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   Chapter 57 Time waster

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Daniel was walking around the area. He had left Sygra's house a few hours ago and had kept on walking and running. He wore simple clothes that could take a beating. The need inside him to do something was growing, almost screaming at him.

There had been an official police investigation concerning the affair on the shipyard, Daniel had been summoned to the Zoroon courthouse (as Skarak did not have one) where he had been submitted to hours of questions in the witness stand. One time he had almost been accused of drug smuggling himself, and conspiring with Clelem Dandra ko Galem, but these things had quickly been set straight by Seigner Skinsh ko Talush, the senator and Huajo.

Rayko had not been present at any of the sessions, she had given notice that she was in too much pain and grief to be able to face all that. Warlem had been at one of the sessions; Daniel had seen him sit, in the back. The young man's face had not told him anything, and by the time the court session was over, Warlem had left already.

For several days now he had been sitting, reading and thinking, and nothing had happened outsides these boundaries. He felt alone, deserted, no longer welcome anywhere.

"You have to do something, " Daniel told himself as he tried to power lift a fallen-down tree. "See, you're getting weak!" Of course, that was not true. His Glandrine skin was no match for a full Bactine body, but he needed something to slap himself over the head with.

The day before, he had visited Ulaman, Xandree and a few of the others. They were all well, but with Clelem out of commission they were not certain about their future.

Daniel had contacted the president of the Ship Owners Society for them and asked him about what the sailors were to do now. Seigner Skinsh ko Talush had promised to look into the matter, and that was where the curtain fell for Daniel. Ulaman and the others had been grateful, certainly, but that did not give Daniel anything substantial to do for now.

With Birkle, the most feared pirate, out of the way, ships were sailing much more safely now, and the need for security was no longer an urgent matter.

"Talk about making yourself redundant, " Daniel muttered as he reached for the bottle of water he had with him. It was empty. "Sure." He took it as his cue to go back to the house.

After returning, he made himself more presentable again. He'd been to town a few times to buy new clothes and other things a former dead person might need. All his things had been destroyed by the bomb in the building, and during the time he had stayed hidden at Sygra's, there had not been an option to do that.

Feeling decent again, he picked up a book and sat in the small library, enjoying a cup of tea. Before opening the book, he stared at the cover. It was the old, leather bound book about Nahmyo, the one that Sygra had lent to him. Daniel had read it twice now, and he felt compelled to read certain parts again. Somehow, he felt, these parts could jog his mind into action. Decide what to do next.

He had been reading for a while, in silence. The staff in the house was amazingly quiet, as always, and Sygra had gone for a few days, to take care of some senatorial business. Then his hydger rattled.

As Daniel picked up the by now battered box, he grinned. He had gotten used to the sound and the feel of the thing. "Daniel Zacharias, " he said as he saw the seal of the Ship Owners Society.


bloodshed. I am proud and honoured to fight at the side of these men, who were brave, and willing to risk their life for this cause..."

Huajo raised his glass once again. "Well spoken." The others joined in.

The official part of the honouring was over. The two witnesses took their leave, and Huajo led Daniel away from the office of the president after their goodbyes.

"Mr. Zacharias, " he said after they had found a nice place to sit. The seating arrangement was in a corner, the seats of white leather. Large windows let in abundant sunlight.

"This medal you received is something special. I know of only two other occasions that people were awarded this medal, and one was posthumously. Let's drink to the fact that you are still with us to receive it, and to enjoy it."

Daniel could not agree more. He had seen too many good men die and receive medals after being buried. He raised the large crystal glass and sipped the exquisite cognac.

"We are looking into several things, Mr. Zacharias." Huajo sipped some more cognac. "Things we cannot say much about. But you can rest assured, dear friend, that we will continue to see that your funds will be transferred. And if there is something I can do for you, please tell me. You have saved my life, and that is something I will not easily forget."

"Uhm, if I remember well I am the person who put you in danger, sir, as I came up with the basic idea, " Daniel wanted to correct him.

"None of that, Mr. Zacharias. You are a hero." Huajo said it as if it was a fact.

Daniel laughed out loud, not caring if that was appropriate here, in this building. "I am being called all kinds of things here, Seigner Dogom ko Tzuy. A hero. A preacher."

"These titles suit you." The man emptied his glass. "I do apologise, I have business to attend to, Mr. Zacharias. Do not feel pressed to leave, you are most welcome here. Varning will see to that, you just have to call for him." He hoisted himself to his feet with considerable effort and shook Daniel's hand again. "It was a pleasure, sir. A real pleasure."

Daniel quickly got up. "My pleasure also, Seigner Dogom ko Tzuy."

The fat man nodded and walked off.

Daniel sat down again and started at the large glass on the table in front of him. A preacher. A hero. Alone.

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