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   Chapter 60 A cloaked person

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Daniel was awake very early the next morning. The one person who had been so mysteriously weaved through all that had happened was going to meet him today. Daniel had given up his attempts to contact the triangle; there never had been a response. But now things were different.

Sygra had once more insisted he should take Kernak along. "Don't worry, Daniel, she won't get hurt. It takes a lot to hurt a Kotrvayk."

Daniel was convinced of that. He thought of it as he let Kernak out of the garden, through the small reception building. He had first worried about a leash or something, but Sygra had laughed at that idea.

"Where do you want her to take you, Daniel?" he had asked, which was where Daniel saw reason. "She likes you. She will stay with you and protect you. And Kernak will enjoy it, she does not go out very often." That was obvious also.

Kernak was very easy going and followed along calmly as Daniel walked down the hill. The crossroad, he knew, was behind a long and slow bend, but he was very early and had plenty of time to enjoy the gentle breeze and the sunshine. As he walked along the deserted road, he was suddenly very aware of being there, in the land, the feel of the ground under his feet, the large Kotrvayk with him. It made him slow down and come to a halt.

Kernak turned her mighty head to looked at him, and walked back. She lay down at his feet. Daniel hardly noticed it, as he took in the scent of the area while the wind messed with his hair. He squatted down and stroked Kernak's head. "This is an amazing place, girl, " he told her. Slowly he rose to his feet again, and as he made the next step, Kernak was up also and with him.

Daniel noticed it now and was stunned. What an amazing creature. They went on. It took them over a quarter of an hour to reach the crossroad.

"In the morning", the cloaked voice had said. Well, there was plenty of morning to enjoy.

Daniel and Kernak waited. At times he took a short stroll, the animal on his heels. They lay on the ground, sat, and Daniel at times whistled a tune. Then he heard the familiar rattling of wheels on the hard road. A carriage worked itself towards the crossroad.

Daniel and Kernak stood again when the carriage reached them and came to a halt. Daniel's hand was on Kernak's back. "It's okay, Kernak."

The door of the carriage opened, and the cloaked figure came out of it. As soon as the entire person was with both feet on the ground, the cloak unfolded to its large size. Daniel heard the rush that the strange mask made of the breathing.

"I am here, " said the mysterious stranger. Behind him, the carriage slowly pulled away, en route for a new customer.

"Yes. And so am I, " Daniel said. "You need not fear the Kotrvayk as long as you do nothing strange or threatening."

"I see. You said you want answers. Ask me your questions."

Daniel grinned. "Let's begin with a simple one. Who are you?"

The dark shape seemed to hesitate for a few moments. "I had expected that question, just later." Slowly a hand was raised and the strange face filter was removed. The hood fell over the face hidden underneath it. The face filter was dropped to the ground and rolled away.

Kernak stood calmly. Daniel was tensing up.

The figure slowly pushed the hood back.

Daniel stared. "You?"

"Yes. Me." Rayko looked him in the eye. "Who had you expected?"

"Beats me, but not you."

Kernak slowly walked over to Rayko and nudged the woman's hand with her head. Rayko didn't even seem to notice, so focussed as she was on Daniel. Gently she scratched the

all library. Daniel had stored the black cloak and what had come with it in his own room for the time being. "Would you like something to drink?" He was surprised that she had not complained about the long walk uphill.

"Yes, please. Tea would be nice, " she said with a shy smile.

"Sit where you like. I'll go and arrange for some tea." Daniel left the room, and returned with two glasses of water. "Tea will done soon. I thought you would appreciate this."

"Oh. yes. Thank you." She accepted a glass and slowly sipped from it.

There was a tension in the room. They both were aware of it, and neither of them knew how to break through it for a while.

"You know, Daniel... I have talked to my mother. About... her husband."

Daniel was surprised that she referred to Clelem like that all of a sudden.

"He was not my real father, she said. And not Warlem's real father either." Rayko stared at the glass, as if there was something fascinating going on inside it.

"Excuse me, please. Your tea, " a servant said, who came in with the tea. Soon after, they were alone again.

"When my mother had told me that, there were many things I suddenly understood about him, " Rayko continued. "Most of the time he regarded me as property, or a thing, or something like that. And not just me. All of us."

Daniel nodded. He recalled the moment where Clelem had literally shoved her into his arms, without twitching a muscle. "Yes, I see that now as well. Maybe you can explain something to me now."

"What is it you want to know? I want to tell you what I know. You are entitled to know it."

Daniel picked up his teacup. "When you had disappeared, Warlem came to me and asked me to come and talk to your mother. When I was at your house, he showed me a recording of a person in a black cloak, who came to the house through the garden. It looked like... you. But you were the one kidnapped, so it could not have been you. How does that fit?"

"I wanted to go out of the house. I wanted to try and contact you. There were too many people in the house and I was afraid someone might hear me, so I changed into the cloak and left through the garden. But before I got to the side gate, I discovered people there too, so I had to back into the house again." Rayko wrapped her arms around herself, as if she was cold suddenly. "They took me away from the house that same evening."

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