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   Chapter 53 Clelem

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It did not happen often, but this evening was one where Gaguran was invited to share dinner with Clelem and Ugidra. At first Gaguran was still suspicious, as the talk with Clelem earlier that day had not been the smoothest of all, but the dinner went by nicely, and there was a pleasant atmosphere.

Due to that, the serving man was relaxing. The good wines that had been served had helped as well.

Clelem had talked about the problems at the shipyard, Ugidra had politely yawned behind her hand and Gaguran was sipping some of the special imported black port he liked so much. Something was off though, the mouse slowly formed his thoughts. Usually, when drinking this port, he could still feel his feet. And his hands. Slowly he put the glass on the table and looked at his fingers. They were all there. He was sure. At least, it looked like they were.

"My dear Mr. Slindris, why don't you drink up and go to your room, " Clelem said with a smile. "You must have had a busy day."

Yes, that he had. Gaguran nodded, picked up the glass, with both hands to be safe, and emptied it. "I will... take my..." and what was that last word? As the glass fell over and rolled away from him, he remembered. "My leave." Gaguran did a valiant effort to get up and fell to the floor.

"You two, pick him up, " he heard his boss say.

Two men, who Gaguran knew to be security persons, picked him up from the floor. "Hey.. hey..." he tried to retain some dignity as he was hanging from strong arms.

The men carried Gaguran through the house, towards his chamber, and threw him on the bed. A moment later Clelem came in.

"I think we need to have a little talk, Gaguran, " Clelem said as he pulled up a chair. "About this." He held up something that was red and silver.

"Whuffe..." Gaguran tried to use the sound as an excuse for 'what is that?'. His mouth was not very cooperative all of a sudden.

"After our rather disconcerting talk about your visit to Dogom ko Tzuy and the fact that the man called something had gone missing, I took the liberty of searching your room. And this is what we found. In your coat pocket even. It is, as you can perhaps still see, a ruby with a silver ship on it. It matches the description of the missing item too closely to make this a mistake."

Clelem looked at the small object. "Really nice, I have to admit. I had not thought, dear man, that you had taste." He slowly put the ruby in his pocket. "Too bad you had no chance to enjoy it." He got up and patted the pocket. "I will see that this is returned to its rightful owner. And you, Mr. Slindris, should consider yourself without a job. I cannot have someone on my team who steals." The man turned and walked off.

The two men picked Gaguran from the bed and dragged him through the corridors, to a seldomly used exit. After a short and painful journey through the garden, they reached a spot that was not too far from the floater, but far enough to not get on it.

Gaguran was by now completely paralysed. There was nothing he could do when the two simply shoved him over the side of the hill. He fell, hit the ground and started tumbling down. Before he was halfway down the hill, he was unconscious.

Somewhere in the shrubbery a man saw Gaguran take the dive. He took a hydger and made a call.


"Mr. Zacharias, I wish you a good evening."

"Good evening to you, Seigner Dogom ko Tzuy. To what do I owe this late night call?" Daniel had not expected a call from the

nding there for a while, he pulled up a chair and sat down, next to the bed. Carefully, so he would not disturb her sleep, he took the book from her fingers as it looked it would fall down the next time she stirred.

He had a smile on his face as he saw it was a book about Nahmyo. "Preacher, " he grinned to himself. It startled him. He should be careful, he did not want to wake her up.

After a while of sitting with Rayko, reading pages of the book and drinking the tea he had gotten for her before it got cold, he got into a rather strange state of mind.

"I really don't understand, " he slowly said, keeping his voice down. "Why I risked my neck to get you out of that cellar." His thoughts were churning around and around. "But I couldn't leave you there. Even if you kicked my shins at the party." He grinned at that thought. "It was amusing, in a way." His thoughts went back to that evening. The encounter with the senator, the cloaked figure. So much had happened here in such a short span of time, when looking at it objectively.

Daniel looked at a page in the book again. "The care for a being shows how much you are in tune with nature. Every being is a part of nature, of everything, " he read out, quietly, "and the realisation of you being a part of that everything is the start of becoming a more whole person."

He shrugged, and looked at the sleeping woman again. He bent over and carefully brushed some hair away from her face, so he could see her better. "Care, " he whispered. "I've been caring all my life, and look what that got me. Maybe Troy had a better idea. Although... commanding a station at Trados Noxos isn't exactly what would make me happy." He chuckled to himself, picturing Troy up to his knees in badly smelling goo, screaming commands. Then his thoughts found another alley to stroll down.

"I wonder what you know about your father, " he mused to himself. "Step-father, should I say. But I am not even sure if you know that..." Daniel tried to picture for himself the state of mind of a man who would sacrifice his step-daughter for whatever reason. He ended up with something so inhuman that he was not able to make the picture in detail. The rough sketch of it was already making him sick.

He turned to the book again, skipped to a random page and started reading.

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