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   Chapter 58 A job for a hero

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Daniel had left the building of the Society. He had taken off the medal and slipped it in the small box it belonged in. There was a carriage seemingly waiting for him, so he was on his way - no, not home. At least it was the next best thing.

As he reached Sygra's house, he quickly went inside and changed into something more comfortable. He had an idea, but before he got the chance to leave again, the hydger beeped. Curiously he looked at the display. An incoming message from star base.

Daniel sat down on the bed and looked at what was coming in. It turned out to be a message from Rhonda.

"Dear Daniel. I received a message today, from Tomlin Barker. He says he knows me from long ago and he heard you tell about me. I am sure you are familiar with him. In his message he wrote that you have done something amazing, by taking out the pirate that flung you off the ship? Daniel, are you okay? Please, write to me that you are okay. I don't want to worry about you. Rhonda."

Daniel read the message twice. He could not believe this. Tomlin had contacted Rhonda- It might be time to pay that man a visit. But he grinned at the same time. He started composing a message to Rhonda. Read what he had written. Changed some words. Unchanged them, as he remembered how stupid he had been last time. And then he sent the message off.

Still in disbelief of the message, he called a carriage, put on a jacket, slipped the hydger in a pocket and left the house. The carriage arrived quite soon, and Daniel programmed where he wanted to go.

As the backland came into view, the new hero of the Society grinned. He stepped out of the carriage and started up the trail to the place where crazy Aldrick the inventor lived and worked. As Tomlin had done, he went through the small gate instead of going around it, and walked up to the house.

"Aldrick? Are you in?" Daniel tried not to call out too loud.

"I am, " a voice yelled from the inside. "Give me a moment, I am coming outside."

The sound of something falling reached Daniel. Then the sound of something breakable breaking.

The door opened, and Aldrick emerged. He wore what looked like a suit or armour, but then made of brass plating and canvas. "Ahhh, Daniel!" Aldrick waved at him, making his suit of armour clang and rattle. "How good to see you again!"

"I am glad to see you again too, Aldrick, " Daniel said. "What is that you're wearing?"

Aldrick did his best to look at himself. "I am not exactly sure. But I am trying it on, to make sure that it is comfortable."

"Oh. Really. It doesn't look very comfortable to me."

Aldrick looked pained. "It isn't. Would you mind helping me to get it off?"

Daniel laughed as he helped the man out of his impossible costume.

Once Aldrick was freed of it, he sighed. "Well, it was a good try. To what do I thank this visit, Daniel?"

"I am curious to see what you are up to, Aldrick. And to be honest, I am bored out of my mind. They gave me a medal for taking Birkle the pirate out of commission, and that's it. I have nothing to do."

"Oh! In that case, I have a great thing for you! And for me of course! Come, come!" The man waved his arm as he trotted off.

Daniel followed him to the same part of land where the airship had been. And then he stopped walking.

"Well, what do you think?" Aldrick said.

There was another airship. An entirely different shape and idea as what they had flown to rescue the Pricosine crew. The ship itself was flat, and large. There were six floaters on the ground on each

rey hood, and the book of Nahmyo was in front of him.


Daniel stood on the new airship. The floaters, all eight of them now, stood high above him. There was something odd about the construction. Aldrick had never mentioned the light Polychlon beams to keep the floaters up. Also the way the floater cables were connected to the airship was new to him. Curiously he wandered around the ship. Too many things were... odd... The steering wheel had gone though, which was an improvement. The cabin that held the steam engine was higher. And painted bright red.

"Now there's a change we could do without, " Daniel muttered, wondering where Aldrick might be.

The colour screamed out load against the blue of the rest of the airship. Now wait... the first airship was blue, but this new one had been grey when he first saw it. How'd that become blue all of a sudden?

Slowly Daniel started to understand, as the dream wore off and he woke up.

The room was dark, so it was still night time. He reached for the matches and lit the candle next to his bed. He tried to recall what he had seen in his dream as he located a few sheets of paper and a pencil. As well as he could, he wrote down what he had noticed. He made crude drawings, and wondered if this was something he should show Aldrick. The inventor would probably die a happy man: laughing.

Daniel grinned at himself as he lay down in bed again, the candle still burning. After a few minutes of ceiling gazing, he picked up the hydger. No messages, of course. The noise of those would have woken him up. All the others would have the common sense to just sleep in the night.

"So, what are you going to do, Zacharias?" Daniel asked himself. "Stay here and help crazy Aldrick invent new forms of airships?" He chuckled at the idea of becoming as crazy as that man. At least that would make life here a lot more interesting, he assumed.

Maybe, he then thought, he could send another message to Rhonda. Ask her if there was any chance that he could be reinstated to something resembling his old position at star base. Or somewhere else, as long as it was not near Troy and his smelly command.

"Sure, " he mocked himself, "just because you managed to not get killed here a few times, that will be a clean bill to get back. Forget that." He blew out the candle and lay down to sleep again.

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