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   Chapter 56 Coping

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Slowly the deck was cleared of people who could still walk and those who could not anymore. Also the very dead, and there were far too many, were carried off.

"What is going to happen to the Bonto?" Daniel asked, as someone tried to help him off the ship. The Bonto was sitting on the deck, near the bridge. Birkle's dead body lay next to it. The animal clearly was confused, with its master dead by its own hands, the havoc and the pain from its wound.

"Well, honestly sir, we were not prepared for a creature like that, " said the police officer. "But we have some very good animal carers around who are notified as we speak. They will sedate the animal and after treating its wounds they will probably see to it that it is returned to its natural habitat."

"By the winds, " Seigner Skinsh ko Talush said as two large men carried Huajo past them.

"I'm fine, dear friend, " the fat man said, tired, dirty, bruised and limping, "Mr. Zacharias, I think we did a good job." The ship owner had been beaten up quite a bit, but he turned out to be stronger than Daniel had thought.

"We certainly did, Seigner, " said Daniel, "and we all have you to thank for a lot."

"It was my pleasure, Mr. Zacharias." And with that, Huajo was carefully guided to the gangway, to start the long descent.

Daniel grinned.

"Mr. Zacharias, " said Sygra, "you should let someone look at you. I do not like the many injuries you have gained now."

"I'll do that, sir, don't worry, " said Daniel. "I just have to make sure that everything will be taken care of."

Two men carried a stretcher past. There was a body on it, under a piece of canvas. The arm that was not covered showed Daniel that it was Clelem that was taken from his own ship. Unwillingly, he touched his sore throat.

"How is... your guest, sir?" he asked Sygra.

"She is fine. You need not worry about her, Mr. Zacharias. Now please, find a doctor and be seen to, before I have to tell Kernak to chase you down."

Daniel grinned. After stroking the big head of the Kotrvayk, he started down the gangway.


"There are a few things in your story, Mr. Zacharias, that are rather weak. You claim something about a person in a black cloak who asked you about compromising Seigner Dandra ko Galem, but this person also kidnapped the Seigner's daughter."

"No, sir, " Daniel said to the police officer. "I said it looked as if she was kidnapped by this person. She did not say anything about that. Just that someone drugged her and she found herself in the cellar of the building where I lived."

"I see. And you found her there, on account of the fact that you had gained illegal entry to the shipyard. Well, I think we can safely waive that." The officer nodded to himself as he wrote down a few more things.

They had gone over the affair a few times, making sure that the statement was how Daniel had told it and that the officer understood it all.

"Very good, sir. I think that will be all for now. If we have any questions, we can always locate you through the hydger. Can you tell me where you will be living for now? The apartment block will not be rebuilt soon."

"The senator has invited me to stay at his house as long as I need to, " said Daniel, "so I will be there most of the time. If anything changes in that respec

a pocket and left his room. He just had to go to Rayko's room. To his surprise it was empty. The sheets had been taken off the bed and the woman was not there. Daniel walked on, into the dining room. Nobody. Finally, in the small library, he found Sygra.

"Ah, Daniel. You look better."

"I do, thank you. I noticed that Rayko is not in her room."

"Indeed. You noticed well. Do sit down, Daniel." As he had sat down, Sygra said: "Rayko was rather upset as I told her what had happened. I really did all I could to be diplomatic about it, but she insisted I call a carriage and her mother. She has left, and went home. Her mother was, as you may understand, in tears for joy to know her daughter was still alive. The poor woman still was in shock as she heard about the loss of her husband."

Daniel stared at the senator. He heard the words and acknowledged them. This was not what he had hoped for. But, he asked himself, what had he hoped for? That Rayko would have been happy hearing that he'd had a hand in the demise of the man who she had always thought to be her father?

"Give things some time, Daniel. You and she were getting along so well, I am convinced that she will contact you once she got herself together. Also remember that she was still in shock over what had happened, and she was in a lot of pain. Being at home with her family is better for her than being with us men."

Sygra was right, Daniel knew it. But still, the feeling that he was stuck with now did not make things well. She was better off at home, with her family and her own things. The understanding that had grown between Rayko and him had come from the situation, not because they had chosen for it. The whole preacher thing had also been a cover, a way for Daniel to get around. Had he not worn that, she would never have talked to him.

"Indeed. It is better this way, " Daniel said. He hoped his face did not betray too much of how he felt in reality.

"Let me advise you to get something to eat, Daniel. It's been a long and hard day, and one that started very early for you as well. And then get some rest. After that, things will look different."

Daniel slowly nodded. "Yes, you're probably right."

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