courage and the strength to move on again."

Rayko lifted her face to Daniel. "You are a preacher, Daniel, and never again tell me that you are not." Slowly she let go of his fingers and raised her hand, to touch his cheek. "And how do you feel, Daniel Zacharias? Much of your life has been destroyed also. When do you take the time to cry, to feel the pain and the loss?"

Confused about this sudden change in her, Daniel reach


Daniel followed her leads, one after the other, and finally he reached a place in the tunnel where there was an immense shower of light. It looked like flowing silver and gold, and as he approached it, Rayko told him to step into it, and feel how the stream was taking away all the shadows that clung to him.

"It is the shower of forgiveness and acceptance, Daniel, " she whispered. "It is where Nahmyo waits for you, where you open your eyes." Her hands were hurting, her face was wet with tears, but she had to push him through this. Otherwise it had all been in vain. Slowly she felt how his hands relaxed, she saw how his features eased and his breathing became more shallow, calm.

Daniel slowly rose from the trance. There was a lightness in him that he had never experienced before, not even in the zero gravity of space.

"Keep your eyes closed, Daniel, " Rayko whispered. She was leaning against him, as this had worn her out quite a bit. It had been hard work for her as well as for him, and she felt drained. But happy.

"Where are you, Rayko?" Daniel asked.

"I am here. Right beside you, " she whispered.

Somehow Daniel managed to raise his arm and put it around her. He pulled her close, and again she did not resist.

After a while, Sygra dared to move. He had come in and understood what Rayko was doing. She nor Daniel had noticed him enter the room, and he had not dared to stir a muscle. He was too much aware of what was going on, and any sound he would make would break the spell of the trance-work, so he had remained standing and waiting and watching.

He went into Daniel's room to fetch a blanket. The senator frowned at the mass of black fabric on the table for a moment, then he returned and covered the two sleeping people with the blanket. Silently he left the small library.

"I think I will have my tea in the garden today, " he said to a servant. "And please, tell everyone not to go into the library for a while."

"Very well, sir."

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